8 Survival Uses of Cigarettes

Survival Uses of CigarettesCrisis Survival Tips – by jeremym

Cigarettes are one of the main causes of death. More than 480, 000 people are dying because of cigarettes. They contribute to a lot of serious health problems and chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, diminished immune function, emphysema, heart disease, and reproductive issues.

But cigarettes can be used in survival situations and they can be helpful for your survival.

Here are the 8 survival uses of cigarettes.  


One of the most helpful and reliable uses of cigarettes for survival, is to barter them. Most people will do bartering after a major disaster and cigarettes and alcohol will be highly sought during these times.

Insect Bites and Stings

Chew or wet the tobacco and then apply it to your bites or stings. The pain should go away and your wound will heal shortly after.


You can make your own pesticide using the tobacco from a cigarette. Just dilute the tobacco with water and place it into a spray bottle. Spray it then to your plants, if you’re going to use this to your edibles, make sure that you wash your plants thoroughly before consumption.
Relax your muscles

A few puffs of cigarette or an application of a tobacco poultice can help you relax your muscles. Although the effect is not quite the same as a prescription cream or pill, it can still be helpful for you. Puffing cigarette can ease the pain in your muscles during an emergency situation or if you’re doing outdoor activities.

Stop bleeding

Applying a small amount of cigarette ash in your wound can stop the flow of bleeding. This method will only work on small wounds, so make that you do not apply this method on deep wounds and serious injuries.

You can also apply raw tobacco on your small wounds. Tobacco has the ability to relieve pain.


Well obviously, you can use cigarette as tinder in building up a fire. You can use the paper shell, the shredded tobacco, or the fluffed up filter to make a fire.

Cigarettes can also help preserve embers. This makes it easier for you to transport fire from different places, without even worrying about a coal smoldering out along the way.


Tobacco can help relieve toothaches and minor wounds, because of their naturally occurring antiseptic and anesthetic properties.

Water filter

The filter portion of a cigarette can be used to filter water in an emergency situation. Remove the filter from the tobacco and place the filter in a straw, reed, or a piece of bamboo. Although using cigarette filter as a water filter won’t remove parasites and microscopic organisms in the water, it can still remove bigger muck and yuck in the water.

Make sure that the tobacco is not intact when applying this method. The tobacco can cause serious illness and stomach upset, when it is leached into the water.


6 thoughts on “8 Survival Uses of Cigarettes

  1. There is something this article does not mention tho..I am not an expert, I am just giving my researched opinion. It is not tobacco that kills, but the pesticides and fertilizer and dozens of other ingredients that are poison in cigarettes.
    I smoke American Spirit organic. Total organic even the paper and filter.
    For those of you who research the Bible, Genesis says all herbs that grow are good for us.. But on the other hand, not sure if inhaling smoke into the lungs is a good idea…I also have this thing called “tarblockers”. Its small and fits over the end of the filter. It takes out most of the tar. It is clear and you can see the tar it collects..I enjoy a few smokes, and this was the best I could do.
    Just giving some info.

    1. I buy those tar blocks on ebay for my son-in-law and they really really work great. His cough is gone. Good for protecting lung tissue.

      He loves them.

  2. Remember that not all tobacco is not alike. Most smokes have chemicals in them to keep them burning and 100% tobacco has no chemicals. Yes I smoke but I go to the tribal smoke shop to get 100% tobacco with 0% chemicals or additives. No I don’t think I’ll live longer but with the crap they are spraying in the air I figure why add to it. The natural tobacco works better for the bug bites and such also.

  3. Most cigarettes aren’t even made with tobacco anymore, rather they are made with paper soaked in juice from tobacco with tons of toxic chemicals. Smoking cigarettes is just paying a company to slowly kill you over time.

  4. glad as hell i quit 10 years ago

    the only cigs i’d have would be so stale they wouldnt be worth blowing your nose on

  5. Even if you don’t smoke, you can’t beat cigarettes for this:


    One of the most helpful and reliable uses of cigarettes for survival, is to barter them. Most people will do bartering after a major disaster and cigarettes and alcohol will be highly sought during these times.”

    Some people will trade most anything for smokes, once they’re hard to come by.

    I’ve smoked Marlboro Red for years. I just switched to American Spirit this week. (about a buck more a pack, though)

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