101 Science-Backed, Evidence-Based Uses for Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life

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If you are into natural healing and beauty care, you have probably witnessed how coconut oil gained its popularity. It is all over the Internet, and the media has gone crazy for it. It is bloggers’ favorite topic, and magazines are flooded with beauty hacks involving coconut oil.

And yes, every tiny bit you read about coconut oil is true.  

We have been having it around since coconuts were first discovered, but it was considered a ‘bad product,’ mostly due to its 90% saturated fat content. What so-called health gurus did not know at that time is that the very same saturated fats make it so amazing, with all those nutrients added. Fats in coconut oil enhance your body’s ability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and offers a huge antioxidant power.

When it comes to beauty, coconut oil is as soothing and moisturizing as it can be, and it works well for both hair and skin.

It has an endless list of uses and purposes. Coconut oil is healthy, all-natural, and safe for application. If you are new into the all-natural trend, finish reading this article, and jump straight to the nearest healthy food store to buy some. Why? We guarantee that you will like pretty much everything you read down below.

Body and skincare
If you have not used coconut oil at some point in your life, you better start now! When it comes to cosmetic application, always go for cosmetic-grade coconut oil.

It is actually fractioned coconut oil that works best for home treatments. It has great shelf life and higher stability. Do not know what fractioned coconut oil is? It is coconut oil with its long-chain triglycerides removed, meaning it only has medium-chain triglycerides. This oil does not clog pores which is the case of virgin coconut oil, and provides great antioxidant effect. Fractionated oil is the best skin care product and anti-aging product.

Check out these great uses for your skin, body and hair.


1. Skin moisturizer
Use coconut oil instead of your regular skin lotion. It has huge refreshing and healing potency. You can use on every bit of your body, and it also works well in combination with essential oils, which provides an amazing aromatherapy benefits. Apply a coin-sized amount of coconut oil, and let it dry well. You will notice the distance almost instantly.

2. Face mask
Get a flawless skin complexion using homemade face mask. Combine a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of raw honey into a thick mask. Apply your sweet-scented mask onto your face, and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Keep in mind that such masks warm and soften on your face skin, so dripping is almost inevitable. Rinse well, and warm water works better.

3. Prevent and soothe wrinkles
You do not want to see yourself aging in the mirror, right? Apply a tiny bit of coconut oil onto your fine lines and wrinkles. This will rehydrate and soften your skin, and you will be amazed with its texture.

4. Puffy eyes
Say ‘by’ to your puffy eyes. This has nothing to do with magic, but even the tiniest amount of coconut oil around your eyes will reduce the puffiness. You may want to do this before you go to bed.

5. Conditioner
You will never find anything that is more efficient in moisturizing your scalp and repairing those split ends. Use coconut oil to get the shiniest of them hairs.

Soften 2 teaspoons of coconut oil. You can do this by adding the oil into a small container, then place it in a larger container that you have already filled with water warmer than 76 degrees. Apply the soft oil onto your damp hair, and gently massage it into the roots. Carefully spread the oil along the entire hair. Wrap it in a towel, and let coconut oil do its job for an hour. Rinse of with a bit of mild shampoo.

6. Anti-dandruff treatment
If you feel like your anti-dandruff shampoo does not work at all, it is time to switch to coconut oil. Apply it as you do with your regular conditioner, preferably overnight. Rinse off the next morning, and you will never have to walk with flakes on your shoulders again.

7. Hair growth
Coconut oil is not only a brilliant moisturizer, but it is a lot more than that. Use it to strengthen your hair and prevent splitting.

8. Sunscreen
Run a tiny bit of coconut oil through your hair and scalp every morning.and brush well. This will protect your hair from sun and control frizz.

9. Detangle hair
Detangling your hair can be really frustrating and aching. But, things are about to change here, because you will get rid of tangle without any effort and pain. Dampen your hair slightly and apply some coconut oil. Leave it on for a few minutes, then work those tangles.

10. Shaving cream
Shaving creams tend to dry skin, and coconut oil is the best alternative. It acts as a moisturizer and keeps those hairs straight up. This is great for dry skin type, and it also helps with razor burns. Well, consider making your own shaving cream.


11. Aftershave
If you can use it as a shaving cream, you can use it as an aftershave as well. Coconut oil soothes skin and heals razor burn.

12. Lip balm
Having trouble with dry or cracked lips? Coconut works well against sun damage. For optimal results, use solid coconut oil. When it comes to application, use your fingers, same as with your regular lip balm.

