99ers and HR 589 Supporters – We Can Get it Back by Enforcing our Law

Every day I have to sit and watch the elite on FOX Business brag about how much money they are making and in the next instant I am being told our country is broke and we have to make drastic cuts because we have no money to run our government.  So where is all the money?  Well I just told you, the rich are piling it up and as true wealth is not accumulated through thin air, that which they are accumulating has to be coming from somewhere.  And that somewhere has to be from the rest of us.

Our country is rich in natural resources and billions are being made from them every day.  The natural resources of this country are supposed to belong to all the people.  So why is it that a handful is getting everything?

When our government was originally instituted the people did so through an instrument we call the Constitution of the United States.  Contrary to the propaganda being put out these days, the Constitution was not designed to empower the government.  It is indeed a constraint.  It is how we the people keep control of what George Washington described as a “dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

Our founding fathers were ingenious in their construction of the Constitution, especially considering the fact that they were using the English language, which with all of its words containing double meanings, is not one of the best forms of communication.  When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution they had just broken away from one of the most oppressive governments on the planet.  Hence they knew every dirty trick and sought to preempt every plot that they envisioned might be used to overthrow our Republic.

They did indeed know that currency had been used for thousands of years to enslave human beings.  That is the reason they made it the supreme law of this land that the money of the United States would be created by the United States and only be minted of precious metals, as they knew that precious metals hold a standard around the world which is very hard to manipulate. 

Our founding fathers knew that those who would lead in our government had to be born in this country to insure that there could be no loyalty to any foreign prince or king.  So they included that provision in our Constitution, along with a statement that said that during time of public service our representatives could take no oath to any foreign power or organization.

Our founding fathers knew of the dangers of concentrated power so they gave us three branches of government and declared that only the body of Congress could make war.

Our founding fathers knew that once governments are established they tend to gravitate towards wealth and power which leads to the violation of basic human rights and slavery.  So they gave us the Bill of Rights and made as a part of the Preamble to the Constitution that the government’s first consideration must be the health and welfare of the people they serve.

So what went wrong?  I’ll tell you, we the people have and are failing miserably in enforcing our own laws.  We have allowed our government to incorporate and divorce itself from our Constitution and adopt merchant law which in essence is the golden rule – the man with the gold makes the rules.  We are the victim of a corporate insurgency.  The corporations have taken control of every aspect of our government from our local municipalities to the White House.  We are now living under a totalitarian corporate military dictatorship. 

But we don’t have to be.  All we have to do is stand up as a people and tell these bastards that we are going to enforce our Constitution verbatim and with zero tolerance to violations.  Our founding fathers knew this day would come and did provide remedies for us within the common law. 

We as citizens need to start forming up into six person investigatory juries.  It will not be hard for us to come up with a finding of fact that our Constitution is being grossly violated.  Upon these findings by investigatory juries, consisting of millions of individual citizens across this country, we by the will of the people, can institute a federal Constitutional common law court which will, by our law, affect arrest warrants for these corporate invaders for the crime of insurgency against the people of the United States.  And then we simply arrest, prosecute, and start the deportations will have a far reaching affect.

Think about it.  If we deported people like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and countless others, and they no longer enjoyed the protection of the United States corporate army, people throughout the world, who have suffered unspeakable acts at their hands, would meet out the justice to them that they deserve. 

This would be the ultimate justice.  How sweet would it be seeing George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld ankle chained together in pink jumpsuits being led from an Iraqi jail into an Iraqi court?  People, I tell you this is easily within our reach.  All we have to do is come together and enforce our laws.

99ers we are being ground under the boot heals of our oppressors.  Joined together with the rest of the impoverished, we are 20 million strong.  Joined together with the middle class, whose necks lie on the chopping blocks as we speak, we are 300 million strong.  WE CAN DO THIS!!! 

We are the people of the United States.  Our only obstacle is in becoming united.  The only ones left who are not speaking out against this tyranny are those who are involved in the insurrection, the stupid, and the cowardly.

I heard on the news that Donald Rumsfeld is now considered a prominent member of the Tea Party.  For the grass root Tea Partiers out there, you know better.  The Tea Party was originally started to counter the treason being committed by Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.  If you want the Tea Party to maintain any level of credibility you had better come out viciously and attack this propaganda.

