Red Pill Review: Inside Bohemian Grove and The Order of Death

The second and third videos on the Red Pill Documentaries page are Inside Bohemian Grove and The Order of Death.

The first was released by Alex Jones in the year 2000. In this film Jones infiltrates a get together of some of the richest and most powerful men in the world. This particular assembly of elitists shockingly is centered on the worship of an ancient Canaanite deity known as Moloch. This ancient god is referenced in the Old Testament, and is known for his thirst for the sacrificed souls of young children. In ancient times people would place their children at the base of a giant stone owl statue of Moloch and burn them alive.

The documentary starts with some history of the Bohemian Society and its members, and ends with Jones sneaking into the get together and videotaping The Cremation of Care Ceremony. This event consists of participants placing a fake body in front of a giant stone owl. They then refer to the mock sacrifice as care, and light it on fire, thereby ridding themselves of care for another year.  

The second video, The Order of Death, was produced by Jones five years later, and is a follow up to Bohemian Grove. This film is only about forty-five minutes long and gives some more information on The Bohemian Society and its members.

I think that both of these films are a must watch for those of us who believe that our leaders our good Christians with strong moral values. Although I believe that any deeply religious person that watches these videos will be horrified and disgusted, I do not believe that it takes religion to be disturbed by what is going on in these films.

I personally am not, nor have ever been religious in any way. I really do not care how people view the afterlife, but child sacrifice goes against everything that I do believe in, and flies in the face of the strong family values on which this country was founded.

Some may try to defend these actions by saying that it is just a show, and it is all for fun, but ask yourself this. Would you ever lower yourself to a level where you worship a god that requires child sacrifice?  And do you want people who do this running the world? You may also want to ask yourself why our leaders want to rid themselves of care.

Those of you who watched the first video on the play list, The New Atlantis, will know that our leaders behaving in this way is nothing new; in fact it has been going on since this country was founded.

It is important for our citizenry to understand what we are up against, and these films are a great tool to wake people up. We are truly in a battle between good and evil. The good news is that we greatly outnumber these sick scumbags, and if we stand together we will win.

6 thoughts on “Red Pill Review: Inside Bohemian Grove and The Order of Death

  1. Such is the way of this world given the nature of mankind. Ask yourself this question:

    What would happen to your brain function if you had “absolute power”? Can you honestly answer this question?

  2. Brian, I can honestly say that there is no amount of money or power that could make me worship a god who requires human sacrifice. I do not crave power, nor would I step on my fellow man in order to obtain power.

  3. These sick bastards are hiding inside of the genetics of the Rothschild family of the Rothschild bank of England.They have started all wars since at least the Nepolianic era and every one since.They do this by bankrolling each side,getting a promise of payment from the winner +the loser through the taxpayer of any country left standing.Then they place their own puppet governments in control of the vanquished countries.We are soon to be the last vanquished country.Anyone read history?Am I right or wrong?Please respond at All replies welcome.

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