What you didn't know about Libya

I believe LIBYA has given us an opportunity to see what our leaders are doing.

Help Lybia and in doing so help yourselves. green book http://www.geocities.com/Athens/8744/readgb.htm

0 thoughts on “What you didn't know about Libya

  1. Wow. that was a great video. The sooner we get the hell out of there the better. The Libyan people were probably the happiest people on the face of the planet. Then we came along as usual, and screwed everything up.

    1. We’ve sure done a hell of a job protecting our legacy here at what used to be home.

      “Hey who’s drivin’ this here bus anyways Bubba?”
      “Hell, who gives a shit…gimme another beer there, Billy Joe, and while yu’re over thur thow on anuthur rack a’ ribs!”
      “They ain’t no mo’ ribs, Bubba!”
      “Well git yo ass ta thu stoe and git us sum mo’!”
      “We outa cash man!
      “Well use food stamps ya dumb…*@+%!”
      “They dun cut dem off a munth ago,Bubba! Wheah you been man? ‘Sides..ain’t ’nuff gas in thu pickup!”
      “Sheeit! Whut in the hell is goin’ on heah?”
      “That’s waht ah wuz wundrin,Bubba!”

  2. This doesn’t surprise me in the least, I mean look at what the same “authorities” are doing to the United States of America.

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