Time for Ultimatums

First Published 11-10-10

Well winter is closing in and with the start of quantitative easing, in the form of $600 billion being printed by the Federal Reserve, energy and commodities prices are on the rise.  The value of the dollar has begun to drop and as a result investors are shielding their huge profits they have acquired over the last few months by buying tangible goods such as commodities and oil, which is estimated to rise in price to $90 per barrel by the end of the month.

You have to love the way they steal from us in plain sight.  Okay, this is what they are getting ready to do.  The Federal Reserve will print $600 billion.  They will use that funny money to buy U.S Treasury Bonds.  Now we will have 600 billion more worthless dollars in our economy, which will cause a further devaluation of the dollar.  This in turn will cause hyper-inflation as the price of oil and commodities will go through the roof when the rich buy them, in order to protect their wealth.

Now on the other side of the scheme, the treasury bonds bought with the funny money will go to India, China, and South Korea and will be put into their stock markets.  This is why the con man Barry Soetoro took his trip to Asia in order to open up those markets and get them ready for the treasury bonds.

The hyper-inflation is going to cause further job losses which will mean a drop in consumer spending and a double dip recession.  When we fall into the double dip, the credit of the United states will be destroyed, and the value of the bonds, bought with the $600 billion will fall accordingly, thus causing a crash, not only of our market, but of the Asian markets as well.

This in turn will result in a world economic crisis wherein all currencies will be devalued to zero.  This is when we will see the introduction of a one world currency controlled by a one world central government.  (You guessed it, the international corporate mafia)  This one world central government will have conquered the planet through the duplicity of currency.

We will be paying a generational debt through forced servitude until the end of time.  The death they will offer us through poisoning, disease, sterilization, and forced euthanasia will be welcomed.

Maybe we 99ers should get together and write a letter to the Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, and ask him to print us up $30 billion for a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  I mean, what could it hurt?  It’s all going to be worthless by this time next year anyway, except maybe as toilet paper.  Ouch.

Back in August it was as if we, the 99ers, didn’t exist.  Then we started attacking and by the time the politicians hit the campaign trail, the unemployed and jobs had become the number one issue for the election.  Now that the dust has settled our so called representatives are trying to ease the issue of jobs and unemployment back into a dark hole.  We cannot allow this.  We must become mad dog mean again.  We will keep on working to organize, but as individuals we must lash out.

I think the man we need to be talking to is Texas Senator, Ron Paul, as he is at present, and has been for some time, attacking the Federal Reserve in trying to force an audit.  We should approach him as friends, and without crying let him know of the dire straits we are facing this winter.  We must let him know that we want his help, but if no help is offered he needs to realize that he may not get a chance to fix the problems with our government as this winter’s cold may force us to take the matter into our own hands.  The time has come for ultimatums.

Ron Paul contact form:  https://forms.house.gov/paul/webforms/issue subscribe.html

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