8/20/2014 — Giant fissure opens in North Mexico — 1km long / 25 feet deep — Major movement

Published on Aug 20, 2014 by dutchsinse

Drone Video from Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Emergency Management. August 15, 2014 (sped up 2x by original uploader at Mexico emergency mgmt).

Full post here covering this event, link to the CNN spanish story on this event, also including the previous Earthquake updates I’ve done over the past several days:



links thanks to Susan:

Here are some of the news reports. They basically say the same thing. That it’s a GRIETA or a fault line and that they are expecting a larger quake anytime soon.






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Or, as they say

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5 thoughts on “8/20/2014 — Giant fissure opens in North Mexico — 1km long / 25 feet deep — Major movement

  1. So is there some giant mole digging from beneath the ground or something or is this the prelude to a powerful earthquake or volcanic eruption that is about to happen that will split the Earth in half? What the hell is this?

    1. I don’t know, NC, but one thing is for certain: When you constantly pump oil, gas, and water from beneath the ground, you must leave a lot of empty space behind. I would expect that things will “settle” a bit, which would probably result in something like this.

      naturally, it’s probably better to find out how a real geologist would explain this event (provided he’s not working for the government or a major corporation), but that’s my guess.

  2. We need tons of dynamite to extend this ditch from the pacific to the gulf, and we’ll have ourselves a secure border after we fill it with piranhas.

  3. I think the government and drug cartels didn’t dig their underground tunnels deep enough. Someone should seriously consider firing their contractor. lol

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