Why Do Organized Militias Continue to Grow?

The unemployment rate stays at 8.3% as it is reported that 227,000 jobs were created in February.  I have heard it reported that these jobs were created in various industries but I have not heard which country these jobs are in.  It seems like if they were indeed created in the United States and as they have been counted; shouldn’t we be able to find out quite easily which states, counties, and cities saw the job creation?

The US Senate voted down the legislation to override Obama’s blockage of the Keystone XL Pipeline and of course this is being portrayed as an act against we the people at a time that we are facing $4 per gallon gas.  The fact is the Keystone XL Pipeline, if allowed to be completed, would benefit only the Canadians, Israelis, and Chinese, as there has never been any intent to put the finished petroleum products from Keystone on the US market as it is intended that these products be exported to the world market.

There was mention last week that Obama might tap our strategic oil reserves in an effort to bring gas prices down.  This is nothing more than a political gimmick as we have a glut of gas here in the US.  And if reserves were released, what would they do with them?  Well the answer is they would export them.

Here is an interesting scenario.  The Obama Administration sells off our strategic oil reserves at the same time John McCain is pushing for air attacks in Syria, which could put us into a third world war.

There is one lie that both the neo-con national socialists and soviet socialists continue to push, and that is that our economy is in recovery.  The United States broke a record last month with $229 billion being added to our deficit.  So tell me this.  In any business, from a lemonade stand to a country, how can you say your business is growing when you are continuing to go farther in debt?

One area where it is being said that job growth is increasing in the United States is in mining, and this I do believe as we are witnessing a mad dash to remove as many of our natural resources from this country as possible before the American people realize where the real theft is occurring.

We must continue to back Ron Paul’s bid for president.  We must continue to come forth in numbers so overwhelming that every incident of election fraud shines out like the noon day sun.

We must not waver in our stance and with every proposed implementation of soviet style legislation we must continue to stand our ground.  We must show our enemies that the fear they are seeking to instill is being nullified by anger and righteous indignation.

The militia movement in the United States is growing like a wildfire as more and more people every day realize the necessity for might to enforce the right.

The elitists are trying to put forth the illusion that we do not exist, in some kind of bizarre hope that we will just go away.  Let them see us, not only not going away, but preparing to enforce our laws ourselves if that is what it takes to bring them to justice.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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