Quite frankly I think we need to say to hell with all parties, slogans, and buzz words.  And through our actions as individuals united let these insurgents know that we know who they are and that we are no longer going to tolerate their presence among us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. the tea party is now the ross perot of todays politics. its back to THE REPUBLICRATS AND THE DEMOCANS! welcome to PTs Barnum and Bailey. i am a 145ER way past 99ers. and as i speak Illegals are getting their benefits just for crossing the border illegally. i paid my taxes then laid off and have exhausted all possible benefits. i am watching C-Span and the side show like a bad Mcenroe tennis match. The republicans are saying” if we dont act we”””we as in the congress will not get their paychecks” did you hear that. they are worried about their paychecks, IF THE GOVERNMENT SHUTS DOWN THEY WILL NOT GET THEIR DAMN FAT PAYCHECKS.

  2. Reuters News this morning about the drop oin unemploment rate to 8.8%. “It is always possible that as the job market improves people will start looking for work again and the unemployment rate could go up”
    THEY ARE NOT COUNTING US AS UNEMPLOYED, this is pure B__s___!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Help needed, you are correct. Their 8.8% is just the amount of people
      collecting UE checks. These high paid bullshit artists in Washington would
      not tell the truth if they were going to be shot at sunrise. They are totally
      disconnected from the real world and above all else, they don’t give a shit
      what you are going thru. None of this affects their lifestyle.

      1. BUT WHY are we letting them get away with this. THEY ARE LYING TO the American people about how SERIOUS THE SITUATION REALLY IS. The people with jobs think things are getting better and that we are lazy. THAT’S WHY WE ARE NOT GETING MEDIA ATTENTION. THEY LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Now, you speak the damn truth!!! They wouldn’t know the damn truth if they went pass truth’s house!!! This shit is NOT going to make their poll numbers go up! What the hell are THEY thinking??!! All of them need to go!!! There is the “perception” and the “truth!” You can say the damn sky is red but, I see blue! I have to see the shit to believe it! And, I only see unemployment (10% where I live) and no tier 5 extension to help us who got caught up in this shit in 2008! Yet, Bush was sitting his ass at a ballgame yesterday! Why don’t they bring back Bat Night at the stadium???? Just because you got a FEW gullible folks out here who can’t think for themselves don’t mean all of us are the same way! And, Obama with his weak ass, want to be Scarface ass, need to be recalled!! He lets everyone else run the damn country except HIMSELF!!! And have the nerve to want to be re-elected??? RIGHT! Good luck with that!!!

        1. Although I actually hate Obama I think another term is not out of the question yet. Obama is a very smart man. He was smart enough to get himself elected. I think he is making plans to do something right now. Will it be for the unemployed or against? Your guess is as good as mine. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be a shocker.

          1. Barbara,
            You do know that on one of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory episodes it was revealed that Obama was a CIA asset in one of his previous lives. He definitely has plans and I can pretty much assure you we are not going to like what they are.
            I have just put up a documentary on our Red Pill Documentary page called “The Obama Deception.” I know you are busy, but if you haven’t watched it yet, please do. It should reaffirm every bad thing you have ever thought about Obama.

  3. Washington is in a state of denial. If they keep singing this everything is fine song,
    they hope everyone buys into it. The only people that are aware of the real situation
    are the ones living this nightmare. They think that the people here in Nevada that are
    living in tents in the desert are camping. They look at 99ers as non productive and
    they are treated as if they don’t exsist. Sadly, when a 99er snaps and takes out one
    these fuckheads in Washington, they will address the problem. I hope it doesn’t come
    to that.

    1. Why is it that not a single reporter asks why are reporting these unemployment numbers without counting those 99ers? This is an outrage. If you are unemployed you are unemployed. You can’t just pick and choose who to count. Doesn’t anyone really want to know the truth. Do the people in the media operate under a “gag” order? This is a huge story that effects everyone in the country and no one talks about it? What is going on here? Where are the investigative reporters?

      1. Help needed,
        In order to tell the truth, you have to know the truth.
        Only people getting a check are counted.

        1. They are afraid to tell the truth. Can you imagine what the American people would do if they find out that the true unemployment numbers are around 18%. Talk about rocking the boat — I believe we would be getting hundreds of Americans joining our rally day by day. Still there are those who will never understand. What a shame.

      2. Reporters are now CHEERLEADERS for their respective parties!!! But, everyone wants to blame FOX (I am NOT a fan of BTW) for doing the same thing they are doing! Pots calling kettles Black!!! You won’t get the truth out of none of them!!!

