16 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – April 19, 2022

    1. Same here except for the wind and dirt blowing shut me down.
      I didn’t even know it was the nineteenth. Been a busy bee.

      1. Same here Hal, though this old house was sealed tight. Nope dirt found in a small area in my pantry and I see it on my floor and by my back door. Still no rain in sight and windy for another 10 days.

    1. Sorry for not mentioning the most important day in the year, but I think our forefathers would forgive me as I was engaged in opposition to those who would destroy for mammon what they created for their progeny.
      Happy Patriot’s Day, everyone!

      1. No need for apologies
        It’s already in us, and we know, brother.
        There’s another patriots day up around the bend, and we in it.
        “Come on the risin’ wind
        we goin’ up around the bend”

  1. We are just trying to survive. I know GOV>COM wants us dead…. the beginning of every new day.

  2. SPIKE IN GUNS!!!! THE WAR IS ALL QUIET!!!!! NOW ITS GUN VIOLENCE AGAIN!!! FCKNG BEGINS!!!! US AGAIN!!!!! Would you like to be a performer? homelesss FCK UUUUUU

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