4 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches Live Broadcast 7-5-23

  1. Tying in with the new film about human trafficking, I was listening to one of the interviews about it and because I know how they use propaganda to divert attention away from the Bill of Rights and away from Hunter Biden’s crimes against young children, I was able to see through to how these “rescue operations” are making money for the same people who not only create the problem, but also offer the solution! Although it’s nice that children are being rescued and some of the un named pedo rings are allegedly being brought down, the children who are badly damaged by these crimes against them are being treated at the Shriner’s hospital for sick children. That hospital is a Masonic front to make it look like they are all about charity, but the truth is that there would never have been a need for such a place if it weren’t for all the money being made from first, the childhood injections and other toxic assaults on their little bodies, and second, from the paedophilic abuse they endure. It’s all about money and power, from start to finish, even though they say it is not. We never hear a word about who got arrested, tried and properly disposed of in a true court of law. They can rescue all the children their money will buy, but their money will never buy justice. Meanwhile, the money flows full circle, through the system while the Hunter Bidens and all their front organizations continue on, business as usual, with no justice and no cure. Just a band-aid to cover the deep and brutal wound of a system that pretends to be compassionate, while actually being corrupt to the core.

    1. Good points, Dianna. You will see your points further validated when you see the film. And maybe the film, if not a full-blown revelation can be viewed as a chipping away, and I see real chipping away as some progress. It just could get more people up in arms, literally!! Judging from my own little area, there’s quite a local buzz. Ain’t it all about what we do with what we’re given?


      1. Galen, I like your thoughts on chipping away. It has to start somewhere. Once the trueLaw begins to come into view, maybe the angel in the stone, the Bill of Rights, will be revealed, and the children and the world at large will receive justice.

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