Yemen prime minister targeted by gunfire, rebels seize state media

UPI – by Amy R. Connolly

SANAA, Yemen, Jan. 19 (UPI) — Just days after Houthi militants kidnapped a top presidential aid, rebel forces seized the state-run news agency and clashed with government security at the state capital in a possible coup attempt.

Prime Minister Khalid Bahah also came under gunfire as he left a meeting with the country’s president and Houthi leaders. Bahah was not injured, but is now in hiding.  

Nadia Al Sakkaf, the country’s information minister, told Al Jazeera the fighting could result in a change of political structure.

“This story is developing so quickly. We may have a new Yemen by the end of the day, maybe a new system altogether,” she said.

The fighting comes just days after Houthi militants abducted presidential Chief of Staff Ahmed bin Mubarak at gunpoint, demanding they have a greater say in crafting a new constitution.

Fearing further violence, Yemeni officials brokered a ceasefire, but that only lasted minutes. Authorities said at least two people died and 14 others were wounded in the latest clash.

In September, the Houthi took control of Sanaa, complaining about the slow pace of governmental reforms under President Abded Rabbo Mansour Hadi. The militants have since taken over important areas that include seaports.

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