Why is UK Preparing for War, Instead of the Olympics?

Humans are Free  Instead of making preparations for the 2012 London Olympics, the United Kingdom seems to be preparing for war — fueling even more the speculations of a false flag terrorist attack.

The UK’s military is currently deploying some of the most effective surface-to-air missiles in the world, the Rapier missile systems, at a number of sites across the capital. This makes me wonder: what kind of “terrorists” are they really expecting, and why is the press allowed to disclose the location of the AA installations?

“The Iranian network Press TV published an interview on its website, with the US Military analyst Gordon Duff, who says he has highly credible information that Israel might pull out a false flag attack during the London Olympics and blame it on Iran, to push the US into war with the Persian country. In the same day that Press TV published it, Sky News released a video interviewing an insider at G4S firm, who says the private security of the London Olympics is a joke and there’s a 50% chance of deadly weapons get snuck into the Olympic village.”

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  1. Thanks, admin.
    Of all the information I’ve come across in recent months, this is the most frightening. I’ve seen numerous indications that the Olympic games stadium will be the target of the most massive false flag terrorist attack since 9/11. My personal opinion is that it will be blamed on Iran or Syria, or both, as an excuse to attack them WWlll looms large on the very near horizon

  2. My great grandfather must be turning in his grave about seeing the missiles on his old beat as a Blackheath and Greenwich police officer.

    The Rapiers aren’t the most formidable, compared to Russian or even American hardware, they aren’t that good, ideal for bringing down an airliner or older jet but they are there more as a token display than anything else.

    We only have to look at the Illuminati card game to the one marked “Combined Disasters” to see the 5 ppl in Olympic colours fleeing a destroyed Big Ben.

    Why have the UK allowed the US’s TSA to operate at Heathrow? That itself is a major concern, these officers aren’t allowed past the boarding points but do have powers of seizure and arrest, with the world watching the Israeli security companies at airports with close scrutiny, perhaps a check on some of those TSA officers with either Israeli or US intelligence backgrounds would reveal a lot.

    Perhaps this will explain why the US has had a quarter of its CIA global resources operating in the UK for the last 5 years, glad I don’t live in London anymore.

    1. “Perhaps this will explain why the US has had a quarter of its CIA global resources operating in the UK for the last 5 years, glad I don’t live in London anymore.”

      Really? Now THAT is very interesting to know. Definitely not a good sign, then.

  3. @ Angry Grandparent: Very astute comment. Not many are aware of the Illuminati card game, in fact I just posted a comment on another article, because diggerdan asked me about it. It’s the best source for future planned events they ever put out. It’s very hard to find nowadays, I’ve only seen 1 complete set myself.

    1. Yes #1 NWO Hatr : I recomend this set myself. I have seen a lot of Illuminati stuff but this one I will spread. If it is all right with you! Actualy, I am going to make sure a different freind watches this set and I am sure the other one will want to watch it also. and again I thank you for the turn on !!!!

  4. You know, there is so much hype about a false flag at the Olympics, it is almost too easy. Usually when they hype it this much, nothing happens and more security measures get put in place and more freedoms get taken away. Same thing happened with the 9/11 ten year anniversary last year. Everyone believed something big would happen and it didn’t. Same with the UN summit in Chicago. It all becomes a game of “The Boy who cried wolf”. I know that the Illuminati Card shows natural disasters and all of this military buildup and bad security measures and coincidences are happening, but since when do they ever televise a false flag so blatantly like this? Hardly Ever. So I am not saying nothing will happen, but I am hoping nothing will happen and we should all not jump to conclusions because the evidence just seems too obvious to me. The elite aren’t stupid enough to make it this obvious unless it’s a red herring or to get them to take away more of your rights. Use your brains people. Something is not right here. I think the real threat is the UN Small Arms Treaty signature conveniently on the same day as the London Olympic opening ceremony. I think this whole issue is just a big distraction for the signing of the UN Small Arms Treaty. Plus with all of the anti-aircraft missiles, they are totally leaving the ground force and underground territory in the open for an attack. It’s like someone saying, “Hey, look up!” and when he does then the guy steals money out of his pocket when he is not looking. As I said, a red herring. I’m telling you, don’t focus on the skies. Focus on the ground and the underground. That’s where the disasters will be. Not an airplane or a jet like 9/11 or a missile strike. They would never do the same strike twice. That’s just stupid. Think about it, people. Something definitely smells fishy about this whole thing.

    1. “This makes me wonder: what kind of “terrorists” are they really expecting, and why is the press allowed to disclose the location of the AA installations?”

