Want To See Police Entrapment In Action?

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Mack Worley was unlawfully arrested on June 29, 2013 in Vancouver, WA and has been battling this ever since this arrest occurred.

Mack Worley is a Veteran of the United States Air Force. He honorably served his country for almost 6 years before being medically retired.

In this video, you will be witness as to how entrapment works. This has more to do with entrapment, in my humble opinion, than anything else.  

Watch the entire to video to see how Mack was given no choices, and therefore, this would be considered entrapment.

DEFINITION of Entrapment:

Legally speaking, entrapment occurs when a police officer or other government agent deceives a person into committing a crime that he or she had no intention of committing.
a. To lure into danger, difficulty, or a compromising situation.
b. To lure into performing a previously or otherwise uncontemplated illegal act.

Please note at 3:50 into the video, the officer specifically says, “..based upon your FUTURE behavior, from this point on, you may receive different contact okay? .…meaning that you may be detained and identified because you are causing additional alarm and disorder. Do you understand what I’m saying sir?”

Now watch the entire video to see how this “Future Behavior” warning was, in reality, a claim of Entrapment.

Please feel free to comment below on your thoughts about this incident.
(Video) Mack Worley is unlawfully disarmed, detained and arrested by Police for Open Carry:


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