War – Who is it Good for?

The top representatives of the industrial war complex, both here in the US and in Israel, are coming forth in droves in an attempt to sell a war, any war, preferably one in Iran but Syria would do to get the ball rolling.  The US military is at present facing massive spending cuts.  We as citizens need to realize that when we speak of military spending, it is not necessarily our troops and equipment that are the first consideration, but rather the contractors who have built fortunes from the industry of death.

There are 7 billion people on this planet now and anyone who cannot see that human life is now being looked upon as a dispensable commodity by the power elite has their head in the sand.  The propagandists in the mainstream are making every effort to sell more war, trying to point out good things that have come from it.  General Martin Dempsey, in an exclusive interview on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS said, “If this Arab Spring has a positive outcome, I think we’ll see it first in Egypt.”

When the so called Arab Spring began Egypt was under military rule with President Hosni Mubarak as its political figurehead.  The notion is put forth that the Egyptian people supposedly won their revolution.  However today that country is still under the same military rule and, considering the loss of productivity caused by this revolution that was not, the people are worse off and the region has become more unstable as witnessed by the fact that the military regime controlling Egypt recently threatened to nullify their peace agreement with Israel if the United States cut off military aid to Egypt in response to alleged atrocities being committed against the civilian population there by the military.

There are few reports coming out of Libya these days.  So what has the Arab Spring accomplished in that country?  Well most of the infrastructure was bombed back into the stone age through the massive NATO air offensive that was used to assist a minority in that country in overthrowing its government, which has now been taken over by Al Qaeda extremists.  And again the Libyans are far worse off than they were under Gaddafi.

Then there is Iraq, bombed into the third world by the United States government acting on deliberate lies put forth by the US CIA and Israeli Mossad.  Yesterday it was reported that yet another car bomb went off in Iraq outside a police academy, killing twenty.

It seems every country the United States interferes with is left in a wake of ongoing chaos and mayhem, but in reality, was that not the agenda the industrial war complex wanted?  You see you need war if you wish to sell the implements thereof.

After ten, going on eleven years of international entanglements, the people of the United States have grown tired of it.  Tired of seeing our young people coming home without arms, legs, faces or in body bags.  Tired of being an accomplice to international genocide in what in reality is conquest for empire.

The sickest thing is the conquest is not for an American empire to be ruled under our Constitution, but rather for an Israeli empire to be ruled by a totalitarian military dictatorship which will take the most proven to enforce control aspects of fascism and socialism and meld them together to form the most diabolical regime to ever exist on the planet.

We know it better as the New World Order and the international Zionist elite who have fostered its development through unspeakable acts of treachery, will see it completed unless we take decisive action, not just to stop it, but to destroy it.

This is literally good versus evil, may God be with us as we aimlessly wander on down into the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

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