5 thoughts on “Why Russia is Invading Ukraine

  1. Hal I didn’t look at the video yet, I just counted 57 videos on jewtube, this does not feel right way too much media coverage on this exercise. I think this is the test, to iron things out before they attack the USA. just saying be reality for anything.

    1. “It doesn’t feel right”
      I know that’s right!
      I’m as ready as can be at the moment, brother.
      Sh!t is gone past goofy.
      All these scrotes work together to some degree.
      They ain’t the ones who get to bleed…… Yet
      I found the vid quite informative

  2. I’m not buy any of the shit surrounding “coverage” of this “war”. There’s still some things that don’t add up. Jew owned United States is supposed to go to war with Jew owned Russia for a state with a Jew owned president?
    For one, the claim of geographical security is garbage considering that Russias nuclear arsenal practically nullifies any possibility of conventional ground invasion.
    Next, the scarcity dilemma, whether of resources or of people, is a problem to be solved by going to war?
    And now the most important part people aren’t talking about enough. What and where are the peoples voice in all this?
    These f*krs; Biden, Putin, Zelensky, don’t have the grip they wish they had over “their” military. Otherwise they wouldn’t play these games where they move troops for “peacekeeping” and “military drills” and all the other weak sh*t they put out there.
    Why don’t they come out say what their real intentions are… EMPIRE BUILDING and Pillaging! Because they really still think they can pull this garbage off after it’s been shoved right back up their asses, just like covid.
    It’s all a Psy-Op by the propagandist, Fireworks, making holes in walls, and blowing up vehicles is not a war/invasion. And you can bet the kids who do go down to Ukraine on either side of the conflict are just as dumbfounded as to why they are there. It’s almost a self fulfilling prophecy with all the videos speculating on this garbage. Just say no, every time we say no to all this, they lose. After this sorry ass excuse for a diversion fails, then the real fight can begin. Stop feeding into it.

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