4-year-old banned from doughnut shop: Innocent question deemed ‘rude’ by owner

4-year-old banned from donought shop because the owner deems him rude for asking a woman if she had a baby in her belly. Examiner – by Roz Zurko

A four-year-old Connecticut boy and his mother were met at the door of the local doughnut shop by the owner and were told to leave. The little boy is “banned” from the Monroe Doughnut Inn, the owner conveyed to a very confused and upset mom, Rebecca Denham, according to Huffington Post on July 24.

Kids don’t have the same perception of life at four-years-old as adults do and for that reason they sometimes come out with some strange questions. This is what happened to Justin Otero on his previous visit to this doughnut shop, reports My Fox News 8.  

While in line with his mom, Justin asked a woman if she had a baby in her belly. The woman said no, that she did not. Justin apologized and his mom said she was mortified and couldn’t apologize enough for her son’s mistake.

Denham said she told the woman that she was so embarrassed and the woman was fine with the mistake made by the young boy. The woman told Denham said that this isn’t the first time she’s been asked this by a child, she heard it before at a nursery school.

She said there was “no problem” and everyone went their separate ways and the incident was thought to be forgotten. That was until Denham and little Justin stopped by the Monroe shop again.

On Tuesday when Denham and her son went to the Doughnut Inn, they were met at the door by an irate owner who “screamed” at Denham and her son as they came in the front door. The woman said that “He’s not allowed in here, he’s rude.”

The Doughnut Inn owner declined comment when contacted by various media outlets. The mother and son will be spending their money at another doughnut shop in the future.

It is unbelievable that this shop would ban a four-year-old child for asking a woman if she has a baby in her belly. Any parent can probably give you at least one incident where their child innocently said something in public that was mortifying to hear.

If the child called the woman “fat,” that would be rude. When the child asked the woman if she had a baby in her belly, that was nothing more than pure innocence.

The Doughnut Inn’s Facebook page has been taken down since this incident, more than likely to ward off the tons of comments that would make their way to that page. In lieu of a Facebook page, people have taken to Yelp’ website for the shop to express their thoughts on the banning a four-year-old.

Most of the comments felt that the banning of a four-year-old was just wrong and over the top. One of the comments suggested people should get more background on the incident before throwing stones, but with the owner refusing interviews, that doesn’t seem possible.


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