25 Shot In 48 Hours In New York- Bloomberg, Cuomo, How Are Those “Strict” Gun Laws Working For You?

Wake Up America – by Susan Duclos

Flashback- January 2013: NBC News “New York lawmakers on Tuesday approved the toughest gun control law in the nation, expanding the state’s existing assault weapons ban and addressing gun ownership by those with mental illnesses in the first major legislative action in response to the Newtown, Conn., school massacre.”  

January 2013: ABC News ” Today New York became the first state to pass a gun control law — the toughest in the nation — since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre last month.”

Bloomberg’s claim: “We’re certainly going to keep working on getting guns off the streets, out of the hands of criminals and people withmental problems.”

Instead of enforcing laws already on the books, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg attacked legal, law abiding gun owners with by imposing the “toughest assault weapons ban in the country,” bans  “high capacity” magazines, as well as universal background checks, among other things.

They did this against the advice of New York law enforcement.

We as police officers are on the front lines of public safety,” wrote Thomas Mahar, president of the Albany Police Officers Union in a letter to Cuomo and state legislative leaders. “Respectfully, none of you are. We see, feel, work, and live with the effects of gun violence in the way you do not… you know that this shameful SAFE Act was about ideology and politics and not about making anyone safer.

Bllomberg is also going after politicians, Republican and Democrat alike, that are not on board with following New York’s example.

New York Times on Bloomberg, June 1, 2013 ” The mayor, whose net worth is estimated at $27 billion, has repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to use his money to fight for gun control. Last year, he bankrolled an $11 million campaign largely focused on building support for federal regulations to reduce gun violence, and this year, his political action committee spent $2.3 million to defeat candidates who opposed gun control in a special election for an Illinois House seat. Also this year, the mayors’ coalition hired a team in Minnesota and pushed, unsuccessfully, for expanded use of background checks. It helped lead successful efforts in more liberal states, including Maryland, Delaware and Connecticut.”

Let’s look at today’s headline for New York, with the “toughest,” and “strictest,” gun laws in the country and one that Bloomberg wants all states to pass.

Mayhem in the city: 25 people shot in 48 hours

What Bloomberg and Cuomo did was strip law abiding citizens of weapons and large capacity magazines, but the criminals, killers, don’t abide by the laws, which is the exact argument Second Amendment supporters have made time and time again

How are those “strict” gun laws doing for you Mr. Bloomberg? Mr. Cuomo? Anyone?


6 thoughts on “25 Shot In 48 Hours In New York- Bloomberg, Cuomo, How Are Those “Strict” Gun Laws Working For You?

  1. Who the hell is doing the shooting?? More false flag? Is America on the same road as Turkey? Am I just stupid? Not even!

  2. Please allow me to let a great uncle speak for me today, from his memoirs in the chapter titled “Illinois 1889-1900”:

    “Well, I will tell you some of my experience as a policeman in Genesco, Illinois, a little town of about four thousand population. It was badly over run with crime of different kinds, till the city dads were very much perplexed with the problem. They were being committed in all parts of the town and against all different kinds of people. I told the mayor that I would like to try an experiment with his town. “Well, anything goes,” he said, “if it will help.” I proposed that every citizen get a gun and carry it, then when they saw a crime being committed they could act as policemen during the act, and could make a citizen’s arrest. Even women got guns and would go target practicing with revolvers; they could carry the guns concealed among their clothing. The crime stopped almost at once, and for years the town was noted for its lack of crime, the criminals having left for other places where it was easier to ply their trade.”

    Harry Foster Kennedy was born March 22, 1872, and died in Washington State on October 8, 1961. He was the brother of my paternal grandmother, Anna Kennedy (Ness). I am thankful he took the time to write down the experiences of his life.

    1. Damn, you are very fortunate to have his writings. Thank-you for sharing that. The truth from a real peace officer’s perspective is excellent ammunition against these gun grabbing twits.

      1. Why even ask Bloomberg or Cuomo: How are those “strict” Gun Laws working for you?
        The NY laws are working just as they were intended to work… just like they worked in every other Country where the citizens have been disarmed.

        To Tom– Archie Bunker had the same solution in the 1970’s to stop airline hijackings: ‘Give everyone on the plane a gun’. (and hope a hole isn’t shot through the wall or a window of the plane when flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet).

  3. Wow — 25 in 48 hours is a new record.

    During the economic down-turn of the 70’s, when crime was at its worst, NYC only averaged 4.5 murders per day. These new numbers are signaling a real storm brewing.

  4. It appears that NY is looking to take the title (most shootings/homicides) away from Chicago.

    Not an enviable one.

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