WEF-Linked Transgender Activist Jailed for Raping Toddlers

By Sean Adl-Tabatabai – The People’s Voice

WEF transgender activist jailed for raping multiple children

Jace Wong, a woman formerly known as Robyn Danielle Wong who claims to be a “man,” was taking “libido-boosting” male hormones to make her appear more manly.

The San Francisco Public Safety News reported Monday that Wong was sentenced for multiple counts of child rape.

Slaynews.com reports: Wong pled guilty to possession and distribution of child pornography after she was caught distributing images and videos of children being abused online.

Wong was abusing children at the daycare center and uploading pictures of young boys and girls being abused to online pedophile chat rooms.

Prosecutors told the court that Wong is “a sys­tem­atic preda­tor of tod­dler and preschool-aged chil­dren.”

Wong would touch the children inappropriately, and encourage them to touch her inappropriately.

According to videos on Wong’s phone, she would also describe in detail further sexual abuses that she planned to carry out against the innocent children who were supposedly in her care.

During the trial, Wong’s attorneys blamed doctors for not revealing how the high doses of testosterone would affect her.

“This is a hor­rific case,” said U.S. Dis­trict Judge James Do­nato said, according to the outlet.

“In nine years on the bench this is the first case I’ve had that in­volved the ac­tual phys­i­cal abuse of chil­dren and, in that sense, it is the gravest and the most se­ri­ous and most rep­re­hen­si­ble crime that I have seen with re­spect to child pornog­ra­phy.”

Wong was caught during an undercover operation carried out by law enforcement.

Wong showed agents a hidden album on a phone with hundreds of media files of various sexual abuses.

The San Francisco Public Safety News reported that the files included a video of the rape of a girl aged 6 or 7.

At one point, Wong reportedly contacted the medical group Kaiser Permante, which is currently being sued by multiple detransitioners.

She was reportedly seeking “a way to lower my li­bido without low­er­ing my testos­terone in­take.”

“While the hor­monal im­bal­ances brought about by this ex­oge­nous testos­terone are not well un­der­stood, the sud­den on­set of li­bido, sex­ual urges, and sex­ual im­pulses would be ‘ex­tremely dis­or­ga­niz­ing for girls with this dis­or­der,” a defense expert said during the trial.

During the trial, one parent said that they “miss the smiles of my girls that I re­mem­ber see­ing and know­ing prior to Wong’s ma­li­cious abuse.”

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