2 thoughts on “‘We have conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac death’

  1. Wow, every day more doctors and scientists are blowing the whistle. Many would say, far too late. But I have been using this in some arguments with some ‘vax’ proponents. Able to talk about the doctors and scientists fighting among themselves. Throws some weight behind the argument. But the real proof is in all those who are falling over with heart-attacks and/or dying. Well, the message is bubbling up and they can’t put a lid on it. Interesting few months ahead. Certainly and tragically, more death.


  2. Im starting to look at this as the “ones that trusted their government” are getting what they deserve
    So for them, its better to continue to embrace the lies , than to admit that they were a moron for believing in them when time and time again throughout their lives they were lied to and played by that same government …but for some dam reason it was or supposed to be different this time ? yeah never is !

    governo and mentis

    governo= to control
    Mentis = of the mind

    so from the get go , its been nothing but a mind Fck

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