Your Elected Officials Received How Much $$ From AT&T, Verizon and Comcast??

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There’s no doubt that technology can be wonderful.  Anyone experiencing car trouble will tell you that having a cell phone can literally be a life saver.  But it’s actually not necessary for millions more cell towers to be installed in front of homes and everywhere else so we can all have cell phone service.  Unfortunately, this may happen anyway thanks to The Federal Communication (FCC) and many U.S. elected officials due to their unrelenting push to pass legislation in order to win the ridiculous and the highly risky “Race for 5G”. 

Learn here how much your officials accepted from The Telecom Industry (aka Big Wireless).  This may determine how willing they are to allow AT&TVerizon, Comcast, etc. to install small cell towers throughout your community – including in front of homes.

Legislation has unfortunately already passed in some states which has severely limited municipal control over small cell tower and micro wireless infrastructure installation.  Many municipal governments are still fighting this regardless.  In other states, this type of legislation has been vetoed and/or delayed.  Some municipal leaders have decided not to install it due to biological and environmental concerns.

Because of the growing controversy, federal legislation keeps being created and rushed to force the implementation for the “Race for 5G”.  According to ARS Technica, The FCC even wants to slash $2B in municipal fees and give it to wireless carriers for this.

You can still post a statement of opposition today.  The poop is going to hit the fan again tomorrow.

The FCC is not a health or environmental protection agency even though they regulate technology which can cause health and environmental problems.  They seem to have no interest in protecting the public despite the fact that insurance carriers don’t even seem to be willing to cover harm from exposure to cell towers. 

Activist Post

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  1. Your Elected Officials Received How Much $$ From AT&T, Verizon and Comcast??


    I have no officials. Elected or otherwise.

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