Why Puberty Blockers Are A Clear Danger To Children’s Health

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: When doctors prescribe you pills that go against nature, shouldn’t we question their ethics? Am I alone in the wilderness here? The world has gone mad and not many seem to realize it…

The world is so far removed from God it is not even funny. The Christian denominations of the world are so far removed from God it is not even funny.

If the world keeps on at this rate, there will be no truth left.

I have written (see here and here) about physicians who push the boundaries of ethical practice by administering untested medical treatments to children and adolescents suffering from gender dysphoria (or transgender patients). Such treatments include puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and so-called sex-reassignment surgery.

Citing guidelines issued by the political advocacy group World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), these physicians admit that the effects of cross-sex hormones are generally irreversible. Vulnerable patients who agree to this treatment are thus crossing the Rubicon into permanent bodily impairment.

However, most doctors insist that puberty blockers are safe and fully reversible, so that patients who decide not to continue with the “transition” can get their healthy bodies back. But mounting medical evidence shows the fallacy of the cavalier implication that puberty blockers are as harmless as aspirin and can be discontinued with as little effect.

Source: The Federalist

World Events and the Bible

2 thoughts on “Why Puberty Blockers Are A Clear Danger To Children’s Health

  1. Puberty Blockers….

    Fkng disgusting. ….

    We have hit an all time low in the bankruptcy of human morality.

    If Jesus was alive today….

    You know what our lord would say about it…?

    He’d say rub that puberty blocker on Mary Magdelen’s crotch . .

    Hang on for a second.. .

    I just got a text from the pope.

  2. A very sophisticated and covert kind of child abuse. Coming to us from doctors and satanists, err, I mean scientists. And the decades long process of disempowering parents and making them malleable compliments to this disaster being perpetrated on their children. The number of trannies wanting to “change back” grows everyday, as does the number of tranny suicides. I think what we will see in the next decade will be horrible and gut-wrenching accounts of what these kids have come to realize about what was done to them while they were too young to understand or too young to object and refuse.

    There are some who are screaming against all this, but they are quickly relegated to the “Behind the Times” bin, labeled anti-progressive, square, prude, backwards, controlling, intolerant, transphobic. Yet scream they must. But, is there any scream loud enough? Is it too late? Well, there is that not so publicized group declaring: “Come near my kid and I’ll kill you.”

    Come near my kid and I’ll kill you.



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