With Bill of Rights Day approaching…

We are no artists but…  I had an old cutting board fall apart.  With magic markers I started writing Bill of Rights sayings on the pieces of wood.  Then my husband joined me and started doodling and came up with this: 

16 thoughts on “With Bill of Rights Day approaching…

  1. I’m intending to paint these Bill of Rights messages on more 2×4’s and other odd pieces of wood and then leaving them in some places around town like laundromats, or restaurant bathrooms, or bus stations, hoping some will take them home and be reminded of our inalienable and unalienable rights and become willing to fight for those rights. Wood is more substantial than paper.

    Yeah, we are gonna have to fight and some of us will die. But here we are now with only three days ’till the 15th, Bill of Rights Day, which should be THE BIGGEST DAY OF THE YEAR. All efforts to bring it to the forefront are important and worthwhile. What other ideas are out there?


    1. Beautiful! The vibrant colors and images are eye-catching! Your idea reminds me of a summer time art activity we do in my town. We paint rocks and stones and leave them in public places to be seen and enjoyed. Now, the idea of a painted rock B.O.R. 10 Article stepping stone path project just came into my mind. The creative possibilities are amazing! Now that I realize it is winter, I’m thinking about the bloody rags on the freezing cold feet of those who fought and how these 2 ideas can be tied together somehow.

        1. galen, with Dec. 15 so close to Christmas, I can easily see the artwork you created on the wooden board adapted to meaningful Christmas decorations. Now, with this idea, I am thinking of how great it could be to host a Bill of Rights Day arts and crafts painting party. Uh oh! Another idea. 10 Articles, 10 finger nails. Mani-pedi party with the recitation of each article dedicated to the artwork or individual color of each finger nail as it is being done.

    2. Its funny that our mind think the same. I have been building a cnc router machine to make signs to give as hand outs.

  2. Well done, Galen! My pretending to be an artist for the last 30 years is fueled by different mediums and how I sometimes have difficulty in simplifying things to clarify the message. On occasion I succeed, but commercial art in itself speaks volumes. This, to me anyway, definitely falls under commercial because the picture says the few words it needs to sell the product. That product is freedom. The most valuable of all!

  3. Thanks, Martist. But surely in tattooing you have been tempted to veer of the intended subject and insert a cryptic message. 🙂

    I bet you’re better than you know. 🙂


    1. I can back up your statement, Galen. He truly is better than he knows!

      On the notion of leaving “messages” in places, I’ve been inclined to print out labels and strategically place them in places I go. Shopping carts, gas pumps, store shelves. Juvenile, probably.

      1. I did something similar to that with hand written messages calling out th3 scamdemic. Sticky notes. I will start making hand written sticky notes in all the hottest colors and plaster them everywhere I go. I know this is something I can easily do! Being that I am in Canada, our freedom laws are based on the American Bill of Rights, so that will be the message here.

  4. Conversation Starter Card Set
    Calling on graphic artists with image-editing abilities to design them.

    This morning I got to thinking about a 2-sided card set that could be made into coasters. The Bill of Rights side would have a green check mark over it or a green circle around it. The Corporate Admiralty side would be marked with a big, red X or a red DO NOT ENTER sign.

    Bill of Rights vs. British Accredited Registry
    Free Enterprise and Debt Free Currency vs. Federal Reserve and Usury
    Common Law Court vs. Star Chamber Court
    Militia vs. Police
    Articles IX and X vs. Alphabet Agencies
    Law vs. Policy
    Patrick Henry vs. George Washington
    Samuel Adams vs. John Adams
    Richard Henry Lee vs. Hamilton
    People’s Uprising vs. Revolution
    so far, we have a 10 card set…
    Elected Judge
    Appointed Judge

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