      This just proves my point of them using the London Olympics and these Anti-aircraft missiles as a decoy for something else. I hope I’m not the only one who believes this.

      Remember: “A warrior who only knows one side, leaves himself open for destruction.” The London Olympics is no exception.

      We all know that “all warfare is based on deception” (Sun Tzu, The Art of War) and we all know that the Zionists and the Israeli Mossad are the mother of all deceivers. Don’t ever forget this.

    2. You could very well be correct, but it could also be that each time we identify a potential false flag and reveal it ad nausea, they are forced to back away from it. I do believe that prior to 9/11 there was an episode of The Lone Gunmen wherein terrorists flew a commercial airliner into the WTC. We must keep our eyes open and absolutely expect the unexpected, right along with the ‘ery well could be.’

    1. I just watched it all. I still think the people over-exaggerate on the whole mathematical number sequence thing, but the other evidence and symbols are definitely there and good proof for something to happen. I hope were wrong. Otherwise, we’re in for some major dark times.

  5. Just imagine, that for fun some jokers buy those small remote controlled helicopters models & fly them in the sky over London!
    Watch all those Rapier missiles being fired at those model helicopters!
    Boy what a firework spectacles! A $100,000 Rapier missile shooting down a $100 helicopter!
    What a laugh!

      1. …which means that having disintegrated the radio-controlled model helicopter the Rapier missile will continue on its merry way, possibly landing in the backyard of Buckingham Palace.

  6. Actually, that would be pretty hilarious, except for all the innocent civilians that would probably get killed in the process.

  7. 80% of British people oppose the mindless wars that Blair and Cameron insist we fight at the expense of bankrupting, financially and morally, an entire nation.

    The Queen of England, as the UK’s head of state, has refused for 60 years to visit Israel. Prince Charles feels similarly.

    The opening ceremony coincides with a G20 meeting, so very few heads of state will be present.

    Non-G20 leaders have been making excuses not to attend, including Israel’s Peres who, despite being an atheist, insists the Sabbath prevents him from attending.

    Seems like having ‘terrorists’ kill the Queen and Charles will pay dividends, not least is that Prince William (birth induced on summer solstice) will ascend the thrown.

    1. Charles should remember that his namesake and illustrious predecessor was beheaded for refusing to allow the entry into England of the Jewish bankers of Amsterdam, a situation remedied by the religious fanatic Oliver Cromwell who was obsessed by the half-baked notion that if only the Jews could be spread throughout “the nations” then Jesus would return and make everything alright; or whatever. So Cromwell had no problem taking money from said bankers to pay for his army. And, of course, to secure their little investment, the bankers also supplied Cromwell with the services of Mossad. The Jewish bankers strutted into England in 1656 after Cromwell had opened the door to them.

      You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  8. The “UK” (whatever that might be – I myself live in England) is currently engaged in a secret war with Syria (BBC has just announced that half the Syrian Cabinet has been killed or seriously injured by a “bomb” – read cruise missile) and might soon find itself in a war with Russia and China. The British Government’s priority is of course the protection of the Crown Jewels and The Bank of England. In fact, the City of London may well come under military attack from one of its “sovereign fund” victims of the LIBOR swindle. Nobody except BBC is interested in the silly Olympics.

  9. True that, Henry, which was the reason for the semi, or half, or whatever they’re called quotation marks around that word. The only thing I’ve ever considered the NWO superior to us at is the art of deception. In retrospect, even had I known the amount of time and effort that would be required of me to research any single aspect of these scum, I still would have taken the red pill. That’s just my nature. I haven’t hit the bottom of the rabbit hole yet, and probably never will. It’s just too deep.

    @ Peter: I’ve been to London, and seen the Crown Jewels. They’re the only thing in the world that Lloyds;of London resfused to insure, due to their inestimable value.
    I had the misfortune of departing Heathrow airport exactly one year to the day after the London subway bombings. Security was a nightmare!

  10. “They” know full well who flies airplanes into buildings and blows up tube trains for it is “they” themselves who do it. We know that and, furthermore, “they” know that we know. So an Olympic false flag attack would have to be better disguised than 9/11 or 7/7 because the Internet would be all over it before the dust had settled. Everyone is now *expecting* that “they” will put on a show of terrorism, presumably an “Iranian” dirty bomb or some such, in order to justify a military attack on Iran. All they need is the cast of hundreds of thousands from all over the world. Or not, as the case may be – and no one will be missing anything except the endless torrential English rain which seems to have hijacked the summer here.

  11. @ Peter: Granted. They’re probably in some vault in ‘Lord’ Rothschild’s mansion.
    I also saw Buckingham Palace. I’m pretty sure that was the real deal.

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