20,000 Israelis Sue Facebook in Order to Force Them to Censor Pro-Palestinian Posts

American Everyman – by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Talk about money-grubbing…. when you copy and paste an image from Jpost’s website, it let’s you think you posted it, but instead, when you publish, it’s an ad for the JPost. Funny thing is, they stole the image below from MEMRI. What a bunch of Mammon worshiping weasels over there at JPost.  



Citing the violent and racist posts of Hasbara’s fake Palestinian personas, a number of Israelis are suing Facebook in order to get them to start erasing pro-Palestinian posts as well as images that show what the IDF does to women and children and remove folks who leave them.

They say these kinds of activities, telling people the truth about what’s going on over there, is causing Israel some problems.

The image above comes from a Jerusalem Post article talking about this lawsuit. I would not use that link though, as it seems the folks at JPost plant about a million cookies on your system and it effectively will shut it down for a few minutes like it did mine while writing this. But there it is none the less.

RT also covered this story and they have far less money-grubbing cookies planted on your computer when you visit their website.

A huge class-action lawsuit has been brought against Facebook in Israel, with the plaintiffs alleging the social medium failed to monitor and delete posts on Palestinian accounts inciting hatred towards Jews. The reaction from Facebook is pending.

The suit alleges that Facebook has a “legal and moral obligation” to sanitize posts instigating Palestinians to stage attacks Israelis, because the social network is “far from a neutral or passive social media platform and cannot claim it is a mere bulletin board for other parties’ postings.” RT

The only posts that I have seen on Facebook which “incite hatred toward Jews” are the obvious Hasbara shills pretending to be Palestinians or BDS supporters like that Jewish kid living in his mother’s basement down here in Florida.

There are tons of guys like him.

What these Israelis and their apologists here in the states are trying to do is remove Palestinian activists and posters prior to Bibi and the IDF sweeping all the Palestinians out of East Jerusalem.

Essentially, they are trying to blind the world to the crimes against humanity they are about to inflict on the Palestinian people.

It’s a preemptive attack on the truth using their eternal victim status as the justification. That and the racist over the top fake postings of Israeli Jews pretending to be someone else.

In terms of the success of this action, Facebook has already promised Merkel in Germany that he will censor their Facebook pages as well, but he didn’t move fast enough on it I guess, because she is already having to backtrack on her “refugee” stance.

All Facebook needed was a justification to do this, which this lawsuit will provide for them.


2 thoughts on “20,000 Israelis Sue Facebook in Order to Force Them to Censor Pro-Palestinian Posts

  1. “It’s a preemptive attack on the truth using their eternal victim status as the justification.”

    It’s the only way these scumbags know how to fight… through deception & lies.

    Bet they all have jew lawyers.

  2. How can a bunch of jews sue another jew.. Zuckerberg.
    Pleez this is almost comical now.
    That’s like me trying lick my own balls like my dogs. Can’t be done. But jews will try and eat their own for a schekel if they can.
    Its in their DNA to fk their own people if they can.
    As long as they are left on top of the Jew food chain.
    So basically Zuckerberg has been given orders to stop the truth.
    By his overlords.

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