6 thoughts on “WARNING: Things Just Got INSANE… Stock up While you Can

  1. So basically, Joey told Putin that if he (Putin) were to invade Ukraine, he (Joey) would sanction the Nordstream pipeline. So someone probably told Joey (in his demented and non-cognitive state of mind) that Russia had already invaded Ukraine (which was false at the time), so Joey went ahead and sanctioned the pipeline and thus Putin had no choice but to invade Ukraine since it was the only way it could distribute its Natural gas.

    This is why Joey and his entire administration needs to be abolished. The people in our country and the world cannot afford to have a puppet leader who makes these kinds of mistakes during these tense times. But of course, we all know this was planned by the the elites and that he was installed by them on the inside to ensure it would happened when the time came.

    1. I heard that this conflict would benefit Russia by raising the price of oil. Like 40% of the world’s supply comes from Russia.

    2. I don’t think sanctions actually exist. the only ones affected is you and me trying to send money or cookies to friends and family over there. i stopped listening when he said nuclear war.. fearfearfear. y’all ardy know i don’t believe nukes exist. they always ALWAYS scream about it and NOTHING has EVER happened in our lifetime. not one use not one accident. Chernobyl is perfectly fine. plants and animals thrive. people just aren’t ALLOWED there.. for whatever reason. Iran has been weeks away for 20 fkn years!! it’s almost laffable at this point. think about it.. if a big one has never been used.. what makes you think they could put a little one in a suitcase.. or make one tactical.. to just OBLITERATE a small area for 25 thousand years?? if they had everything they want us to believe they have.. there would be NO gun “laws”.. they wouldn’t care how many 22 caliber bullets we had if they could just fly over us and drop a Samsonite on us. AND if I’m wrong.. it won’t make any difference.

      1. Tell me this Mike, you have nuclear powered aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, what is making them go through the water?
        I see no smoke from diesel or wood and they do have nuclear reactors in them, or is it your contention that nuclear reaction does not produce radiation?
        They haven’t taken our f-king guns or dropped one of these big bombs because of the destruction of wealth it would cause. They don’t give a shit about human life, but wealth is another story.
        I guess you don’t believe that the biological weaponized shots exist either.
        Like this asshole I once knew, tried to tell my dad that the deer and elk don’t migrate. My dad, not wanting to play into stupidity, said and I quote, “they may not migrate but they sure as hell leave in the winter and come back in the spring.”
        All of your statements are conjecture. Why you think you can push this flat earth bullshit on this site I don’t know, but the reason that no one lives in Chernobyl is that a lot of people died sealing the reactor in cement. A reactor that has melted down does not stop producing radiation and bombs blowing up would remove the layers of dirt and plant life that have accumulated and made the radiation drop down.
        You are not going to come on here and spout this flat earth bullshit anymore.
        Stop it!

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