13. Exfoliating body scrub
Coconut oil is an excellent base for body and face scrubs. Here is a nice recipe:
Soften about half a cup of coconut oil. Add in 2-4 tablespoons of sugar, and pour the resulting mixture into a few muffin tins or soap mold. Store the molds in your fridge, and keep them in until the scrub has solidified completely. How to use it? Dampen your skin and cut off a tiny bit of the scrub. Exfoliate your skin, and rinse well. Now you can apply your regular moisturizer.

14. Exfoliate your face
Combine equal amounts of coconut oil and baking soda. Use it to exfoliate your face, and remove any dirt and dead skin cells. Enjoy watching your complexion in the mirror.
15. Foot exfoliator
Your feet need some care as well. Add some course sea salt to your coconut oil, and 2:1 is the perfect ratio. Scrub your feet and enjoy the smoothness.

16. Exfoliate your lips
There is no end to the exfoliation power of coconut oil. It is time for those cracked lips again. Combine a teaspoon of coconut oil and 2 teaspoons of sugar. Exfoliate your lips and get them a lot softer.

17. Makeup remover
Now you can remove your makeup without causing any irritation. And coconut oil fits well here. It breaks down makeup, enabling you to wipe your face clean without any effort. Gently massage the oil over your make up and rinse of with warm water. Pat dry.

18. Cheekbone highlighter
Highlight your cheekbones using a tiny bit of coconut oil. This will give you a healthy and youthful glow. You may want to do this after you apply your makeup.

19. Lotion bar
Make yourself a nice lotion bar, and we give you the greatest recipe:
Combine coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax, about a cup each. Transfer the mixture in a quart size glass Mason jar and place it in a pot of water. Heat the water until the ingredients melt completely. Turn the gas off, and stir in a teaspoon of vitamin E oil. Make sure everything is well combined. Pour your lotion into molds and allow the lotion to cool completely before you take it out of the molds.

20. Deodorant
Throw away conventional deodorants, and safe yourself from all the aluminum in them. Making your own deodorant sounds great, right?

Combine coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax, about half a cup each. Transfer the mixture into a Mason jar and set it in a pot of water. Heat the water until your solid ingredients melt. Take the pot of the heat and stir in a teaspoon of vitamin E oil, 3 tablespoons of baking soda and half a cup of arrowroot powder. Stir well until well combined. Pour the mixture into a few molds. Make sure your mixture has cooled completely before you remove it from the molds.

21. Massage oil
A relaxing massage could do you well, right? Using coconut oil would be of great success here, because you will use its both moisturizing and antioxidant powers. Plus, it works well for your muscles and skin.

22. Soften elbows
Dry elbows do not look appealing, right? Especially if it is summer, and you have to wear dresses or shirts. Rub a tiny amount of coconut oil twice a day to soften your skin.

23. Cracked heels
Coconut oil can help you with those cracked heels. It acts as a natural moisturizer, so you will not be bothered with those nasty heels. Apply it regularly.

24. Nail and cuticles
Manicures can be both expensive and demanding, and sometimes you just do not have the time to get it done. However, you can always apply some coconut oil onto your cuticles. Rub it into your cuticles and nails before you go to bed. Leave it on overnight, and the oil will absorb into your cuticles and thus stimulate your nails to grow faster.

25. Stretch marks
They may not disappear completely, but applying some coconut oil onto your stretch marks will reduce them in a while.

26. Clean your mascara brush
Soak your mascara brush into some coconut oil to remove any buildups.

27. Boost eyelashes
Apply a tiny bit of coconut oil on your lashes to get that ‘butterfly’ effect and make them more vivid.

28. Remove skin wax
Waxing is a tough ‘business,’ and you always end up with residue on your skin. But, if you rub some coconut oil onto your skin you can get them off with no effort. Wipe off with a warm washcloth.

29. Great lubricant
You could use some coconut oil in those intimate moments as well. It is a far better alternative to commercial lubricants. It is natural and provides a better effect. Never use it with condoms, because of their latex.

30. Varicose veins
Apply a thin layer onto your varicose veins to reduce them. For optimal results, do the treatment regularly.

31. Get rid of cellulite
Apply some coconut oil on the area you are treating, and you should notice some improvement within a few months.

