WikiLeaks Exposes Hillary’s TREASONOUS Deal With Russia, It’s TERRIFYING

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Hillary Clinton and her liberal pundit pals reference Russia about every other sentence. They blame Vladimir Putin’s country for email hacking and a myriad of other misdeeds and then try to convince voters he and Donald Trump are embroiled in an epic bromance. Their tactic just backfired—big league!

The hacked emails from Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta, courtesy ofWikiLeaks, revealed a thread of emails detailing an intricate, intimate series of actions between members of Hillary’s election staff, the Clinton Foundation, and representatives of Russia! One of their interactions appears to have involved a quickly processed deal on uranium deposits. Iowa Senator Charles Grassley raised concerns about the deal least June.  

The uranium deal, which involved 25 percent of Russia’s deposits, was discussed in an email conversation between Clinton Foundation communications head, Maura Pally, and Clinton campaign chief, John Podesta, Breitbart reports.

“Putting on all of your radars that Grassley sent a letter to AG Lynch (dated June 30th though we just saw it) asking questions about contributions to the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One deal. Letter is attached. Craig is connecting with comms team to be sure they are aware as well,” the email said.

“Clinton Foundation’s ties to a number of investors involved in a business transaction that resulted in the acquisition of Uranium One, owner of U.S. based uranium assets, by Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ), a subsidiary of Rosatom, a Russian government owned company. The transaction raised a number of national security concerns because it effectively ceded 20% of U.S. uranium production capacity to the Russian government,” said an excerpt from Grassley’s letter.

The original message was also sent to Hillary’s former shadow, Huma Adedin. She has not been spotted on the campaign trail since her husband’s latest sexting scandal, which included him making lewd comments and sending photos of himself in his underwear that also showed their toddler son laying next to him.

Minutes after receiving the email, John Podesta forwarded it to,,, The deep connection between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation has never been clearer – or more terrifying.

Jennifer Palmeiri was Barack Obama’s communications director before she joined the Hillary Clinton campaign. Kristian Schake is a deputy communications director, Tony Caark is a research director, and Christina Reynolds was a deputy campaign director.

“During critical stages of the acquisition approval, interested parties made large donations – some in the millions of dollars – to the Clinton Foundation while Ms. Hillary Clinton held the position of secretary of state,” Senator Grassley’s letter also said.

It continues, “When millions of dollars flow to decision makers who have substantial discretion to provide support for or against approval of controversial transactions, public confidence in the integrity of the process requires a commitment to transparency and responsiveness to oversight inquiries.”

Around this same time, John Podesta’s company reportedly accepted a $35 million investment from a Russian company.

The FBI had already warned against engaging in dealings with this particular company because it was allegedly attempting to steal American intellectual property and technology.

The Angry Patriot

4 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Exposes Hillary’s TREASONOUS Deal With Russia, It’s TERRIFYING

  1. Amazing how we at FTT found out about this long before Wikileaks did. Almost as if Wikikeaks is just another Snowden telling us shit we already know. Oh well, regardless it’s more information for the masses.

    In any case, Wikileaks and anyone else can publish or reveal all the information they want. It won’t stop the elite from rigging the election and putting Hitlery in office. The only way it will ever change is with the barrel of a gun.

  2. “The transaction raised a number of national security concerns because it effectively ceded 20% of U.S. uranium production capacity to the Russian government,”

    The same Russians they’re trying to start a war with now?

    1. Yep. I guess the elite are trying to distract us with a war while they help our enemy steal from us in our own backyard.

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