WikiLeaks Shows Hillary Clinton May Have Helped Trudeau Win The Canadian Election

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Earlier when Justin Trudeau had just been learning about how to be the Liberal leader, he had tried to get a meeting with Hillary Clinton before she had become the Democratic presidential nominee. This has been revealed by new e-mails which were released through Wikileaks.

Trudeau has been the head of the Liberal party for a year now. Clinton, who had earlier resigned as the top diplomat in the US was, at the time, deciding if she was going to run for president and was going to Ottawa for a speech.  

The Liberal Party was very anxious for Trudeau to meet Clinton and a staffer from the party even sent an email to the top aides of Trudeau asking how they could arrange a one-on-one with the ex-secretary of state.

Gerald Butts was also included in this email. He is now the principal secretary of the PM. He had sent the email to the Center for American Progress. This email was also forwarded to Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.

Podesta had asked if she wanted to try seeing Justin Trudeau. The PM’s office had said this morning that they both got a picture together but did not have a formal meeting.

The emails were hacked from the Gmail account of Podesta. They’ve been coming out slowly since October and give us a look at the Clinton operation. The email dumps have shown various Clinton staffers who were casually interested in the 2015 campaign of Trudeau to become prime minister of Canada.

The most recent disclosures on email showed the director of communications for Clinton’s campaign passing around one tweet of Trudeau when his party was trailing in Jul 2015 in the polls.

The aide had said that this was a good way to deflect personal attacks.

Since Trudeau became PM, he enjoyed friendly relationships with Obama’s administration and was even feted at a Washington state dinner.

Did Hillary Clinton help Justin Trudeau win the election? That’s the unanswered question that most likely won’t be answered until the FBI releases their full report.

Both Trudeau and Clinton are currently under investigation for pay to play, coincidence?

Debate Post

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