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Video shows violent high-speed chase through New York City as motorcycle gang surrounds SUV, attacks driver

The six-and-a-half minute chase was uploaded online Monday morning.National Post

A six-minute video posted online Monday morning shows a terrifying high-speed confrontation in New York as a black SUV was chased by dozens of motorcyclists before the SUV’s driver was pulled out of his vehicle and beaten in front of his wife and child.

Sunday’s confrontation appears to have started after the Range Rover made contact with a motorcycle. After the apparent collision, dozens of riders stopped and surrounded the SUV — and the driver took off, running over several bikes in the process.  

Police said the initial contact was inadvertent on the part of the SUV driver and that the motorcyclists attacked the vehicle in response. At the 50-second mark of the video, the SUV accelerates, hitting several motorcycles, although it is not clear if any riders were injured.

The New York Times reports no one was killed in the confrontation.

After a five-minute chase along New York’s West Side Highway, the motorcyclists caught up to the black Range Rover in upper Manhattan and begin smashing the windows of the SUV.

While the video ends at this point, the NYPD says the 33-year-old driver was pulled from the SUV, beaten in front of his wife and five-year-old child. He was taken to hospital with lacerations to his face. He was not charged.

Police confirmed the video as authentic and said the motorcycle ride did not appear to be a sanctioned event.

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7 Responses to Video shows violent high-speed chase through New York City as motorcycle gang surrounds SUV, attacks driver

  1. Bulldog says:

    Road Warrior? If he wasnt in New York he could have shot all of them. These POS wanna be gangs are gonna meet up with the wrong guy one day soon. All will be dead.
    There was another story today where a guy was filming a crazy driver who pulled up next to him and pointed his pistol at him. Why didnt the guy filming shoot him or run him off of the road or do something. He just sat there, filming with his phone. People need to be aware of everything that is around them all of the time. You are always on watch. Do not let your guard down, ever. Be ready to defend your family and yourself 24 hours a day. And always have enough ammo to finish the job. Extra ,mags, speed loaders for your revolver, etc. five rounds in a .38 is never enough.

  2. Mark H says:

    His mistake was not getting on the 95 north and staying at highway speeds.
    Now I do not have anything against bikers as they use the same roads that I do in fact I have great respect for some. I even make way for bikers and they show their gratitude when I do so.

    That being said these clowns on the other hand are ones that I have seen many times in my travels into the jungle of NYC. This is just another flash mob that is formed instead of walking they are on bikes.

    They think they own the road and do not have to obey the rules of the road driving on sidewalks swerving in and out of traffic or in the median/ turning lanes. Lets not even get into the issues relating to insurance coverage or weather or not the vehicle is registered properly. Have had experiences with people with no coverage but still have registration and plates on a car/bike.

    Being able to drive defensively is key in a situation like this and maintaining movement of the “convoy” so you are not stuck in traffic or intersecting fields of fire let alone stopped over an ied. The range rover should have just break checked some of these fools as no bike is going to take out an suv.
    I would say sure have a gun but this is nyc and you are at the will of the hoards with no protection except the steel around you so use what you got.
    First rule anything can be used as a weapon in defense of your life.

  3. Leita says:

    The motor cycle rider who brake checked the SUV did so deliberately.
    The cyclist even turned around and looked at the SUV prior to impact.
    His leg was broken which should have been his neck. The bikers
    terrorized this family, Lien. On Lien’s long journey, not a cop in site.

  4. diggerdan says:

    I wonder just what age group these so called bikers are because they seem to me like they are a buch of low lifed scum bag rice grinder punks. BIKERS/ HAHAHA, I CAN ALMOST BET THAT THESE SO CALLED BIKERS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A BUNCH OF OFF DUTY COPS. These so called bikers are a bunch of trouble making pukes – and I do say so called “PUKES” and I hope those punk pukes choke on it and die, they give real bikers a bad name. IU am not a biker but I have known a few old boy bikers and they would never stand for this recless behavior.

  5. James Kelley says:

    This is why 30 round mags are necessary.

  6. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Scumbags like these are who guns are meant to deter. (or eliminate, if necessary).

  7. Mark H says:

    “The bikers were taking part in a ride loosely organized by a group called Hollywood Stuntz. Police arrested 15 bikers Sunday for incidents unrelated to the mob attack. “We had over 200 calls just on Sunday about this particular group operating in a reckless manner,” Kelly said.”

    The pack was already out for blood and the victim was not the only one on the end of a bad day. A couple of them turned themselves into the police but still searching for one of the animals. These sport bikers better watch it because people now understand the power of their vehicles even more after watching how to defend yourself inside of a car.

    Best Range Rover commercial ever.

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