99ers Go Forth and Push HR 589 through the Ways and Means Committee

Many would like to know exactly what is being done in reference to solving our ever worsening jobs problem.  You would think that as our continuing loss of jobs is the number one issue in America today, it would be all over the mainstream news.  Not so.  The fact is unless you are an Egyptian living in America you might as well not bother turning the television on.

I have been reading a lot of comments saying we need to do what the Egyptians did and little blurbs such as “Walk like an Egyptian.”  I have something to tell you.  The Egyptians haven’t accomplished shite.  The fact is if Jose Mubarak had dropped dead of a brain aneurism nineteen days ago, the Egyptian people would be in the same condition that they are in today.  That is living under martial law and under the control of a military dictatorship.

I will tell you why the Egyptians, who have been living under tyrannical control for the past 60 years, are going to continue that way.  It is simple.  The wrong people have the guns.  When the new Egyptian democracy emerges the people of Egypt will be offered the option of one, two, three, or four candidates that have already been bought and paid for by the international corporate mafia.  How do I know this?  Well, we are still sending them the bribe money. 

This whole Egyptian circus is nothing more than an international distraction which has cost us nineteen days of press coverage for the ongoing crisis in America.  It should be front and center in the mainstream news that the sleazy, two bit con man Soetoro is proposing cutting heating assistance for the poor.  But I guess we can just freeze to death in the comfort of knowing that the Egyptians did something, though no one is quite sure what.

I will tell you something else.  I am sick and tired of seeing rich Egyptians in America on my television screen spouting how great Egypt and the Egyptian people are.  I have a message for these Egyptians living so well in my country while declaring their love and loyalty for Egypt, and that is, get out.  We do not want nor need you here.

We 99ers need to ignore every distraction and focus our total attention on solving our own problems.  What happened in Egypt is not a revolution by any stretch of the imagination and I am sick of hearing it identified as such, as doing so takes away from the true meaning of the word.  The mainstream propagandists are trying to brainwash us into the idea of a revolution consisting of nineteen days of protests in Egypt, which the Watts Riots make look like a Sunday School outing.

If there is a revolution in the United States you will know it as there are going to be millions dead and rivers of blood.  Don’t think so?  Look at the last time we Americans went at one another.  During the Civil War approximately 620,000 died as a direct result.  The population of the United States at that time was around 31.4 million.  Our population today is right about 340 million.  Do the math.

If there is a revolution in this county it will be 80 million patriots destroying 450,000 traitors and how ever many UN troops our enemies want to bring from China, Russia, and every other social communist country around the world.  These foreigners who would come at us wearing the UN blue had better realize that if they come here to fight us they will not be going home, as their bones will bleach across the land and their blood will feed our beloved soil.

The other day on MSNBC the commie piece of tripe, Chris Mathews, looked straight into the camera and with a snide look said, “And they did it without guns,” in reference to Egypt.  Well I have a message for the Bolshevik butt licker Chris Mathews and that is, “The Egyptians have accomplished nothing without guns, and they will continue to accomplish nothing without guns, up and until they start blowing each other up with car bombs, like they are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is your commie democracy at work, Chris.  You like to look like a tough guy when you are talking about taking our guns.  The fact is when you run your mouth; it is only with the expectation that someone else is going to back it up” 

Wow, that felt good.  I apologize but these commie scum bags are becoming too emboldened and they are in dire need of being taken to task.  Now that I’ve got that off my chest we can get back to brass tacks.

We 99ers need to redouble our efforts this week.  For myself I am going to try to find a way for us to get closer to the Ways and Means Committee.  If we know what they are doing from day to day maybe we can find a way to push HR 589 through the committee with more efficiency.

If anyone comes up with an idea, do not be bashful.  Go forth and do.





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  1. Right on Henry,
    Our president had plenty of time to praise the Eyptians for rising up against the oppression of poverty there but ignores the fact that the same things are going on here. Money=Freedom. Jobs=Freedom.