  4. I have to say the fact that the unemployment rate got better 8.8% is a wrong number because the Government is not adding the 99er’s, 93er’s or what ever it is for you.
    There are alot of people that are not getting benefits because they ran out and that would add up to the millions the fact that they are not counting the people that have exhausted benefits which is just wrong!!!
    I am not a 99er but I have friends that are and they are killing themselves to find jobs, eat and sleep without money no way to get anywhere so they need help while still looking!!
    Compassion is what is needed for these people the few bad apples should not be held against them it is just wrong!!!
    So instead of helping other Countries the Government should be helping there own American people who are suffering instead of spending money everywhere else and not even talking about the 99er’s they finally decide to talk to Democrats and I’m guessing it is because they want something or to try and make it look like they care!!

    I’m guessing come election time there will be a huge change in the Government my guess is the 99er’s will remember how hard the Republican’s made it for them to just survive and they still aren’t doing anything about it.

    99er’s most of us that have a heart care what you are going through and we are sorry that the Government is doing this to you I really hope this goes through before lives will be lost!!

    1. Neither the Reps nor the Dems have any intention of helping us.

      The Dems have been giving us a false hope dog & pony show since before the last elections.

      The Reps say the answer is more jobs (true) but do nothing to create them.

      Both sides wish we’d just quietly fade away…

  5. if some bang/bangin where done there would probably be some media coverage or hey if someone climbed to the top of a billboard or tall structure in a heavily populated area and painted themselves red white and blue with i’m a 99er and i need help naked that would get some media attention i think. or hey if everything is as controlled here as i have read we will not get any media attention. i mean look at the headlines. it’s like someone else has already stated we’re seeing tons of disaster stuff and things affecting other countries and of course the biggie in american, entertainment news, and not that much about what’s going on here. i had to search thru about 4 pages after i did a google/bing/ and other search engines. you’d think this stuff would come up with the most recent first. nope have to search thru 4 or 5 pages just to find a current article on things they obviously want pushed under the rug from the majority, like hr 589. hell i think i went 6 pages after using google before i found anything current. have to dig for it. most people that have jobs aren’t digging. their too busy kissin ass to keep that job and scared of losing it, so you think their diggin? and ‘gates’ are probably going to close. did you hear about the government shutting down websites by accident late last year. i did not know it was the government until i stumbled on an article this morning, although a site i use was affected and i remember the outage. that tells me that they can definitely shut down the internet.

    the unemployment figures are definitely a lie. all anyone has to do and go out in public and see all the folks walking around doing nothing. the rich is only a little over 1 percent according to that excellent documentary by jamie johnson so that’s not them walking around in the middle of the week doing nothing. i live in a residential area with houses and most people on the street i live on are there most of the time. they’re not retirement age either so that tells me my neighbors are unemployed as well. but there is shame with it and everyone wants it to be a secret. so no one is banding together.

    another thing that amuses me is all the ‘go back to school hype’ and have you noticed most of these ads on the internet show photos of middle aged folks with these advertisements. hey i was ignorant in my teens and twenties and borrowed money to educate myself that took years to pay off. think i’m stupid enough to do that again. borrow more money at my age. nope not me. i don’t need to go to college to learn. anyone with a brain and the internet can train themselves without a teacher. college just slowed me down because they would stop the whole teaching process to try and explain a simple process to a slow person and hold up the entire class. of course i attended a school in the south so that tells you alot if you know much of anything. enough…lol

    1. During the summer when I googled 99ers there were thousands of new articles daily there are not anymore, as a matter of fact “from the trenches” is about the only one left standing. WE ARE BEING MANIPULATED PEOPLE. THIS IS WHAT WE FEARED>
      Thank you HENRY for your efforts in getting the truth out there everyday. Without people like you and others on this site that 2% just might have gotten away with it.

  6. And while I’m on a rant, at the rate states are chopping UE benefits, within 6 mons.
    their bogus number will be 2.2 %. The ones still employed will be delivering pizzas
    to each other, and there will be 30 million homeless.

  7. It’s really sad, but most people don’t understand that in the unemployment numbers only reflect people who are still able to collect benefits as you pointed out. I have known this for more years than I can count, for whatever reason people have their heads buried in the sand. The unemployment numbers are going to continue to drop, but it’s an artificial number. What happened to The Labor Department? They were going to count everyone including people no longer eligible for benefits and the underemployed. They were going to go back 5 years, this was supposed to be completed by the beginning of March.

    I keep hearing all kinds of idiots on t.v. talk like the numbers are getting better. If this is their business shouldn’t they be better informed? They haven’t the foggiest clue.

