$1.4 Billion Warship Can’t Run In Warm Water

The Daily Sheeple – by Joshua Krause

These days the Pentagon has been catching plenty of flak for their insanely expensive F-35 fighter jets; an aircraft which often fails to take off despite costing over $1 trillion to develop. However, the US isn’t the only Western nation that is wasting countless tax dollars on failure prone weapon systems.

The Royal Navy has just discovered that one of their most advanced and expensive warships, the Type 45, can’t operate in the Persian Gulf. Apparently, the turbines can’t cope with the 90 degree waters of the gulf. They’re not capable of redistributing that kind of heat back to the engine, which slows the turbines down, eventually leading to a complete power failure for the entire ship. In other words, when the water gets too warm, these ships are sitting ducks.  

The Type 45 is controversial in Britain due to its development, which ran over budget and behind schedule. Each of the six ships that were constructed cost $1.4 billion, and are supposed to stay active for another two decades.

The director of Rolls-Royce, the company which designed the ship, was recently questioned by MPs on the electrical failures. Director Tomas Leahy responded “the equipment is having to operate in far more arduous conditions that were initially required,” and the Managing director of BAE Systems Maritime added “The operating profile at the time was that there would not be repeated or continuous operations in the Gulf.”

Despite these admissions, Britain’s Ministry of Defence has denied any claims that the ships can’t operate in these conditions, but Britain’s MPs aren’t buying it. According to Douglas Chapman of the Scottish National Party, “It’s a £1 billion asset that you’re putting into a war zone, and we don’t know if these people will go in there and come back out alive because there might be a problem with the power system on the ship. I’m just astounded.”

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  1. $1.4 BILLION dollars for just ONE single, solitary, unnecessary warship when that money could have EASILY been used to deport EVERY friggin ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT in this country along with a nicely guarded wall.

    Doesn’t that just piss you the hell off? I know it does for me.

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