  2. This is like a hurricane blowing through our country. People’s homes are being lost. Millions of families are being torn apart. Towns, cities, and states are having to laid off, policemen, firemen and city workers. Our children’s education is being affected also. Communities all over this country of ours are being affected by this unemployment disaster and lack of jobs. What does the government do when a hurricane strikes the United States? They pour money into the states affected by it. Well, it’s time to think of the unemployment crisis in this country as a STATE OF EMERGENCY! WE NEED HELP! Washington needs to stop acting like spoiled little children and put their big pants on. This country is in a serious situation and the government needs to act now and tell Corporate America to start hiring people. When I hear Corporate America is sitting on 1.8 Trillion dollars and are not hiring, it makes me sick. I thought this nation was built on hard working Americans, not GREED. It’s funny how our government acts so fast when a disaster happens in another country, Democrats and Republicans can come together, no questions asked and send Billions of our hard working tax dollars to help other countries. I’m all for helping other countries out in times of disaster, but what gets me, is how the government finds the money so quickly to send to other countries and when we need them to pass HR589, they don’t have money and want us to find a way to pay for it. Here’s a suggestion. Since Corporate America is sitting on 1.8 TRILLION DOLLARS, and not hiring people, maybe the government needs to say, start hiring people now or pay for HR589. If Washington can’t get Corporate American to start hiring, then Washington needs to find a way to come up with the money. They know they will get their money back from us. The American people are a SURE thing to invest in. We believe that, not sure why the government doesn’t believe it. So until jobs are created and people get back to work, you need to continue to support the Unemployed Americans in this country who were once hard working Americans and want to be again. We need OUR government’s help, pass HR589.

  3. I heard a Senator say once, that 99 weeks is enough…enough of what I ask? They act like they are giving candy to kids…99 weeks is enough kiddies…I would say he’s right…but not for the reasons he thinks he is. We hard working Americans are suffering because of the decisions of some CEO’s and crooked politicians. So what’s enough? 99 weeks is enough of hard working Americans losing their homes, losing their jobs, and losing their livelyhood. It’s because of us hard working Americans that these politicians have their jobs….it’s our tax dollars that pay for their mahogany furniture…and it’s our tax dollars that pay for their salaries…. Those politicians on Capital Hill are sitting there acting like we did this to ourselves. How would the Senators like it if the government said, “Ok, we have to downsize, so you Senators are getting laid off, but don’t worry, you can collect unemployment benefits up to half of what you were making, but that doesn’t count you because it only goes up to about $50k a year, so anyone making over 50k a year only gets up to $600 a week, and don’t forget taxes…so count on $400 per week, and don’t forget medical insurance, so plan on $200 per week, so, be glad your getting that and don’t compain, because 99 weeks is enough”…

    That is the attitude I’m seeing from all these people and politicians that are against the unemployment extensions as well as the help for the 99ers. We are suffering from the decisions that crooked CEO’s made, and what happens to them? They don’t get their bonus….sucks huh? THEN they get paid the equivelant of a rock stars career salary to leave the company!!! Sucks for them I know…so, down the ladder it falls, finally decending to the hard working Americans that make this country tick. BUT, the politicians want to say that 99 weeks is enough…cause we did this to ourselves.

    So, you politicians out there (GOP specifically) think that this is low priority? It’s like you GOP members are against this unemployment like a college booster is against their rival football college team. The GOP are against it just in spite of the idea. Does it make sense to help the 99ers? YES, ABSOLUTELY UNEQUIVOCALLY YES, WITHOUT A DOUBT YES. BUT, are the politicians looking at it that way? No way. They would rather act like the 99ers don’t exist. Get a job they say (as well as the WAAAY undereducated (undereducated as to the true problem we are facing) working people out there that feel they are above us. When you people realize that job seekers are doing everything they can to get a job, and when you realize that there is double and triple and more of the amount of people apply for less jobs than there where before this happened, and when you realize that this can happen to anyone with them having NO CONTROL over which parts of America get hit with this crisis, then you will realize that this can happen to you and that you will be the one commenting on how you NEVER thought this could happen to you, and that you can’t believe how some people are being about this whole thing.

