46-Year-Old Woman Hospitalized, Tested For Possible Ebola

WKRN 2 News – by Jason Mays

COLUMBUS, Ohio –A local woman is being tested for the Ebola virus after a recent trip to a foreign country. 

According to the Columbus Public Health Department, the 46-year-old woman is currently in isolation in a local hospital with a potential case of the Ebola virus.

The woman had recently returned from a trip to a foreign country that is affected by the Ebola virus outbreak.

She is reportedly “doing well” in her recovery. 

A sample has been sent to the CDC for examination. 


9 thoughts on “46-Year-Old Woman Hospitalized, Tested For Possible Ebola

  1. Wow. This is shaping up to be a real serious epidemic, by all (MSM) accounts.

    Vaccinations will soon be made available to the public, no doubt.

    At a reasonably affordable price.

    1. I noticed today all the portable (for purchase) signs going up in front of the supermarkets and pharmacies reminding people to get their flu shots.
      . . .

          1. I know what it is, Angel. I’m just saying that the number of people I’ve met in my entire life that had had shingles can be counted on one hand.

            Vaccinate for anything and everything. Ludicrous.

            AND toxic, of course.

          2. Yup. Agreed. (Just posted the link because that’s the “hype” that they are putting out.)

          3. What “hype” are referring to Angel-NYC? Is it the hype about the whole “War on Terror” gig they got going, or is it more specific hype about the latest “Boogie Man” (Ebola) they are using to scare the bejesus out of everyone and begin Martial Law to calm things down. Oops, they found a cure, all one needs to do is go down to your local Law Enforcement Center and hand in your firearms for your “free” vaccination!

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