Why Are Americans Allowing Jews To Determine What We Can And Cannot Say?

Abel Danger

Ed.’s note. Truth be told some of us have to do the dirty work. Readers are welcome to read these first four linked articles that set the tone for the following material. This explains the drive in America to completely shut down all questioning and criticism of Jewish power and Israel. The editor of this website is not anti-Semitic and neither does he hate Jews. He has associated with many Jews while at the same time recognizes the workings of powerful Jewish interests controlling all discourse with their messianic nightmares that have brought disaster to Jews. Jewish power structures know that any resistance to them will come from America and not Europe, which is why there is now an all out effort to go after anyone who speaks out against Israel. We have allowed Jews to define what “hate speech” is then cowed in fear silencing all dissent. We as Americans need to get a grip here because unless we do, Israel is going to use the US military as its proxy to bring down Iran. And don’t neglect to look at what the US and Israel might have in mind for this summer.

70 Years of Israel: Founded by Terrorism, Justified by Propaganda, Propped Up by Rubes

Turkey Is in the Crosshairs of the Kushner Plan for a Greater Israel

Russian Congressman warns that U.S is preparing for WAR against Iran

Bolton Is Doing Everything He Can to Instigate a War With Iran

Considering all this collusion between Jewish interests and Nazi Germany, when stories like the following appear, it makes us wonder why all the attention now on a Nazi eugenics program going on at DuPont? Looks like a case of garnering more sympathy for Jews. What is Zionism but a weaponized ideology that was used to force Jews out of Germany to Israel.

U.S. Chemical Corporation DuPont Helped Nazi Germany Because of Ideology, Israeli Researcher Says

Major set back for Jews in France.

French Jews Apoplectic as Heroic “Holocaust Denier” Avoids Jail for Thought crimes


Source: The Unz Review

American Pravda: The ADL in American Society

by Ron Unz • October 15, 2018 • 729 Comments

Mel Gibson had long been one of the most popular stars in Hollywood and his 2004 film The Passion of the Christ became among the most profitable in world history, yet the ADL and its allies destroyed his career, and he eventually donated millions of dollars to Jewish groups in desperate hopes of regaining some of his public standing. When the ADL criticized a cartoon that had appeared in one of his newspapers, media titan Rupert Murdoch provided his personal apology to that organization, and the editors of The Economistquickly retracted a different cartoon once it came under ADL fire. Billionaire Tom Perkins, a famed Silicon Valley venture capitalist, was forced to issue a heartfelt apology after coming under ADL criticism for his choice of words in a Wall Street Journal column. These were all proud, powerful individuals, and they must have deeply resented being forced to seek such abject public forgiveness, but they did so nonetheless. The total list of ADL supplicants over the years is a very long one.

Given the fearsome reputation of the ADL and its notorious hair-trigger activists, there was a widespread belief that my small webzine would be completely annihilated when I first launched my recent series of controversial articles in early June by praising the works of historian David Irving, a figure long demonized by the ADL. Yet absolutely nothing happened.

During the next three months my subsequent articles directly challenged nearly every hot-button issue normally so fiercely defended by the ADL and its lackies, so much so that a friendly journalist soon described me as the “Kamikaze from California.” Yet despite my 90,000 words of text and the 13,000 comments I had attracted, the continuing silence of the ADL was absolutely deafening. Meanwhile, my articles were read more than half a million times, with the following being a list of the most provocative pieces:

When divine wrath fails to smite the heretic and terrifying enforcers of official dogma seem to have suddenly lost their taste for battle, others gradually begin to take notice and may grow emboldened. Eventually leading pro-Russian and Libertarian websites such as Russia Insiderand LewRockwell began republishing some of my most controversial American Pravda articles, thus bringing my factual claims to the attention of broader audiences. After the conclusion of the my series, I began directly ridiculing my strangely timorous ADL opponents, publishing a short column entitled “Has the ADL Gone Into Hiding?” which led the redoubtable Paul Craig Roberts to describe me as “the bravest man I know.”

Please go to The Unz Review to read the entire article.


