One thought on “Waco Anniversary 29 years ago today…

  1. I choose to never forget this date
    Ruby ridge
    Two lawless events taken on by our enemy force in occupation
    And just where is Lon Horiuchi today and what is his murdering ass up to ?
    And let’s not forget that piece of shit Chipman either dancing on those people’s graves
    I hope they both die in hell fire and hear the screams of those women and children for eternity
    And Janet Reno should have her belly cut from hip to hip and pull her guts out over her head until she drowns in her own intestines while she hangs upside down

    Hell is patently waiting
    Because these people are exactly what evil looks like
    I hope I live long enough to piss on their graves

    Thank you Misty for posting this as ,
    I only sent to Henrys email a reminder of this date ( even though I don’t believe he needs to be reminded )

    Battle of Lexington you mother fckers
    Reap it

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