    As far as us standing together. I was thinking about what has been happening in other countries and they joined together through a Facebook group. I wonder if we would be able to pull something like that off. The only thing is those countries are much smaller so it is easier for them to unite as one.

  8. I just came across this article title – US Jobless Claims Ease, Consumer Comfort Improves. Gee aren’t we glad that consumer comfort is improving? What a crock! I think they ease their minds with these fake unemployment statistics, glad someone is feeling better. What comes around goes around and when it does it does so with a fury.

  9. did you know this bull

    Nielsen Media Research selects people to participate in their studies, which determine what samples of the US population are watching at any given time. Originally, people would fill out paper diaries of what they watched during the week. This method is still used, but now Set Meters are also used, which are electronic devices that connect to the TV that monitor what programs are being watched. People Meters also allow the company to separate household viewing data amongst individuals. About 25,000 households participate in the daily metered system, and this data is mathematically expanded to predict what the entire country of 115.9 million TV households was watching.

    thats 25,000 speaking for 115,999,000 does that seem logical or right? do that percentage math…visit their website….


    i don’t even think it is located in the u.s.. so the rich are determining everything for us. they’re banding GLOBALLY!!! aren’t there some unemployed computer geeks that can shut down sites like this.

    1. I always wondered where the … uh…”data” came from! Whew! What a ray of sunshine! And to think…I never trusted it…shows what an idiot I am!

  10. When I hear these talking heads in the media attempting to blow rays of sunshine up where the sunshine rarely shines as they spew out their empty dribble of how this latest jobs report is a clear indication of how this recovery is well under way, well let’s just say that it is truly a feat in and of itself for me to restrain from blowing chunks out the other orifice. This is absurdity personified. Consider this….and let’s for the moment put aside the 99ers not being equated into the equation used by the bls in their published report (which is bs in itself). There are, by the governments own estimation, an average of 150,000 new additions attempting to enter the work force each month. There were, according to this latest report, 216,000 new non-farm payrolls added. Simple math would indicate from these two figures that 66,000 jobs were actually added when taking into account population growth. If you added the 99ers into that as they rightfully should be….well the true situation is truly bleak at best and we really are no further up the positive trend to growth. The fact is that we are just barely keeping up with population growth, from time to time that is. Here’s the deal….it’s called the ongoing extortion of wealth from our nation. We’ve already been cleaned out, but there are still those who have yet to become full blown victims of this crime and believe you me there will be. By way of forcing disclosure, that is what the fed is willing to disclose, we have learned that the fed-central banksters have already given away thru the discount window some 3 trillion to other banks, foreign banks, financial institutions, white shoe firms, and others who really didn’t even really need it to stay afloat in the early days of the meltdown. The real number is about 10 times that amount although those files never see the light of day. All this done in secret. The fed claims they are the peoples bank. Sure they are, as long as the people are in the dark about what really goes on. Make no mistake about it, we’ve been had at a level that is mind blowing and many are still being had and extorted from as they walk thru their world oblivious. Wealth, along with precious resources, are flying out of this country and intentionally being diverted from this country a phenominal clip. This is truth, and while the elitists certainly won’t admit it, it’s going down and we will all be going down together unless something drastically changes.

  11. My understanding was that if HR 589 passes it won’t be retroactive, I just read something that says it will be retroactive. Does anyone know?

  12. Don’t laugh at me,ya’ll, and I never thought I’d be saying this, but check out Donald Trump. I saw him being interviewed on a news show last nite, and guess what ? He’s running for President. He’s richer than shit, so nobody can own him. And he also said he’s going to stop China from owning US ! Look, people, give him a listen. You’ll be surprised. He’s better than what we have now.

    1. Sam,
      Do you know how you get as rich as Donald Trump? You have to be a screwer and a cut throat. Trump is putting himself out there in case Ron Paul runs an independent candidacy as a republican. Trump will turn around and do the exact same thing with the intent of drawing enough votes from Paul to insure Obama’s reelection.
      Ron Paul wants to end the Federal Reserve. Donald Trump is a money man and will spare no expense in protecting the Federal Reserve.
      Think about it.