Ed.’s note: What the ADL is attempting to do is turn America into the 1930s Weimar Republic: Zionism is Nazism. The ADL will then force docile and intimidated congressional members into passing laws that will completely silence Americans eviscerating whatever is left of “free speech” in America. What we have here is Yahweh’s Trojan Horse going into the Gentile City. Note who is chairman of this hearing: the Jewish Jerry Nadler, a Democratic Party politician. There will be no opposition from Nadler as to what the ADL hopes to achieve in America, or the “call to action” by the head of ADL Jonathan Greenblatt. This is not only going on inside America where we have watched the ascendancy of Jewish power, but in the UK the British may as well turn the UK parliament into a holocaust memorial.


Ed.’s note: It is highly suggested readers go to this EIR material to understand the connection between the Anti Defamation League (ADL) and how it got its start in London at the Tavistock Institute. It was then unfortunately grafted onto American institutions. We’ve taken the first segment of this material and posted it here to make reading easier. While at the Tavistock Institute, it was the German refugee to America Kurt Lewin who originated the anti-German propaganda campaign to “turn the American public against Germany.

This is how German Americans living in Wisconsin for example, were dragged into war against Germany killing Germans during WWII. How profoundly perverse was that? As pointed out in this material by EIR, Kurt Lewin who was Jewish, was the director of what was then the Tavistock Clinic. This exact same type of mind control programming is what the ADL is doing to Americans today with their baseless charge of “white nationalism” while in the apartheid state of Israel, rabbis demand that Jews not marry outside of Jewish tribalism while Israel reinforces their racist state.

Today, the Tavistock operates behind what is estimated as a $6 billion network of foundations. What Lewin wanted to do was terrify people to control their minds and that is precisely what the ADL is about. Watch the video above of ADL’s Hershenov in congressional testimony “terrifying” congress and the American people with the threat of “white nationalism.” That tactic is right out of Tavistock. As we will see in the material posted below, Tavistock was set up to study the “breaking point” of humans. When Kurt Lewin became the director of the Tavistock Institute in 1932, this was about the same time Nazi Germany was increasing its research into neuropsychology, parapsychology and multi-generational occultism, all carefully brought into existence by Kurt Lewin who was Jewish who came out of the Frankfurt School in Germany. Sigmund Freud was Tavistock’s first director, followed by his daughter, Anna.

How Tavistock helped the ADL make the Jews ‘victims’

by L. Wolfe | EIR Volume 23, Number 18, April 26, 1996

In discussing the history of anti-Semitism in the 1940s, Leon­ard Dinnerstein, the racist propagandist for the Anti-Defama­tion League of B’nai B’rith, reveals that the ADL published various instructions to parents, that they should make sure that their children were aware that a hostile world intended to persecute them. Dinnerstein explains that this is necessary because Jewish children need to know that their “Jewish iden­tity” is not defined by their religious beliefs, but the perceived hatred of others for the “Jewish race. ”

Dinnerstein reports that one of the key people who drafted the ADL’s instructions to parents was the psychologist Kurt Lewin, a member of an elite international network whose mother institution was the Tavistock Clinic (now combined with the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations to form the Tavistock Centre) in London. Created under the direct patronage of His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, Tavistock was, and is still, today, the leading psychological warfare capability of the British Crown. Its network included outposts in continental Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia, with funding from British oligarchical families, including their American “cousins,” such as the Rockefellers and the Mellons. Under its umbrella were assembled the leading prac­titioners of psychiatry; but Tavistock, unlike treatment clinics dealing with individual patients, sought the development of methods of mass social control to support British imperial policy. Their leader, Brig. Gen. John Rawlings Rees, called them the advance guard of what he proposed to be an army of psychological shock troops, which, through mind-destroying therapies and drugs, would control world society for their oligarchical masters.

During the 1920s and ’30s, Tavistock had studied deviant social behavior, and conducted experiments in brainwashing, including the use of drug and electric shock therapies as treat­ments. They also looked at the effect of crime on its victims. Under controlled conditions, the Tavistock brainwashers could induce within the victims a pathology that was deter­mined by blind, unthinking rage at those committing crimes and at the laws and institutions of society that “failed” to severely punish criminals. Such rage, turned into a political force, is fascist.

With the outbreak of World War II, Tavistock took over the control of the psychological warfare apparatus on both sides of the Atlantic. Rees became the head of the British Psychological Warfare Directorate, while Lewin and others of the network in the United States went to work for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), profiling the effects of strategic bombing on enemy populations, but also profiling the effects of war and stress on soldiers and populations of allied nations. This led to studies of “discrimination” and prejudice in the military services, and, later, parallel studies of the Nazi exper­iment, which the British had put in power, but which had gone out of control.

