“You will NEVER steal from me again!”…Detroit Woman Tracks Down Man Who Stole Her Car And Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

100% Fed Up – by BK House

A Detroit resident and business owner tracked her own stolen vehicle for two days all over the city. On day three she took matters into her own hands and confronted the crook.

Bianca Chambers’s brand new white Mercedez Benz was stolen, and for two days she tracked its location “using a web of social media tips”. Four times after locating her vehicle, she called 911- but in every instance when the officers arrived the car had already been driven off, leading cops and Bianca on a wild goose chase through the city.

On day 3- Ms. Chambers had had enough of playing hide and seek with the elusive thief and confronted him in a barbershop at Greenfield and Grandriver after spotting her car in the parking lot. Before entering the shop, Bianca slashed her own tires to make sure the criminal didn’t get away with it again. She then went inside and made a citizen’s arrest with the help of other customers, who dragged the thug out by his dreadlocks.

Watch as the Detroit car thief gets dragged by his dreadlocks during a citizens arrest:

The courageous young lady didn’t work and save to provide high-class transportation for a low-life punk. Her hair-raising story ends with a promise and a threat to the hapless car thief, “you will never steal from me again!”

100% Fed Up

4 thoughts on ““You will NEVER steal from me again!”…Detroit Woman Tracks Down Man Who Stole Her Car And Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

  1. Now he’s a laughing stock
    Bubba is going to take care of him when he gets to the big house hahaha

  2. 4 times after reporting to the police and he got away. Makes you wonder if they were in on it or if they really are just too damn slow in their response times. It is Detroit after all.

  3. Just in time to be too damn late, if she had got in the car and waited till he came back she could have shot him for car jacking. Ymmv. LMFAO

  4. I read a separate story a day or so ago
    They made it sound like they were going to arrest Bianca ( car owner)
    Yeah like don’t show them up
    Or they will make you pay

    This act right here , what Bianca did
    Is blood sweat and tears of what makes this country great
    It’s about time we all decide not to be owned ….. by any one , or anything
    She should have shot and hung that horse thief

    He now owes her his life , in the real world

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