33 Changes To The Connecticut Statewide Emergency Radio Network Hours Before the Newtown Shooting?


The Newtown truth tug of war is getting stranger with each day. Below you will see some screenshots from radioreference.com of information on the Connecticut Statewide Emergency Radio Network (CSERN). There is a list of changes made beginning approximately 5 hours before the shooting at Sandy Hook. The system is briefly explained from the same site.

Update Posted on 2012-02-10 12:59:39

This is the new statewide Project 25 TRS, that will not only replace the older Connecticut State Police, Motorola Type-II legacy system, but provide a statewide interoperability platform for all public safety first responders. Known as CSERN, the current plans call for system to be built-out from west to east across the Constitution State. At this time, the timetable for conversion of the 800 MHz sites is not known.

Long-term plans being discussed, call for the creation of the New England Wireless Interoperability Network (NEWIN) by early 2017, that will combine the statewide Project 25 trunking systems currently under development in neighboring Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. This would be possible under the Motorola ASTRO 7.11 platform and higher. Likewise, additional VHF and UHF Project 25 simulcast, and stand-alone layers can be added in major metropolitan areas like Boston. NEWIN, would allow first responders using dual-band radios the ability to use both frequency bands, to intercommunicate with with each other at the scenes of major emergencies and full-scale disasters across all of southern New England.

The list of changes (Click all pictures to zoom in)

As a bonus, for the occult numerology crowd, the CSERN change list includes 33 changes from the day of the shooting.

Another list includes city names, but one site added that morning, is mysteriously blank. No location data, no city name.


Site 1-22


For comparison, the Fairfield County Simulcast


And Middleton

The coincidence was too strange to ignore, so thinking maybe it had a simple explanation or was not official, WTF News inquired through the office of de facto spokesman Lt. Vance of the Connecticut State Police. It turns out they sounded just as confused and offered to call us back.

Of course this is conjecture, but given that an eerie FEMA drill and a separate but just as eerie “active shooter drill”took place, both just miles away, both with similar circumstances to the real attack, on the same day? Just coincidence?

Like the Aurora, CO shooting?
or the Pentagon cop attacks?
What about the the 7/7 attacks in London?
Then of course there’s 9/11.

What a convenient opportunity for a test of the new radio system…

Newtown had also just signed up to be the first town in New England with a Smart911 system. No, we are not saying this is some kind of evil thing, but it is one more oddity.

From the Newtown Bee

Residents who want to better aid emergency dispatchers and the police, fire, and ambulance crews who respond to emergencies now have the option of automatically providing detailed information to those dispatchers during Emergency 911 calls.

Through the use of the new Smart 911 system, residents may now fill out electronic forms on the Internet providing information including name, age, gender, appearance, and medical conditions, plus other details.

To register for the free Smart 911 service, residents may visit the town’s Internet homepage atwww.newtown-ct.gov and click through a green icon in the lower left with the Smart 911 icon to access the registration page for the Smart 911 system, or they can access Smart 911 system directly atwww.smart911.com.

At an October 10 event announcing the town’s participation of the Smart 911 system, First Selectman Pat Llodra noted the practical value of such a system.

The “safety profiles” that residents create in the system would prove very useful in emergencies, she said. “This is a great benefit” for 911 dispatchers and for emergency response teams, she added. The information that residents would provide would be kept confidential and private, she said.

Mrs Llodra said, “I intend to enroll myself and my family today.”

Mrs Llodra thanked Emergency Communications Director Maureen Will for her efforts to implement the Smart 911 system, noting that Newtown is the first municipality in New England to participate in the system.

Ms Will, who oversees local emergency dispatching, said that dispatchers receive all types of emergency calls. Some 911 calls received are from people who are physically unable to say much to the dispatchers due to their medical condition, so having Smart 911 information available would be a great help in dispatching such calls, she said.

“It’s 100 percent private and secure,” Ms Will said of the personal information that residents would provide for the Smart 911 system.

It is very important that first responders have pertinent information on what to expect when going to an emergency, Ms Will said.

For completeness, the profile who made the changes on RadioReference.com is Thunderbolt, who has a curious avatar.

