99ers and HR 589 Supporters – Lee, Scott, Cantor, and Boehner – The Big Meeting?

Well we are all now privy to the big meeting that occurred yesterday between Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, Eric Cantor, and John Boehner.  Barbara Lee said in her press release that Boehner encouraged them to go back and work with the Ways and Means Committee to move this bill forward.  Translation: Go screw yourself, you are not getting anything.

Representative Bobby Scott put forth the assertion that in the past if unemployment was above 7.2%, Congress has designated unemployment insurance as emergency spending.  And I believe that is what the unemployment act states.  But what is in an act?  The supreme law of the land and Supreme Court decisions affirming it are routinely violated and pissed upon every day by the corporations who now run our government.

On Crew of 42’s website, Lauren Victoria Burke posted the following:

“No one could ever guess that two Democrats in the minority in the U.S. House could even get close to scoring even a meeting with the House Speaker and the Majority Leader in these hyper partisan times on any bill over a billion dollars much less 16 billion.  But today, Reps. Barbara Lee and Eric Cantor did just that.  They met with House Speaker John Boehner on unemployment insurance extensions for the 99ers.”

Really.  So now there is a social class system in our Congress and apparently those championing the cause of the 99ers are slightly above a lizard shit civilian like me.  Since when in the United States Congress is any representative held higher than another?  And we are supposed to heap praise upon Lee and Scott because they managed to actually get in the same room as John Boehner?

John Boehner is at best mildly retarded. Since becoming Speaker of the House he has had a hard time talking about his job without crying.  I guess someone must have got a little overzealous with the scissors during his vasectomy. 

99ers, this is pathetic.  This 14 week extension or a Tier 5 is not going to be accomplished by this pack of buffoons.  Do you want to know the truth as to why Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott will not push the 99er issue like a postage stamp?  It is because their commie leader Barack Obama does not want to be associated with the issue. 

You have to remember for the most part we were, before becoming 99ers, middle class, red blooded, Constitution loving Americans.  Like the majority of those left in the middle class we are the greatest enemies the Fabian socialist scum bags have.  And the last they want to do is see us back in possession of our power as full citizens.

As I have said before, the neo-con republiscumbags have put their total effort into preserving the bank accounts of 80% of the top 10% who stand to go down with the rest of us as a natural consequence of the theft of the $26 trillion.

Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott act like they are so powerless to do anything.  Bullshit.  Look at Rand Paul and company.  He is a first term Senator.  He has falsely claimed the power of the grass roots Tea Party and picks and chooses which mainstream broadcast he goes on to champion his cause.  Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott are frauds, but no more than anyone else in the phony Demopublican party. 

The Republicrats have the majority in the House.  That is only one third of the legislative process (the House, the Senate, and the President’s veto power) and they are dictating.  There is only one way this happens and that is if the other two-thirds of the process are going along with it. 

Don’t forget.  The Democrats held a super majority.  That is they controlled the House and the Senate and had enough votes to override a veto, which would have had to come from Obama.  No one could have stopped them from passing a Tier 5, and they did not.  Why? Because it had been already mutually decided in the one party system that unemployment was going to stop at 99 weeks.

Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott think they can get their socialist arses reelected by catering to illegals and gays and by pretending to be working to help the 99ers.  Here’s something for you Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott, even if you get an extension for the 99ers just before the 2012 elections, you are not going to buy my endorsement, because I am not going to forget the hell I have already gone through and am still going through right now. 

It has gone beyond redress.  We are now at revenge and to tell you the truth I have more respect for the neo-cons as at least they make it clear that they are our enemy, whereas you smile in our faces while driving the dagger in our backs.  I would have rather a thousand enemies staring me in the face than one pretending to be my friend standing behind me. 

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I agree!!! YOU WILL NOT GET MY VOTE AT ALL!!! All the hell people have gone through and they think we will still support them??? Good luck witht that!!!! Goodby Obama, Lee,and Scott!! The saddest part of all of this is that you won’t suffer like we had to!!!

  2. I am not going to vote for Republicans ever again. I gave them a shot this time but I forgot that all they want to do is take away from those that matter and give to the rich so that they can rule the world. I don’t want to see another republican in office ever again.