    The 99ers are regular people affected by the bad decisions of many people that are in no way suffering the affects. We are what makes this country tick, and we are what this country is…the people of America are the one’s that keep these politicians in office. The problem is that there is no real way of knowing these candidates for office, other than what they WANT us to hear. These politicians promise the world, then once they are in office, it’s like they are saying the honeymoon is over, and down to business…in which their true colors shine through. The help we need has NEVER been more evident. The help we need is because of no fault of our own. BUT, we are being ignored, and looked down upon. We are the United States of America, and we the people demand that our government that we elected into office, helps us Americans that are suffering. There are not many times when the people truly call upon the government to help us. This is one of those times. So, you people that are commenting how we need to stop looking for handouts, and get a job…tell ya what…if you can find me a job, I’ll pay you!!!!! I doubt I will get any emails with job offers, even if us 99ers HAVE worked harder and longer than many people of the naysayers out there. Until you have a clue, then leave your negative comments to yourself.

    I have paid into the system for years and years, and paid for all the benefits I have received, but you people keep talking like you are any better than the rest of us. I hope to god you don’t find out what it’s like to lose your home, your car, your job, when the only thing you want to do is punch into work every day, you may see then that this problem if far reaching, and that 99ers and the unemployed need this assistance before any more spiral into poverty. 14 weeks of additional assistance will be the difference for many people between losing their home and keeping it…it will be the difference between people feeding their kids and not feeding their kids…it will be the difference between people being warm and being cold this winter.

    I hope none of you get the mis fortune that many of us have experienced throughout this whole recession. Get your heads out of the clouds, realize that the help for the 99ers is so minimal compared to whats going on in the world, but it will change the views of the millions of people that will ultimately shape our government into what it will be in the next ten years. I know that Barbara Lee has my vote!!!!! The difference between politicians is what they SAY they are going to do, and what they DO after they are voted in. Every politician positions themselves as the peoples candidate….but, unfortunatly, it’s just for show, then we have to cross our fingers and hope they are the way they say they are going to be.

    Your American people need your help…the same people that voted you in..the same people that pay for your meals, trips, clothes and your nice designer furniture in your office, because I doubt you buy from Ikea in hopes freeing up more money for us 99er’s.

    God Bless America’s People! Let’s get HR 589 passed!!!! It’s worth it.

  4. Henry – Great article. The fact is most people are not educated and they don’t really understand what is going on. That is why I love this site. You guys make it easy to understand. The only thing they see is that Egypt had riots in the streets and they got what they wanted and their leader was removed. Our government knows people don’t really understand. Anyway, we have a lot of work to do this week sending emails, faxing, phone calls etc. Oh, just wanted to share with you guys, I got a certified letter from the Internal Revenue yesterday. The letter said I owed $80 from a mistake on my 2008 return. OMG — a certified letter — they need my $80 to help run this country, we are in big trouble.

  5. PLEASE EMAIL your representative in the House to ask them to support this legislation, H.R.589. The more of us they hear from, the quicker they will move it forward. http://www.house.gov/

    ALSO, contact:

    House Speaker, John Boehner [OH-8]:
    Phone:(202)225-6205, Fax:(202)225-0704

    House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor [VA-7]:
    Phone:(202)225-2815, Fax:(202)225-0011

    House Majority Whip, Kevin McCarthy [CA-22]:
    Phone:(202)225-2915, Fax:(202)225-2908

    It is also recommended that you contact your LOCAL newspapers.

    H.R.589: To amend title IV of the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for additional weeks of first-tier emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. 2/9/2011: Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

    Committee on Ways and Means – Dave Camp, MI, Chairman

  6. hey i like this web site !!!! keep up the good
    work!!! if they don’t pass this bill !!!
    i say we go to D.C & give them hell:(

  7. What you folks are doing is great. But I am at the end of my financial credit rope. I have never been destitute before, but I will be in another week.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  8. It’s really too bad, but I fear that it’s not going to happen. I think Barbie Lee and Bobby Scott already know this. The only way it might have had a slim chance is if it would have been fully funded ( it’s not ). The neocons in congress are talking about taking a meat cleaver and cutting 100 billion from the budget ( God help us all ), no more Americorps, no more Corp. for Public Broadcasting, slash 1.8 billion from E.P.A., Cut 75 million from legal aids, cut aid to education, cut F.D.A., exc., exc., exc., exc. The new motto seems to be slash and burn until there is very little left except more billions for billionaires. If they were really serious,( and I doubt that they are) they could have added the extra 14 weeks to tier 1 of last year’s extension last year when they passed it and made it retroactive for everyone.

