Video shows Oklahoma bail officer killing client in front of her son

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Prosecutors in Oklahoma have released a video showing a bail agent shooting her client to death last year, just days after she was acquitted of first-degree murder in the slaying.

Payne County jurors found Chasity Dawn Carey, 42, not guilty on Friday in the August 9 death of 38-year-old Brandon James Williams, who was a suspect in a burglary.  

Carey testified during her emotional trial that she shot Williams in self-defense as she and her 19-year-old son, Justin Henderson, attempted to take Williams back into custody and put him in handcuffs.

She told jurors she was afraid Williams was going to shoot Henderson and that he tried to grab her gun before fleeing out her third-floor office window at Signature Bail Bonds in Stillwater, reported The Oklahoman.

‘I was scared. I’m not used to being in violent situations, like at all,’ the defendant told the court from the stand on Thursday.

Carey said she beat Williams to the gun, turned it on him as he fled and shot him in the back. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Prosecutors argued that Carey shot Williams after he was ‘no longer a threat.’

The shooting was captured on a GoPro camera that Carey’s son had set up just before Williams’ arrival at the bond office.

The video begins with Williams and Henderson sitting opposite Carey in her office and calmly talking about cars.

A couple of minutes into the conversation, Carey orders Williams to turn around as her son grabs a pair of handcuffs to restrain the client’s wrists behind his back.

Williams appears stunned by the sudden shift and declares, ‘I’m not getting in no cuffs.’

‘Yeah, actually you are,’ Carey says to him.

Williams continues to resist and Carey orders him to turn around and put his hands behind his back.

‘Why are you doing this to me for?’ he cries out.

Williams then makes his way towards the window and out of the view of the GoPro camera, which does not show him trying to flee.

The action culminates with Carey grabbing a gun from her desk drawer, pointing it at Williams off-camera and pulling the trigger, although the weapon itself is not seen in the footage.

‘Holy s**t, you f***ing shot me!’ the client is heard screaming from the outside.

‘Mom, you just shot him,’ a visibly shaken Henderson tells his mother.

‘I did,’ Carey flatly replies. She then grabs her phone and calls 911, calmly telling the operator, ‘I just shot a man. I’m on the third floor.’

The recording ends when Henderson walks up to his GoPro camera and turns it off.

The defense argued during the trial the video showed ‘only half’ of the events in Carey’s office that day, reported Stillwater News-Press.

Williams was arrested in July 2017 on counts of second-degree burglary and possession of marijuana.

On August 1, he was released from jail after Carey posted his $35,000 bond. a week later, he texted saying he had gone to Florida.

Cary and her son then came up with a plan to lure him back to Oklahoma so they could take him into custody and turn him over to the Payne County Sheriff’s Office.

The idea was that Hnderson would offer to buy Williams’ Ford Mustang, which explains why in the video the two men are heard talking about cars.

Henderson testified during his mother’s trial that after she locked the door of her office and attempted to take her client into custody, he ‘just went crazy.’

It took the jury panel less than three hours on Friday to acquit Carey.

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  1. Boy, you can tell that broad is on a psycho power trip. She even uses it on her lowlife little F trophy who lied through his teeth about how everything happened. The jury needs glasses so they can find their way to the gallows. Must all have been copsuckers who believe as long as you’re connected in some way to the joo-dicial “system” you can do whatever you want to US and get away with it. She’s dead wrong.

  2. No doubt that this video is evidence of a murder. How dare you run away from me, i’m the all powerful OZ.

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