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‘Variable Speed Limits’ allow police to change speed limits on a whim


A nightmare driving scenario, is slowly making its way across the country. As states begin installing ‘Variable Speed Limits’ (VSL) which allows law enforcement to change speed limits on a whim.

Imagine you are cruising down the highway, obeying the posted speed limit of 75 MPH only to find out that you’re being ticketed for driving 15 miles over the speed limit.

How can this happen you ask?  

In cash strapped America, it is now possible for the police to change speed limits using VSL’s. States like WyomingOregonGeorgiaWashingtonUtah,  New JerseyFlorida and Minnesota. have already begun using them

The USDOT is paying states $1 billion to use VSL’s to create ‘aggressive congestion-relief programs’.

But how will states payback the $1 billion?

By ticketing motorists of course.

States claim VSL’s aren’t used to create speed traps

The Georgia DOT claims, VSL’s aren’t being used to create speed traps…

“Our ability to remotely change the speed limit on the corridor is not intended to create speed traps. Rather, the changing speed limits are designed to create safer travel by preventing accidents and stop-and-go conditions.”

Law enforcement would never use VSL’s to ticket unsuspecting motorists right?

An article in the UK Sun claims, police used VSL’s to fine 40,320 motorists, 21 million euros or roughly $25 million dollars. Motorists in the UK also lose three points on their driving record for each VSL offense.

And just like the UK, the USDOT claims VSL’s will be used to relieve congestion and reduce the possibility of accidents.

“Ideally, approaching traffic will slow down and pass through the problem area at a slower but more consistent speed reducing stop and go traffic. By reducing stop and go traffic we’re also reducing the probability of an accident by giving drivers more time to react to changing road conditions. This helps drivers avoid the need to brake sharply as they approach congestion.”

But are they telling the truth?

VSL’s are used to ticket motorists

A Washington DOT document reveals that VSL’s are being used to ticket motorists…

“Think of the VSLS signs like a regular static speed limit sign. The speed limit is just that—a limit. It’s the maximum speed you should travel, however you might have to drive slower than the posted speed limit due to traffic or weather. Also, just like a static sign the speed limits are enforceable and you could be ticketed by law enforcement for exceeding the posted speed limit.

An article in KIRO 7 warns, that the state police don’t track how many motorist have been ticketed using VSL’s.

“The state patrol does not keep statistics for infractions on the variable signs, but we did pull speed ticketing for east and westbound I-90 for mile posts between the signs for the past few years.”

The reason they’re not tracking how many motorists have been ticketed for ignoring VSL’s is simple, the public would be outraged. And the USDOT knows it.

A recent USDOT report reveals that the Feds are worried motorists will ignore VSL’s.

“Implementing a VSL system also comes with challenges, including enforcement of speeds that change, driver comprehension, and setting thresholds for speed limit changes..”

“Driver compliance or driver response is a critical factor for effectiveness of VSL systems.”

So how will the USDOT force driver’s to comply?

Under a section titled ‘Legal and Enforcement Considerations’ the USDOT wants states to change their laws.

Big Brother to send customized speeding warnings to everyone

The future of American driving is indeed grim, the USDOT wants to send customized speeding warnings to each individual vehicle.

“Traditional VSL broadcasts uniform speed limit information via roadside infrastructure, and emerging connected vehicle technologies can send customized messages to each individual vehicle”.

The Feds want states to change their laws, so they can collect more money from motorists.

For years, law enforcement has known that speed limits are universally too low. (Click here & here to find out more.)

So why would states use VSL’s?

So they can grab a piece of the $1 billion of course.

Driving isn’t a privilege, it’s become a cash cow for the Feds.

For more information about VSL’s click here & here. For more information about companies that are profiting from VSL’s click here & here.

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4 Responses to ‘Variable Speed Limits’ allow police to change speed limits on a whim

  1. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    This has been going on for a couple years, new jersey turnpike is notorious for this.

    Led signs now you can change remotely.

  2. Sunfire says:

    Why shouldn’t they?!? The good sheeple just lick these oppressors’ boots and say “Thank you master, what else would you like to do to us?”

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Driving isn’t a privilege, it’s become a cash cow for the Feds.”

    What hasn’t.

  4. toddb says:

    As long as them bums keep it on the “freeways” i should be able to dodge ’em. I hate the confinement of a limited access highway. One idiot and you could be stuck between exits with no escape. Happened once to me, don’t want it to happen again. Therefore, surface streets only. And i get to avoid, for now, the “reveenooers”.
    I pity the fools who have to drive ’em. The freeway system used to be excellent, but it’s a confounding nightmare anymore, with added sneaky little pirates popping up along the way to steal yer stuff!

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