Who’s Your Daddy: High School Biology Class or the Maury Show?

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High school biology class sure has changed. We never got to figure out who the “baby-daddy” was in science class when I was in high school.

A dad in Michigan was flabbergasted when he tried to assist his daughter, who was working on completing her assignment in which students were learning about DNA.

The question that had the girl stumped was like something from the Maury Povich School of Biology.  

The question reads, “The sister of the mom above also had issues with finding out who the father of her baby was. She had the state take a blood test of potential fathers. Based on the information in this table, why was the baby taken away by the state after the test?”

As if that question was not tacky enough, the list of potential fathers were bartender, guy at the club, cab driver or flight attendant.

Her father, Larry Basaj, took one look at the homework and was not happy.

“What are they teaching – what is this? I could not come up with the words. I am like oh, my gosh. Teaching them it is OK to not know who it is because you can have the state help you. And if they cannot help you, they will take your child away,” Larry Basaj said. “That’s not the way it is. I was beyond fired up last night.” (source)

You just can’t make this stuff up.

What planet are these administrators and course designers from? How can it possibly be acceptable to matter-of-factly suggest such promiscuity that there are 4 potential fathers? That two women in the same family have questions about who fathered their babies? That the DNA is so suspect that it could cause a child to be removed from the home?


Is this high school biology or an episode of the infamous “You are NOT the father” Maury show?

The superintendent of the school says that the question originated on the website, teachingbioformatics.com. (The link to the site was broken at the time of the writing of this article).

She has assured parents that the question will be revised.


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  1. This school exercise also does not call into question the sin of fornication-or even proper use of birth control. I suspect it was written by a wh*#e.

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