4 thoughts on “Zelensky met with representatives of Goldman Sachs

  1. Seriously, with all the money Zelensky has you’d think he could change a different colored shirt every once in awhile.

    Oh wait, he’s told to wear it because it makes him look like a man of the people fighting a war in front of a green screen. I get it. My bad.

  2. U.S. COMMUNISM FOR $500 Alex….This piece of sht gov gives to 2 piece of sht countries a 100x’s Billions!”!” ? Can you name 2 of them 2 countries?? ? You have 15 seconds

  3. Wow!! A Zelensky/Goldman Sachs moment!! FASCISM!! Not shrouded in secrecy, but strutting it openly and shamelessly. A head of state planning (conniving) with a head of one of the biggest corporations/banks in the world. How much more blatant can it get?


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