32. Bath oil
There is nothing better than a warm, soothing bath after a long, working day. Add some coconut oil to coat your skin lightly. Here are some nice bath melts and you can drop them in your bathtub:

Heat through a cup of coconut oil for about 1-2 minutes. Make sure your temperature is on low. Take your coconut oil off the heat, and stir in 15 drops of essential oil. You can use your favorite. Pour the mixture into molds and let it cool completely. Pop the bath melts out of the molds, and next time you have a bath, drop one into your bathtub. Keep the rest of your bath melts in a cool place.

33. Tattoo moisturizer
If you like getting all tattooed, then you need proper care as well. Apply some coconut oil to reduce the itching and enhance the healing process. This will keep your skin moisturized, and your ink will look a lot better as well.

Food, drink and cooking

Coconut oil is sweet and edible, and you can add it to your meals or just use it while you prep your food. Keep in mind that cosmetic-grade coconut oil is not fit for consumption. You can use either refined and unrefined, or virgin, coconut oil.

The refined type is extracted from dried coconuts. It has no taste and smell, but withstands higher temperatures without any trouble. However, refining sometimes involves bleach, deodorizing and even partial hydrogenation, which causes trans-fats. Some manufacturers perform a more natural process, and refining involves heat only. Always read the labels for any odd ingredients or procedure.
Unrefined, virgin coconut oil is obtained from fresh coconuts, and it does not undergo harsh refining. This retains both its flavor and odor.

We give you some great uses and recipes that could be of great help in your kitchen.


34. Cooking oil
Coconut oil bears high temperatures, and it is one of the best cooking oils. Its high saturated fat content makes it better than any other oil. Still believe that saturated fat is bad for you? Well, you do not need that 20th century reveal. Certain saturated fats are quite healthy, and coconut oil makes your food delicious and healthy.

35. Grease pans
Use coconut oil instead of your regular vegetable oil or Crisco.

36. Tea and coffee creamer
Coconut oil is excellent for your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Add a creamy note to your drink, and experience a whole different taste.

Combine 2 cups of hot coffee, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter in your blender. Work until your oil and butter melt, and your coffee becomes frothy.

37. Sweetener
Bothered with a sweet tooth? Coconut oil has a slightly sweet note, so you may want to use it instead of sugar.

38. Butter substitute
Even though butter is all creamy and tasty, excessive consumption of butter can be really bad. Spread some coconut oil on your morning toast for a healthier breakfast option.

39. Enrich your smoothie
We all love smoothies, and coconut oil is a nice ingredient to add. Use coconut oil to enhance the flavor and the consistency of your favorite smoothie. Here is a nice recipe:
Blend 2 cups of coconut milk, 1/4 cup of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of gelatin powder, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, a tablespoon of cocoa powder, 1/2 cup of strawberries and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Enjoy your health-boosting smoothie.

40. Salad dressing
Coconut oil enhances the flavor of your green salad, and helps your body absorb the nutrients better. Here is a nice recipe:

41. Mayonnaise
It is not the best condiment to add to your meals, but if you use some coconut oil, you will sure feel less guilty. Sort of.
Use 2/3 cup of coconut oil, 2/3 cup of olive oil, a teaspoon of mustard, a tablespoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, and four egg yolks. Feeling better now?

42. Prevent freezer burn
Is there anything worse than seeing a layer of freezer burn on your ice cream box? Well, coconut oil could be of great help here. Lightly coat your items before freezing them. In this way you will get that nice seal and prevent gross freezer burn.

43. Preserve eggs
Your dozen eggs can last longer if you coat them with coconut oil. Science confirms that this preserves the quality of your eggs as well.

44. Popcorn topping
Coconut oil makes a nice topping to your favorite movie snack. Add some coconut oil and salt to your popcorn, and enjoy watching the latest episode of your serial.

45. Remove food from dishes
Elbow grease is no longer your friend, and you can use coconut oil to lubricate tough spots on your dishes. This makes for an easier clean.

Health and home remedies
Coconut oil has amazing antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which makes it the best health and home remedy for your common ailments. However, consider using food-grade coconut oil if your aim is to use it orally. If you are interested in topical application only, fractionated coconut oil is much better due to its high content of capric and caprylic acid. These make it a mighty antioxidant and disinfectant agent.


46. Reduce inflammation
According to scientists, lauric and capric acid have the power to fight inflammation. Unlike anti-inflammatory drugs, coconut oil has no side-effects.

47. Cuts and wounds
Coconut oil is a nice antibacterial and anti-fungal remedy for minor cuts. You may want to clean the wound first, then apply a tiny bit of coconut oil.