  3. Henry,
    Isn’t there at least one lawyer or ambulance chaser out there with the nuts to come forward with a class action suit on behalf of the populace against Congress, the Fed and the major banks for the distress they’ve caused the world? God, if some gay guy( not that there’s anything wrong with that) gets a hangnail at a war memorial the powers that be fork over a million dollar settlement in a nanosecond. So, why not one for the 99ers?

  4. January 31st I registered to vote as a non-partisan. In 2012, if the country lasts that long, we need to vote every single Republicrap and Demoshit out of office. Like you’ve been saying, Henry, they are identical assholes. Since 9/11, our Constitution has been raped and attacked until it’s not what it once was. Every day, I get sadder and sadder at what is happening to our once free and beautiful country. But my gut is on fire with anger and hate for those who are perpetrating our nations destruction !! God, give the wisdom and courage to do what is right.

  5. Here we have again Lee & Scott slinging more BS in their supposed efforts for HR 589 passage. I’ve had it up to here…and then some…with these cold hearted low life snakes in Congress and the CBC. I care not to hear another lie from any of them on this subject. Any letters to their offices should be ones written with disdain and disgust for the caliber of character that they represent to the American people. No more heaping praises for their faux attempts and/or desperate pleadings for their shallow support. This is just a vicious cycle that we find ourselves caught up in. Enough!

    99er Advocates Meet With Republican Leadership
    April 14, 2011 – by Donny Shaw

    Reps. Barbara Lee [D, CA-9] and Bobby Scott [D, VA-3] — Just getting a meeting with the Republicans who control the legislative flow in the House is a big step forward for Lee and Scott. But, unfortunately, it does not sound like a lot of progress was made during the discussion. As they left the meeting, reporters caught Lee and Scott in the hall and peppered them with questions. The basic gist appears to be that Boehner and Cantor understand the seriousness of the problem, but that there is still a disagreement about whether or not the costs of an extension for the long-term unemployed should be offset with new revenues or spending cuts. According to Lee, they did not discuss offset options at the meeting because she and Rep. Scott would prefer to finance the bill with deficit spending. “We didn’t talk about [specific offsets] because we still maintain it’s emergency spending,” she told reporters after the meeting. That’s a losing position. Similar, “emergency” legislation failed to pass last session when the Democrats had overwhelming majorities in both chambers because there was not enough support for the cost without offsets. Now that the Republicans control the House and have enough votes in the Senate to stop anything they want, getting this through as emergency spending is even less likely. Even the Obama Administration and the Congressional Black Caucus leadership consider the costs of the bill “prohibitive.”

    The only serious option at this point is to find an offset. In January, a spokesperson for Speaker John Boehner [R, OH-8] said in reference to the long-term unemployment benefits bill that he “supports U.I. extensions if they are paid for.” Now, it’s possible that Boehner is confusing the long-term extension bill with extending the existing tiers of benefits, and it’s also possible that an offset that is acceptable to both Democrats and Republicans is non existent, but all signs point to this avenue as the only one worth pursuing. Hopefully Lee and Scott will get another meeting with the leadership, and maybe next time they’ll have a more detailed talk about what it would take to actual get this done.

  6. I’ve said it before. They cannot pass an extension because it would mean they are owning up to the mess they made(jobs are going overseas everyday) and the beat goes on non stop. When 5-10 million of us are on subsidized housing and food stamps they will then suggest that the large FEMA tent city camps open. Because we cannot afford the cost of individual housing anymore. It’s going to be a very, very different society five years from now. I must admit I am very curious to see how this all plays out. I think it will be OK but something we never ever dreamed about or thought could happen in this country. The good news is that you will have something over your head to protect from rain or snow and I expect there will be just enough food to keep us alive.

  7. The 2012 election could be a great suprise to many as many voter could register and avoid the pole as they did in 2010. Nobody would care to vote if they have to use their last $ 5.00 for gaz. Many small business could not even have a business loan to create Jobs. What’s up with job creation?

  8. these guy are obma s pals You think there going to cross him. Last week I had to take a job for ten dollors an hour I was making 19. This is what they all want take us back to 1950 when war is great and slave labor is abundtant so the rich can get richer all over again.

  9. Trump proposes to build a 100 million dollar ball room; with his own money!
    WOW!…….Just imagine all of the extravegant parties!
    vote trump 2010!

  10. Ok Gary Busey aka TRUMP FAN, if you keep campaigning for him maybe one day he will let you put those dancin shoes on and dance the night away in the ball room.

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