The Civil Defense logo, considered a pre-cursor to FEMA


An old FEMA logo

This is a derivation of the “international distinctive sign of civil defence, defined by the rules of International Humanitarian Law, according to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia on civil defense

Civil defense has different sirens like the Federal Signal Thunderbolt siren to warn people of a coming attack.

Public service announcements including children’s songs were created by government institutes and then distributed and released by radio stations to educate the public in case of nuclear attack.

During the Cold War, civil defense was seen largely as defending against and recovering from an attack involving nuclear weapons. After the end of the Cold War, the focus moved from defense against nuclear war to defense against a terrorist attack possibly involving chemical or biological weapons; in the context of the United States this eventually led to the replacement of the United States´ civil defense with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). After the September 11 attacks in 2001, in the United States the concept of civil defense has been revisited under the umbrella term of homeland security and all-hazards emergency management.

In Europe, the triangle CD logo continues to be widely used. The old US civil defense logo was used in the FEMA logo until recently and is hinted at in the United States Civil Air Patrol logo. Created in 1939 by Charles Coiner of the N. W. Ayer Advertising Agency, it was used throughout World War II and the Cold War era. In 2006, the National Emergency Management Association—a U.S. organisation made up of state emergency managers—”officially” retired the Civil Defense triangle logo, replacing it with a stylised EM (standing for Emergency management).[1]. The name and logo, however, continue to be used by HawaiiState Civil Defense [2] and Guam Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense [3].

The term “civil protection” is currently widely used within the European Union to refer to government-approved systems and resources tasked with protecting the non-combat population, primarily in the event of natural and technological disasters. In recent years there has been emphasis on preparedness for technological disasters resulting from terrorist attack. Within EU countries the term “crisis-management” emphasises the political and security dimension rather than measures to satisfy the immediate needs of the population.

In Australia, civil defence is the responsibility of the volunteer-based State Emergency Service.

In Russia, and most former Soviet countries, civil defence is the responsibility of Governmental Ministry, Like the MChS in Russia.

The abolished Civil Defence Symbol survives in the Universal Prepper Patch UPP symbology of today.

The inspiration for the user’s name may be one of the old Thunderbolt warning sirens, seen below with the civil defense logo on it.

Ironic that a guy with the CD logo and a name attributed to a warning device would be the one to change the CSERN info on the site. You can’t make this stuff up.

Godlike Productions post (March 22, 2012) offers amateur analysis of the logo and how it is seen as a sign of a warning to large events.

The Triangle in the Sun is the international sign of the CIVIL DEFENSE (including FEMA)!
A few days ago, we all were amazed by the big Triangle in the middle of the Sun, shown in many satellite images.

At that time, many have asked what is the symbolic meaning of a Triangle inside a Circle.

Well… I think I discovered what it really means.

The Triangle inside a Circle is the international sign of the CIVIL DEFENSE system.

Please, check the Wikipedia article about Civil Defense:

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Right in the top of the page, you can see the international distinctive sign of civil defense, defined by the rules of International Humanitarian Law: a blue triangle inside a yellow circle.

Check the former seal of FEMA, in use until 2003:

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

As you can see, the Triangle inside the Circle is depicted in that seal, just above the head of the eagle, bellow the motto in Latin.

That’s because FEMA is a Civil Defense agency.

So, what that means?

The Triangle in the Sun was probably an omen, a sign of times. It’s a message to all of us.

The Sun was trying to warn us that 2012 will be a year with very many disasters and Civil Defense emergencies.

We need to take the warning seriously! The Sun warned us!


13 thoughts on “33 Changes To The Connecticut Statewide Emergency Radio Network Hours Before the Newtown Shooting?

  1. Isn’t the pyramid with a circle on the back of the Federal Reserve Note a symbol of “civil defense” then?

  2. Adam Lanza is not the shooter on other grounds. He was a computer nerd, but not necessarily because of that. There was a group photo of him with ten other geek guys who came in the full range of body masses and heights, amongst whom he was the thinnest, weediest, and scrawniest, but tall looking.

    We were told that he was not admitted through the security door. We were later told that he ‘forced’ his way in through a door. My point is that his body mass simply was not up to it, to crash through a normal locked interior door, let alone a stronger exterior side door. Because entry was not assured, why would someone with the capacity to think ahead, as a nerd would have, risk looking the complete dork, standing there all dressed in the intimidating black outfit and mask – complete with the accoutrements for what he allegedly had planned, having been bounced back a number of times by the resilience of the very ordinary exterior door ?

