Virginia revokes handgun permit agreement with 25 states

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Concealed handgun permits held by residents of 25 states will no longer be valid in Virginia, the state’s attorney general said Tuesday, drawing swift criticism from GOP lawmakers.

Attorney General Mark Herring, a Democrat, said the state will revoke its reciprocity agreement with the states because their concealed weapon laws don’t meet Virginia’s standards. Those states hand out permits to people who are barred under the Virginia law, like fugitives, convicted stalkers and drug dealers, which undermines the state’s law and puts residents at risk, he said.  

“Evenly, consistently and fairly enforcing Virginia’s concealed handgun permit law, as we are now doing, means that it will be more difficult for potentially dangerous individuals to conceal their handguns here in Virginia and that will make Virginians safer, especially Virginian law enforcement,” Herring said.

The move means that Virginians will no longer be able to use their concealed handgun permits in six states that require a mutual reciprocity agreement: Florida, Louisiana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Wyoming.

John Whitbeck, chairman of the Virginia Republican Party, said Herring’s announcement was further proof that Democrats have “declared war on the Second Amendment.”

The top Republican in the GOP-controlled House of Delegates said that Herring is “damaging the integrity of the office he holds.”

“Despite promising to take politics out of the attorney general’s office, Mark Herring consistently seeks to interpret and apply the law of the Commonwealth through the lens of his own personal, political opinions,” House Speaker William Howell said.

Lars Dalseide, a spokesman for the National Rifle Association, said concealed handgun reciprocity agreements between states have ended before, but his organization is unaware of another state ever implementing a change of this magnitude.

States are currently being notified about the change, which goes into effect on Feb. 1, Herring said. The only states that have tough enough laws to maintain their reciprocity agreement with Virginia are: Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and West Virginia, he said.

The states whose permits Virginia will no longer recognize are: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

5 thoughts on “Virginia revokes handgun permit agreement with 25 states

  1. bang bang virginia is dead to me
    and I didnt conceal it.

    If I was a homo who asks permission to carry and I purchased this license and it said VA was on it, Id sue for breech of contract and false advertising…

    Then ID shoot every commie scum-tard in the whole state with my unlawfully concealed firearm…lol

  2. “Those states hand out permits to people who are barred under the Virginia law, like fugitives, convicted stalkers and drug dealers…”

    what states hand out permits to fugitives??

  3. Democrats have declared war on the Second Amendment? Lol

    These a-holes go back and forth laterally, left to right repeatedly, all the while moving forward to disarm us and not because they ALL hate guns. It’s because we have a means to defend against our oppressors with them.

    No group, working within the arena of the corrupted joo courts, stands a chance of protecting those rights. Accept it. You’re gonna need a callous on your trigger finger or blood on your camo to change that. Preferably theirs, not yours.

  4. Can’t revoke what I don’t recognize

    My riciprociry comes from the 2nd amendment
    Not some made up shit in some made up court

    This bozo doesn’t have this authority

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