10 Foods A Naturopathic Doctor Always Buys

Mind Body Green – by DR. KATIE CORAZZO

There are certain foods that always end up in my shopping cart. I stick to a healthy, easy, and quick meal plan. No need for frills or long recipes to stay healthy, but taste doesn’t have be sacrificed either. Don’t forget to load up on these goodies next time you’re at the grocery store!  


One thought on “10 Foods A Naturopathic Doctor Always Buys

  1. The only good coconut water comes from fresh, “young coconuts” that haven’t spoiled (turned pink inside). They are soaked in sulfites so you have to be careful opening them so the sulfite doesn’t get inside the good part (or all over your hands). Sulfites won’t hurt most people but some people get anaphalaxis from them and can die (even though it’s in almost ALL preserved foods). The cartons of coconut milk taste like old stuff that’s gone bad/moldy and got mixed in with the ok stuff and pasturized. Nasty. Real, fresh coconut milk doesn’t taste like that at all. Completely different animal. I tasted that carton stuff and dumped it down the sink. My dog wouldn’t even drink it and she loves fresh coconuts. I can see why they add “flavors” to cover up the flavor of MOLD!

    The almond milk that comes in cartons is full of carageenan and other things that cause “reactions” so I know it’s not “natural” enough to be honestly called “natural.” It takes about FIVE MINUTES to make fresh almond milk from raw almonds and a nut-bag (after soaking them for a few hours) and it’s WONDERFUL tasting, not at all like that carton crap.

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