4 thoughts on “15 year old girl leaves anti-gun politicians speechless

  1. Not enough room to say it left the person speechless, I’d be interested to see the rest of the video. either way, she did a great job

  2. I agree that her written speech was dead on, but her deliverance of it probably had very little impact to the politicians, as it probably would have went in one ear and out the other with them.

    1. That’s right, it doesn’t matter how eloquent, accurate or passionate a pro-gun speech is, it will be ignored by the anti-self defense zealots in our government.
      This is why we must stop “writing to our congressmen” or “contacting our senators” since that only legitimizes their tactic of making us believe that they call the shots when it comes to our rights.
      Give them no threats, no cooperation, no guns…. nothing!

      1. This 15 yo girl has more sense than the most highly educated progressive, to whom facts and logic mean nothing. Michael Savage was right when he said that liberalism is a mental disorder. Their brains are wired weirdly, and a sane person cannot reason with them.

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