48. Weight loss

There is no magic formula for weight loss, but coconut oil can sure help you melt a few extra pounds. All you have to do is use it instead of other unhealthy fats.

49. Cut down that huge appetite
We all love food, but some love it a bit more. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil before your meals to prevent overeating and control your appetite.

50. Fresh breath
Blame it on the bacteria in your oral cavity. Coconut oil has strong antibacterial properties, which will keep your breath fresh throughout the day. Use it, and people will no longer run away when you start talking
51. Aromatherapy
Use coconut oil as a carrier oil. It enhances the absorption of essential oils and herbal extracts, helping you relax. Fractionated coconut oil fits better for this purpose.

52. Energy boost
You will no longer feel exhausted. Medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil provide an excellent source of energy throughout your day.

53. Immunity boost
Add coconut oil to your meals for an extra immunity boost. This will keep you safe from viruses and infections.

54. Improve blood circulation
Use coconut oil both orally and topically to enhance your blood circulation.

55. Thyroid enhancer
Regular consumption of coconut oil keeps your coconut oil functioning properly.

56. Relieve constipation
Use coconut oil as a natural laxative to loosen stools and stimulate your metabolism.

57. Strengthen bones
Given that coconut oil is a fat, it will stimulate your body to absorb nutrients better, especially calcium, which means, the better your body uses calcium, the stronger your skeletal system shall be.

58. Relieve arthritis
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil relieves arthritis induced pain caused by the inflammation in your sore joints. Eat a couple tablespoons of coconut oil every day to achieve optimal results.

59. Fungal and yeast infections
MCTs in coconut oil have the ability to diffuse in cell membranes of certain organisms, which is great when it comes to fighting bacteria, fungi, yeast, viruses and parasite. Consume 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil in whatever way you prefer better and apply a thin layer onto the area you are treating.

60. Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids can be really painful, and sitting is sometimes even impossible. Apply coconut oil to relieve pain.

61. Athlete’s foot
Thanks to its anti-fungal properties, coconut oil is the best remedy for Athlete’s foot. Combine it with tea tree oil, and massage it onto your feet. For optimal results, repeat the treatment several times a day.

62. Toenail fungus
It is an unsightly condition, and coconut oil makes for a nice treatment, thanks to its anti-fungal properties. Apply a tiny amount of the oil, several times a day, and you will be more than amazed with the results.

63. Decrease cholesterol
A tablespoon of coconut oil a day will get your cholesterol level down. Lauric acid in coconut oil increases good (HDL) cholesterol, and decreases bad (LDL) cholesterol.

64. Cold sores
Apply a tiny bit of coconut oil will prevent the spreading of sores and offer you a great soothing effect.

65. Sore throat
Sore throat can be really unpleasant and frustrating. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil, and let it dissolve in your mouth. The oil will then roll down your throat. This is where magic begins.

66. Coughing
Combine a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of coconut oil in a cup. Add just enough hot water to fill a quarter of the cup. That is the tea that will relieve your stubborn cough.

67. Insect repellent
Bugs hate coconut oil as much as you love it. Apply some on your skin to keep nasty bugs away.

68. Bug bites
You may like warm weather, but bugs like it, too. They like stinging you as well. Coconut oil contains strong anti-inflammatory substances that relieve uncomfortable itching and irritation.

69. Soothe bee stings
A bee stung you? Apply some coconut oil onto the bite, but make sure you remove the stinger first. Your swelling and pain will soon disappear.

70. Sunburn
Tanning can be sometimes painful, especially if you spend hours on the beach. But, coconut is here to solve your problem. Combine equal amounts of coconut oil and aloe vera get into a container, and keep it in your fridge. The cool remedy will soothe and heal your skin..

71. Eczema
Coconut oil soothes itching caused by eczema flare up.

72. Poison ivy
Were you ‘lucky’ enough to get near ivy, oak or sumac? Use coconut oil to relieve the itching. Apply some oil onto the affected area, and warm soak with some coconut oil added will make you feel much better. Next time stay away from that poisonous vegetation.

73. Chicken pox
Gently rub some coconut oil onto the affected area. This is great for children as well.

74. Heartburn and acid reflux
About 3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day make the best remedy for your digestive and esophageal issues. The soothing oil will give you the best of reliefs.

75. Toothache
You do not need any drugs or drops. Combine one part of coconut oil and 2 parts of clove oil, and your remedy is done! Gently apply it onto your gums using a cotton swab.