    Still later, we read that he gained entrance through a window. The story keeps changing. Well, did he open an unlocked window ? How could he depend on it being unlocked at the critical moment ? If he was prepared to smash it, then with what, the butts of his pistols or rifle – the story had changed the following day as to what he had used on the kids ? An other implement he brought with him ? What ? Or his bare puny knuckles ?

    When it is looked at from the perspective of his slight body habitus it is clear that only someone with the body mass and training of a special forces operative would have been able on the first attempt to break through either obstacle.

      1. Yes, no reason not to.

        I answer the way i have because i would like to know why a grieving father of Emilie Parker, one Robbie Parker, had to ask the camera crew how he was doing as he was shaping up for that performance, as i cannot get my head around how any grieving father couldn’t be his unscripted self when speaking to the loss of his daughter.

        Which is why i would like to see the original enrolment and subsequent daily attendance records.

        Nor do i understand why it is that the coroner thought it decent that by only presenting photographs of the dead children to the parents that it would help them be reconciled with their loss, as seeing and touching their child would be better.

        We are not talking about a exquisitely performed knifing when viewing is understandably not allowed, just shooting, which Palestinians, in having held the legion of their dead children, understand all too well.

        Now that it is five weeks since the tragedy, why can’t we see the interior of the room, and elsewhere in the building, where the shootings took place, for we would see bullet holes a plenty ?

        The floors have long since been mopped clean of the blood and the relatives could not object.

        1. Given the fact that this was all done for one reason, and one reason ONLY, i.e. gun control, bullet-riddled bodies, blood everywhere, bullet-riddled classrooms, hallways, etc., could have VASTLY improved the so-called ‘government’s’ chances of enticing the sheeple into screaming for more gun control. Understand, I’m not attempting to be morbid or anything, just realistic. I’ve uncovered far too many of the lies and deceptions perpetrated by the NWO, to take ANYTHING they say at face value. I haven’t seen one single shred of hard evidence that anyone was actually killed at Sandy Hoax, and being that I have a highly suspicious and skeptical nature, I’m calling this one a 100% hoax, through and through.

          1. At this stage i hesitate to go as far as you have in saying that no one was killed at the Sandy Hook School as i would like to ask about three members of staff whose names are more often mentioned; Dawn Hochsprung – principal, Victoria Soto – first grade teacher, Mary Scherlach – school psychologist.

            Here are three adults, set in their professions, more widely known than just kids are; how are they disappeared ?

            They surely had to have existed ?

            One kid might have been invented, like Emilie Parker – i only say this because i don’t understand Robbie Parker’s performance, which is why we need see enrollment/attendance records.

            While i’m here, there would be cctv of range facility attendance by Nancy Lanza and Adam Lanza, why can’t we see that ?

            My answer: they never were there.

            They likely do not want to show any of the bullet riddled classroom for it would show two things; evidence of parsimonious accurate shooting, and by 9mm, not by 5.56mm.

          2. Not to mention that not long after the shooting?, I heard that they were thinking of demolishing the Sandy Hook school and making a memorial there for the so called dead – like you said #1, I don`t want to sound morbid either, but with the other shootings they did atleast show blood spots and blood trails, and them blood trails at that Colo. theater shootings did look staged – and they didn`t seem to be bothered then. I guess that my point is is why would they want to demolish a perfectly good building unless they were trying to cover some false flage or some other sneaky misdoings that they have done.

  3. I had a look at the links. Thanks for that. Don’t know what to make of it, will Dawn Hochsprung now be required to undergo a complete ID makeover courtesy of some spook agency, and be slotted into the kind of work she knows ?

    Why would she agree to it ?

    Very likely a mother and wife, what of her family, do they too undergo a complete makeover and relocation ?

    That’s her; now about the other two women, Victoria Soto and Mary Scherlach, did they, do they still exist ?

      1. I had a look at that too, but the giveaway is still the Robbie Parker video, and i still am not convinced that the three women i mentioned above are not dead.

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