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The Word From the Trenches – November 14, 2017

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Archive: TWFTT 11-14-17

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15 Responses to The Word From the Trenches – November 14, 2017

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    57 now (53 w/c), 58 hi, 44 lo. Sunny… with scattered CHEMTRAILS ( BAST@RDS!!! 😡 ).

    Rain, rain & more rain after today.. less by this weekend.

  2. mary in ND says:

    Right on Mark @ Henry making a difference!

  3. mary in ND says:

    excellent hour ….thanks Henry

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:



    • Henry Shivley says:

      Kind words from good people, but I’m just another fella, It’s going to take each and every one of us doing everything we can and it’s going to be a long nasty physical fight. It is damnable that our generation was cursed via neglect to be the unfortunate that will have to bare the responsibility. This could have been taken care of a whole lot sooner and a hell of lot easier.

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        Just another fella maybe, Henry, but there are FAR too few ‘other fellas’ with the courage to step up and BROADCAST 100% of the truth these days. I know of no other site where NO subject is taboo. That’s why I don’t waste my time posting anywhere else.

        You ROCK, Henry… HANDS DOWN!!!

    • Katie says:

      #1, excellent comment, and I agree!

  5. flee says:

    Henry has the balls of an elephant.

    And I mean that in a good way.

    In fact I think they’re made of steel.

    When he walks they go clickity clack.

    I hear that song mean by Van Halen…


  6. Hal Apeeno says:

    I got muted by, Ed ( I suppose) a few minutes ago, with no coming back.
    Wanted to explain cayenne to effin ” Ya know the thing is”.
    I am pissed…

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