WOW! The Gulf is a Legal Biological Military Operation – a Blue Plague Update

What is the Real Truth

What do 50 USC 1520a50 USC 1512Public Law 105-85and 483 US 669 have in common?

They are the US Codes, US Congressional, and US Supreme Court means by which the US Department of Defense was given the legal Federal authority to conduct the synthetically bioengineered experiment in the Gulf of Mexico to eliminate the BP oil and gas.  

This has resulted in the legal deaths and diseases of human, animal and plant life; the deterioration of food and water; and the damaging alteration of the environment. While this was a legal Federal Government act, such insanity is a far cry from being moral or lawful. Once again, the civilian population in America has been the object of a biological experiment. This broadcast is from June 10, 2011.

The audio podcast and Mp3 download archive are available at: Living Light Network Free Podcast and LLN061011.mp3

Gulf of Mexico Legal Biological Military Operation from The Living Light Network on Vimeo.

11 thoughts on “WOW! The Gulf is a Legal Biological Military Operation – a Blue Plague Update

  1. Disgusting! Unbelievable. And I get arrested for taking my dog to the dog park and for exercising my 4th Article rights.

    1. I heard enough, I think that this BP oil disaster was intentionally caused and they re now doing this not only as a diversion to what else has been going on in the world, but as a was to use the gulf coast as a natural lab to test as a final experiment as to how their bio and chemical crap can be used for the benifit of the zion/ptb F`ers. They do not give a flying F about anything but their own agenda, and as Carlin said ” we are not part of that club “, actualy Carlin asid something close to that but ya`ll get the point. We are not a part of their “agenda/club”. Get ready people `cause they have doing this kind of thing for years and they are getting close to the grand finally. Like they say “It ain`t over till the fat lady sings” for us all, and the fat lady is starting to sing!!! GOOD ARTICLE Cathlen

  2. I remember seeing an interview with a BP representative in which said representative said that BP had introduced a NEW life form in the Gulf. The interview was quickly terminated by unseen handlers!

    1. A new life form?, ain`t that a crock of crap. What cant they just leave thing along like they should be left.

  3. If it was an experiment why didn’t they say so in the first place? BP’s CEO didn’t know anything about it. Me thinks it’s just a cover.

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