76. Toothpaste
Combine coconut oil and baking soda, about 6 tablespoons each. Add in 25 drops of essential oil, and spearmint does miracles for this purpose. This is your own homemade, chemical-free toothpaste.

77. Mouthwash
You made your own toothpaste, now it is time to get your own natural mouthwash. Have you ever heard of oil pulling? It is an ancient technique that involves swishing healthy oils in the oral cavity. This will ‘draw out’ nasty bacteria and microorganisms.

78. Ear wax removal
Apply 2 drops of coconut oil into your ear. You may want to use an eardropper for an easier application. This will break any wax buildups.

79. Warts and moles
Gently rub some coconut oil onto your warts and moles, and secure the spot with a bandage. Regular application of this remedy will help you remove any unwanted skin growths.

80. Allergies
Coconut oil will turn your worst nightmare into a pleasant dream. A dab of coconut oil on your nostrils will provide you an instant relief.

81. Ear infections
You should never underestimate the power of natural remedies. When it comes to relieving ear infections, coconut has the greatest power of all remedies.

82. Nose bleed
Rubbing some coconut oil inside your nostrils prevents crackings, and you are free from those bleeds for good.

83. Lice
Kids always come back from schools with lice, even though you have already removed the very last. Apply some coconut oil through their hair to chase the uninvited quests.

Pregnancy and infant care

Are you ready to become a mom? Getting some extra knowledge on coconut oil and its powers will be of great assistance here. These tips will benefit both moms and infants.


84. Sore nipples
Rub some coconut oil onto your nipples to reduce any soreness. This is safe for both you and your baby.

85. Nursing
Eat 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil every day to increase your milk supply and its nutrient content.

86. Morning sickness
Feeling sick in your first trimester? Take a tablespoon of coconut oil every morning.

87. Take care of your perineum
Birthing is such a blissful experience, but some moms complain of having their perineum all torn up. Apply coconut oil onto your perineum prior your due date to prevent and lessen any tears.

88. Baby skin moisturizer
Baby skin is super sensitive, and you cannot moisturize it with whatever comes to your mind. Use coconut oil! It will not irritate your baby’s skin. Nourish and protect areas like your baby’s neck.

89. Diaper rash
The soothing oil is packed with amazing anti-fungal agents. Use it to soothe rashes and prevent any further irritation. Unlike other rash ointments, coconut oil does not make the rash worse.

Get your household in order

You will need some more of that coconut oil. Here are some great hacks that will help you keep your home in order.


90. Remove rust
There is no better way to remove rust from your household items. Apply a thin layer of coconut oil on the surface, and leave it on for a few hours. Rinse well with warm water.

91. Unstuck zippers
Zippers always stuck when you are in a rush. Rub a tiny bit of coconut oil and let your zipper glide. It is simple as that!

92. Remove gums
Got gum in your hair or carpet. Gums sometimes get into the weirdest spot. But, coconut oil will help you take it out.

93. Squeaky hinges
You may want to take care of this before you go crazy. Rub on some coconut oil, and enjoy your peace.

94. Lubricate kitchen appliances
Blenders, mixers, can openers, food processors and almost any item in your kitchen likes getting some coconut oil from time to time. Provide an optimal effect by applying a dab of oil onto the blades.

95. Get your furniture polished
Unlike conventional products, coconut oil is safe and toxin-free. Use it to polish your furniture and restore its natural shine.

96. Shiny plants
Indoor plants sometimes become dull. Rub a tiny bit of coconut oil on their leaves to give them a nice shine and keep dust away.

97. Remove soap scum
Buildups on your skin and shower irritate you, right? Coconut oil will ease the scrubbing away.

98. Shiny leather
Get your boots shiny again by applying some coconut oil on them. The same applies to purses and all your leather accessories.

99. Clean your leather
Coconut oil not only makes your leathery items shiny, but it cleans them as well.

100. Remove rings
It is pretty impossible to remove a ring from a swollen finger. Get some oil onto your hands and watch it glide off.

101. Coat snow shovels
Shoveling is not the most exciting winter activity. But, out trick will make it at least a little more pleasant. Coat your shovels with coconut oil, and the snow will not stick to them.
Are these enough, or you need some extra tips? Feel free to get some more coconut oil, because it is your all-purpose product. Stick to the safe side of nature, and never buy conventional products. Get each of the purposes we listed inside your head, and make your life easier whenever it is necessary.
Once again, be careful about the products you are using. Carefully read the labels, and always opt for trusted sources and manufacturers.


Healthy Food and Home Remedies

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