Group brainwashing Lewin had been one of a number of Jewish psychiatrists and others who had fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s. He had been helped out of the country by the American Jewish Com­mittee (AJC) networks, and, upon arrival in the United States, had quickly developed a collaborative relationship with the ADL. (The association of psychiatry with the B’nai B’rith goes back to Freud and his early Vienna circle. Freud had recruited many of his followers from the B’nai B’rith, to which he had presented some of his initial papers. Freud, in his writings, rejects Judeo-Christian teachings and doctrine, but nonetheless maintains his “Jewishness,” which he claims to be derived from blood-a view of Judaism as a cult, shared by the B’nai B’rith.)

Lewin’s specialty that had attracted the interest of Tavis­tock, was the study of groups and the mechanisms by which they interact. In developing laws of what he called “group dynamics,” Lewin argued that all society could be divided into groups, whose members shared a set of assumptions about common experiences; if one wanted to control and ma­nipUlate society, then various groups could be played off against each other, by manipulating their perceptions.

The ADL applies Lewin’s theories in its dirty tricks opera­tions. In order to control and manipulate Jews, it helps the formation of anti-Semitic groups, such as the neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan, provoking them to attack Jews. It then uses these attacks to create a “reaction formation” among the “group” of Jews, which weds that group closer to the ADL. The question of defining prejudice as “psychological phe­nomena,” inherent in certain “personality types” or “learned through group experience,” is critical for covering up the dirty tricks of Tavistock and its ADL allies.

Please go to the EIR PDF file to read the entire investigation.


It is absolutely astonishing what America was to where it is being taken today with average non-Jewish Americans unknowingly complicit in their own demise as proxies.


Abel Danger

6 thoughts on “Why Are Americans Allowing Jews To Determine What We Can And Cannot Say?


  2. Mary I really want to thank you, your best post yet! Having once been Christian Zionist I finally woke up in 2006 when Israel could not defeat Hezbollah and when I finally found out the truth about the attack on the USS Liberty. I have been researching the truth, discovering what’s in the Talmud-Kabbalah-Zohar, trying to rightfully divide the Word of God regarding Israel in Bible Prophesy-End Times, and exposing the fallacies of Christian Zionism on my blogs (and now the Talmud). And I thank all the Trenchers for each and every search for the truth and for standing up for the Bill of Rights. Sometimes I think we are the only ones actually doing it!

    As for why Americans are allowing Jews to determine what we can and cannot say, I’d just say this–because most American Christians are apostate Christian Zionists (my area is full of them) who refuse to seek the truth about Israel (and most don’t even know there are millions of Palestinian Christians!), and because most Americans are too afraid to be called “anti-semitic.” When the Noahide Laws get implemented, most Americans will cave to the “Sanhedrin” aka the Syn of Sat. I’d rather be beheaded!

      ROMANS 16;16

  3. The placing of the Holocaust museum next to Parliament seems proof of escalation of this control. A further joining of church and state, but the church is a synagogue.

  4. Jewish power structures know that any resistance to them will come from America and not Europe,…”

    The French seem to be calling a spade a spade lately.

    Unless you’re talking ARMED resistance.

    “Major set back for Jews in France.”

    As I was saying (hadn’t read that far yet).

    “These were all proud, powerful individuals, and they must have deeply resented being forced to seek such abject public forgiveness, but they did so nonetheless.”

    That’s the problem with the love of mammon.

    We’re all dirt poor, so we can talk sh#t (tell the TRUTH, in other words) about the stinking jews all day long… apologize to NO ONE.

    “Freud had recruited many of his followers from the B’nai B’rith, to which he had presented some of his initial papers. Freud, in his writings, rejects Judeo-Christian teachings and doctrine, but nonetheless maintains his “Jewishness,” which he claims to be derived from blood-a view of Judaism as a cult, shared by the B’nai B’rith.)”


    Don’t much care for the # of comments on this article…?

    “American Pravda: The Nature of Anti-Semitism
    July 30, 2018 • 5,500 Words • 666 Comments”

    “… the ADL published various instructions to parents, that they should make sure that their children were aware that a hostile world intended to persecute them.”

    That’s why they need to invent FABLES.

    And that’s why we need to expose them as such…


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