The Word From the Trenches – June 28, 2017

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Archive: TWFFT 6-28-17

20 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – June 28, 2017

  1. oh! Now that he ran off Mr. Griswold, that idiot Charlie is going to start weighing in again with his 2 cents?

    1. Charlie did not run Griswold off, even Henry commented how Griswold took it like a real sport (paraphrased).

      As far as I know from what I heard on the day of Griswold broadcast, Henry made mention to Griswold of having him back up the following Monday. You nor I know if they set it in stone after the broadcast. If Griswold was really run off by Charlie I imagine he’d have said something to Henry and Henry would have told the listeners. Again, I believe the reason Griswold was not on the following Monday is because neither made a commitment, only a vague on the air invitation of which I did not hear Griswold give his word that he’d be back for SURE.

      1. Charlie did not run anybody off. I contacted Robert on Saturday to set up a Skype link. He never called me back. His banner is due in three days and I’ve heard nothing from him. Maybe somebody got a hold of him and explained to him that he was associating with anti-chosen people riff raff. I don’t know, and I don’t want to put any words in Robert’s mouth and I could be wrong.
        Just wanted to let you guys know the situation.

  2. Henry, you nailed it once again today. Can’t argue with anything you brought forth concerning the Bundy/Hammond situation, just completely spot on.

    That mammon incentive to sell out others while it’s good for them, then have it turn around on them is always the end result, it may take time, but will end just like this. People ought to think long and hard before they make these deals because no one is immune forever, they want it ALL.

    Great broadcast, darn, wish the broadcast was required listening before any American National could close their eyes for the day, after about 2 weeks we’d be cleaning up the place, maybe.

  3. Charlie,
    The movie is “The Milagro Beanfield War” (it is no longer available to watch free online due to copyright).

  4. Sorry, 86 me but the blame game with the farmers, ranchers, dirty church as well the military just can’t fly in my mind any more. I want to learn not be dictated to.

    1. Well then what you need to do, Misty, is get out there and get to learning.
      I’ll put this as clear to you as I can. F#@k the farmers. F#@k the ranchers. F#@k the miners. F#@k the masonic dirty church cabal that facilitated an elitist class, constructed of cliques and secret societies, who used collective deceit to create an unnatural advantage. And finally, f#@k the military who have been the enforcers of all the treachery listed above and have absolutely, by definition of the English language within the common law, committed treason and espionage against the rest of us and then claimed ignorance as their excuse.
      The lines are clear, so take your place with your people and prepare to defend your privileged position against the multitudes you think you can look down your nose at.

    2. Misty, I have read your reply over and over. It saddens my heart you would make such a comment. If you are sincere perhaps it is time to free yourself from the dictator. Consider for a moment when Henry goes on air he may be speaking to brand new listeners that have never been exposed to that which we have been privileged to learn and apparently (some) take for granted. I wish you well in your education.

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