      1. Henry, I just liked how he was talking about dealing with China, and I’m so sick of Barry, that I’d could shit Tiffany cuff links. He also talked about getting our troops out of the Middle East and putting them on our borders, and his top priority was getting our country back on it’s feet. I’ve heard Ron Paul say some good stuff also. In all honesty, Henry, I have to admit that I’m pretty politically ignorant and naive, and that s why I like reading your articles, because you are not. But I’ve got to admit that old Trumpster hit nerve,talking about stopping China’s bullshit. Thanks for the info

  13. I heard something about this Sam, but I haven’t seen the interview. I will take a look. As far as no one owning him I don’t know about that. It’s true he doesn’t need anyone’s money, but if others wealth is threatened I wouldn’t put it past them to make death threats. Money doesn’t protect people from being controlled, that is my opinion anyway. He might not be a bad option though, just saying nothing is bullet proof. I also like the option of Ron Paul, I don’t know if he is interested in the job. Thank you Sam for you comment.

    1. Kat, thanks for your nice reply. I liked what Trump said about getting out of China’s stranglehold and that it’s time to put America first, which our current President couldn’t care less about. You wouldn’t see him bowing to that Commie dictator, like Obama did.

  14. I do like the idea of bringing jobs back to the U.S., I think he understands that problem and would actually do something about it.

  15. Trump is the last thing this country needs, things are bad enough without a hollywood puppet in the whitehouse, keep in mind folk’s they might just pass a bill and rub in in our faces as saving the american people …or however they will spin it…come election time remember who it was who made you wait this long and who got the better end of the deal…VOTE OUT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! …every single one of them! and get our country back, and if obama doesnt do a damm thing between now and election time vote him out also.

  16. Only vote out Obama IF… He needs to go too! I agree about the Republicans, Democrats are not much better. I try to look at each individual. Obama definitely needs to go, talk about a puppet!!!

  17. The H-1B visa program has allowed outsourcers ‘to bring in cheaper foreign workers, with ordinary skills, who directly substitute for, rather than complement, workers in America,” Professor Ronil Hira told the House Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement, The New York Times reported today. Among the top five biggest users of the program is Microsoft, Professor Hira said.

    The mainstream media has recently begun to take an interest in the long-term unemployed. On Sunday, April 3rd, CBS News Sunday Morning is scheduled to air a segment on unemployed workers over the age of 50.

  18. Thank you for all of the excellent, informative articles, Henry and Company. Henry, I understand your reluctance to affiliate with other groups, especially those related to unions, however…..I’m just sayin’, “Michael Moore”, “USUncut”, and any others to form the largest groups possible seem necessary to us, now. Barbara…Your comments are always so heartfelt, and you are articulate so, just mentioning to you that Jeff Bridges, the actor, feeds Americans!, and may be a unique and high profile person to contact. Also, am watching the Joy Behar Show (HLN). Michael Moore is on with guest host Roseanne Barr, and they are both incensed over the way of our world today. The more wealthy, but realistic, population is catching on, and want change too. We have to come up with ways to join forces, as soon as possible. Please check out two websites, if you have time, US Uncut, as they have only been in existence a very short time and have already held successful demonstrations against BOA,, and have tons of others planned. Also, please check out The Einstein Institute for 198 ways to create citizen response to oppression by those that are controlling us. These sites have been mentioned by others, and most recently Paladinette thru her Examiner articles, and should be acknowledged.
    Thank you for this site, and what it has done to unite so many of us.

    1. Ready — Thank you for the info. Jeff Bridges is on my list and I will move him to the top. I will also check out the websites you mentioned. I hope you will send people to our website also. We can do this! Thanks again.

  19. Corrupted traitor politicians have become the new “Domestic Terrorists “… We must act now because our government is blacking out media and the real Internet news. This is a protesting idea we all should work on. It will take some motivation, effort and support from the public though. Everyone nation wide organize protesters by state and counties to protest/march to your local downtown government or political office the public majority has agreed on. Then pick a day nation wide all citizens will march/meet like Jan1, 2012, or something to show we are taking back our country for the New Year. For citizens without cars or money or if you’d rather support public transportation… Organize gently with public transportation workers and operators working all railways, buses, and air transportation to look the other way to allow all USMOA citizen volunteers a free/commandeered transport to and from rally points for the day to support the take back of the U.S.A by the people to save us all. Basically the USMOA citizens all at once on a day must commandeer all public transportation lines to support our cause as a federal emergency act to restore order in our government to save lives. Taking back our country starts is here pass-it on!

    Support yourself & countrymen at http://usmoa.org/

  20. Anyone who says Donald Trump is eligible to become President of the United States needs to hav his/her head examined. He is doing a great job of showing his bigotry and getting a lot of publicity for his failing television show. He is not running for president (only pretending to do so for all of this free publicity) because he will never show his income tax returns nor reveal his financial situation. And he is not THAT rich. When the list of the richest people in the world came out his name was not even on it.


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