Watch This Russian Gas Station Explode In A Massive Fireball

Jalopnik – by Michael Ballaban

What appears to be a menacing fuel spill turned into an enormous explosion and subsequent inferno at a gas station in Russia. Details are still spotty, but a conflagration at the pump like this is every driver’s worst nightmare.

We’ll update you if we get more information, but in the meantime we’re hoping and praying that there were no serious injuries or fatalities. Hoping and praying might be all there is right now, though.

9 thoughts on “Watch This Russian Gas Station Explode In A Massive Fireball

  1. Apparently there is no such thing as a Fire Department in Russia. They just let it burn. Notice how all the traffic just disappeared from the area just before the fire started.

    Still they may have more freedom there than we now have in America.

    1. Liquid Propane Explosion, I’ve seen this type of thing before. Liquid propane when released is a low lying fog looking cloud (Heaver then air). It won’t ignite until the liquid vaporizes and mixes with air, about 3 or 4 feet past the leading edges of the fog cloud. In that zone any spark will set it off, flashing it back to the storage tank blowing the whole thing apart ! A “Pumping Station” (500gal. above ground tank with a transfer pump used to fill 20Lb. to 100Lb. tanks) appears to be around back and a liquid hose ruptured. No attendant was there or ran away in panic and didn’t bother to turn off a valve. The mini explosions are smaller propane tanks “cooking off” from the heat of the ensuing fire . Side Note: Very few people know that there simple 20lb. home barbeque grill tank ; if the valve is sheared off and liquid propane spews out in or around there home ….will absolutely flatten there home if ignited in this manor.

  2. did you notice that it was a car parked on the street that blew up and then ignited the gas station? Or is that just me?

      1. If you look closely at the pumps on the right(at about 1:05) you can see they start to leak gas. You can see the cloud expanding across the ground of the car park next door. The car parked on the road somehow provided a source of ignition. Maybe the catalytic converter?

  3. Damn, I sure hope that is not the real Russian response time for the Fire Department, otherwise, a person in a burning building might as well just kiss their ass good bye. It’s been over 5 minutes and no Fire Department. WTH?

    I guess they needed permission from Dear Leader Putin and their Centralized Communist government before they could go ahead and bring out the truck and do their job. Remember: Government first, people second. 😉 (sarcasm)

  4. I suspect the people were filming because of a LPG leak. The blue car at the side of the road had vapour approaching it ….vapour also at rear and side fences ….and neighbouring allotments …one spark etc..

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