The Word From the Trenches – July 25, 2017

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Archive: TWFTT 7-25-17

25 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – July 25, 2017

  1. 79 now, 90 hi, 57 lo. Sunny with CHEMTRAILS (BAST@RDS! 😡 )

    Didn’t expect clear skies for long, got a decent number of CHEMTRAIL free days.

      1. We had to meet someone at a Starbucks (their idea, central point thing, etc.) a while back. While waiting for the person we decided that we’d conduct our business at Coffee Dog rather than Starbucks.

        Starbucks = yuck!

        1. I was homeless my last year & a half in L.A., Katie, and I virtually lived at Starbucks that entire time (when I wasn’t at work).

          I needed to for the wi-fi… to be able to post as much as I did.

          1. I met a few awake persons there, Katie, so it wasn’t a total loss. Also had some fun there occasionally… was talking to a friend one afternoon about an article I had posted about Iran & nukes. Out of the blue, this fat @ss jEW (with a schnoz big enough to hold a roll of nickels… in each nostril) decided he had burglarize our conversation and throw his two cents worth in (thinking NO ONE would contradict HIS view of the situation, no doubt). He stated “I hope Israel NUKES those bast@rds!” I looked right at him and said “Oh REAAAALLY?” “You know what I hope?” “I hope someone turns ISRAHELL into glass ashtray!”

            You know what came next – the famous jew ‘trump card’. It got LOUD. “YOU’RE ANTI-SEMITIC!!!” I said “That might be true if you were even a legitimate Semite to begin with, but you’re most likely just another AshkeNAZI FAKE-@SS jEW!”

            By this time we had the undivided attention of the entire establishment. It got to the cursing stage, and finally he went and got the manager (little knowing that not only was I well known to all there, but also well liked), She came over and asked ME what the problem was, and HE started to spout his stupidity at her. She told him to shut up… she was asking ME, not HIM. I told her EXACTLY what went down, how he had jumped into a personal conversation UNINVITED, and he didn’t like the reply he got from me. He weakly tried to defend himself, but she told him to either shut it or leave. He chose the latter.

            I called into Henry’s show (either the next day, or day after that, can’t recall for sure). We had a good laugh about it. 🙂

          2. LOL… one of my fondest memories of that place, Katie. Hopefully some of those present decided to check out the truth of what I was saying about the stinking jews. There was quite a bit more to that conversation before it was over.

          3. I would imagine lots of folks that heard that conversation have considered your words a many a time. You know that, “Yeah, long time ago, there was this guy in Starbucks and he was saying……..” Boy, was he spot on…….”

            Again, great story, and good memory for you, #1.

          4. For years, Katie, my top priority has been to educate others about truth. It’s been my driving force.

            I couldn’t have done nearly as much in that department without the help of Henry, Laura & FTT.

          1. Ummm……It sounded good?
            Two weeks ago, the post “Hobo Wine”?
            ………It works!

  2. 93 now, high 96, dew point 72. Banana’s growing in the garden 😉
    Tropical humidity, but I’ll take it over winter. Except in battle…

    Good ssw wind 23mph though.

      1. Must be banana peppers, not monkey bananas, because I tried growing them in TX, and any frost bites em, of course, they weren’t protected and babied.

        1. dang…got me excited…..I thought I was doing great by growing tobacco here….I did read somewhere that someone in SD was successful growing a lemon tree…OUTSIDE!!

          1. I know someone in Tea, SD who had a small peach tree for years outside.
            It wasn’t a very productive tree though.
            The peaches were blonde, and taste good.
            It died 5 or so years ago.
            I never thought to ask what variety of peach tree it was.

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