  9. Mr. Orr I really loved your article, it was very informative. Perhaps I was a bit near-sighted when I said “Walk Like An Egyption”. I must admit that I am totally ignorant of Egyptian politics. But your article said a mouthful and I am trully thankful. It has opened my eyes to the true reality of the situation.

  10. Chris comment was very well said…

    I rarely ever comment but I felt compelled to do so today…You know you sit around and think what can I do to make a difference. You fax, email, call your representatives to no avail and you sign or start petitions and you feel to no avail. I guess what we all need to be doing and should have been doing all along is pray…This is all that we have left to do and through him(Jesus) anything and everything is possible. Try it everyone and pray to our heavenly father and put it in God’s hands.

  11. And by the way Henry I forgot to thank you in my earlier comment for signing my petition on change.org months ago. Again thank you !

  12. Not sure who you mean by the 450,000 traitors, but if you mean Corporate America I agree with you. But somehow I think you are a Tea Bagger. You think those people are on your side when their deluded agenda happens to coincide with the likes of the Koch brothers (since I am sure they are the ones paying for all these distractions like redefining abortion. DONT CARE!!).

    1. Pigbitin Mad,
      When you call me a Tea Bagger I have to wonder if you are talking about the grass roots Tea Party consisting of patriotic Americans or Sarah Palin, John McCain, Glenn Beck and company who hijacked that movement as sure as Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, and Gregg Rosen are trying to hijack this one.
      The fact is the crap being spouted in Washington DC by those claiming to be Tea Partiers – I do not endorse one bit.
      But as for the patriotic tea party grass roots movement that is fighting for the reinstitution of our Constitution and Republic – I think the 99ers, all unemployed, and all poor and the Tea Party need to put all differences aside and fight as one people, the American people in kicking the socialists out of our country and reestablishing our Republic under our Constitution.

      1. Henry, I just forwarded an email to you because I wasn’t sure what to make of it or if you’d want to address the subject here.
        Just a “heads up” so you don’t think it’s spam 🙂

        1. I see nothing wrong with it. If you like put it on the Entrenpreneur’s page or the Think Tank page, which ever you think best.

  13. “The Greatest Generation”,Political and Corporate Greed and Corruption have helped to Destroy The Great Economy We Built and enjoyed for 5 Decades, we need to return to the Ideals of the Greatest Generation, whatever helps build a strong America Structurally and economically, so all Americans can enjoy a chance to”Work” for their Piece of the American Dream!!! We must Fight to end the corporate and Political greedy and corrupt practices that have destroyed the middle class backbone of this great nation. Americans once took pride in its companies with patriotic loyalty but that has ended, now all of our jobs go overseas and nothing is made here anymore anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!We must bring Americas great manufacturing industry back home, I know i would pay more if i had it, for better quality American made Products!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. “The Greatest Generation”,Political and Corporate Greed and Corruption have helped to Destroy The Great Economy We Built and enjoyed for 5 Decades, we need to return to the Ideals of the Greatest Generation, whatever helps build a strong America Structurally and economically, so all Americans can enjoy a chance to”Work” for their Piece of the American Dream!!! We must Fight to end the corporate and Political greedy and corrupt practices that have destroyed the middle class backbone of this great nation. Americans once took pride in its companies with patriotic loyalty but that has ended, now all of our jobs go overseas and nothing is made here anymore anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!We must bring Americas great manufacturing industry back home, I know i would pay more if i had it, for better quality American made Products!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thats How I Was Raised With Patriotic Loyalty “Made In America”By Americans Its Not Separatism Its Patriotism!WE also need equal Trade agreements with other countries and better and stricter oversight and accountabilty with our banking industry.

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