400 African Men storm Border of Spanish Enclave Ceuta, Praise Allah for their promised Land

Published on Dec 10, 2016 by Face of a dying Nation

Over 400 young African males have forced their way into into the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. Border enforcement was mostly idle when the illegal immigrants stormed the fence, celebrated and praised Allah for granting them “their” new Spain. Because Ceuta is located on the African continent, entry is cheap and easy. Immigrants exploit the so-called refugee crisis by filing fraudulent “asylum” claims by implying that they are children or Syrians. If that doesn’t work out, they will simply move on to another country that is more gullible.

They were given food, supplies and health care treatment by the Spanish government and Red Cross. International “Human Rights” organizations criticized border patrol agents of protecting the border and sending some of the migrants back. According to Amnesty International, the Border Fence is racist and violates human rights. The men should have been granted entry without resistance.

2 police officers were injured by the onslaught of the young men.

Most Africans will not stay in Spain as the welfare benefits for newly arrived Illegal Immigrants, wrongfully called “refugees” by the mainstream media, are much lower than in Germany or Sweden, who pays generous amounts of money t foreigners, provides free housing, education, sports and language courses.

They will likely make their way through Europe to reach the promised land of Germany that is actively advertised to African men by Angela Merkel to solve the “demographic crisis” of German women not getting enough children.

5 thoughts on “400 African Men storm Border of Spanish Enclave Ceuta, Praise Allah for their promised Land

  1. Nothing a mini-gun couldn’t take care of. As long as people keep rewarding savage, illegal behavior with food, water, medical care, and an all inclusive welcome mat, there is no incentive for these savages to act any differently.

    1. We mustn’t be machine gunning our future Negroid masters, whom the Communist Jews have chosen to police and rule over us…..SHAME ON YOU! OY GEVALT!

  2. @ 1:33 sounds like they’re saying blow job.
    Never did care for the zoo.
    Reminds me of being a poor kid in North Minneapolis.

  3. This is what you are letting into your country Spain? You don’t put them onto a boat and ship them back to Africa you are crazy!

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