99ers – The Fight for HR 589 Intensifies

In looking at the way the 99ers have jumped on the opportunity to change their destiny by aggressively attacking the problem of the Ways and Means Subcommittee that needs to move HR 589 to the House Floor as soon as possible, I am encouraged.  I believe that if enough of us can get together and assert ourselves aggressively, it is going to catch many who might oppose us completely off balance. 

The drive to force the passage of HR 589 needs to get out of control.  We cannot slow down, but rather we must intensify our efforts over the weekend.  We must go to every venue where a 99er might be found and convince him or her to email and tweet all the eleven members of the subcommittee over the weekend.

Subcommittee on Human Resources

  • Geoff Davis, KY, Chairman
  • Lloyd Doggett, TX Ranking Member
  • Jim McDermott, WA
  • John Lewis, GA
  • Joseph Crowley, NY
  • Adrian Smith, NE
  • Erik Paulsen, MN
  • Rick Berg, ND
  • Tom Price, GA
  • Diane Black, TN
  • Charles Boustany, LA     

I tell each and every one of you, if we manage to rally our forces to the extent of getting the resolution out of the subcommittee and onto the House floor we can then turn that force loose on Congressman John Boehner and company.  If we have the numbers they are going to start to look at us as a potential problem for 2012.  Politicians do not help poor people but they do solve problems that might affect them directly.

Whether we can pull this off or not is up in the air, but the way I saw people come to the site yesterday, if that determination in cause continues to spread, we can become a tidal wave.  They may still deny us our right to unemployment insurance benefits, which we have bought and paid for, but if they do so let them know that we will have our revenge in 2012.

Now to the $16 billion question; how is HR 589 going to be paid for?  We cannot allow them to borrow any more money in our grandchildren’s names and we don’t have to.  Does everyone remember when we bailed out Wall Street?  Well, what we actually did was lend them $1 trillion to keep them from losing their businesses. 

When we borrow money to buy a house and then lose our jobs and can’t make the payments, what does the bank do?  That’s right, they call in the loans, foreclose, and we lose our house and equity.  And what do they say when they do this to us?  “Well we are real sorry but we have to have our money.”  This is what we need to do. 

Wall Street gave out $150 billion in bonuses last year.  Our so called representatives just need to go over to Wall Street and take back our $1 trillion we loaned them and use it to pay for our unemployment, for as long as it takes.  And if they say, “But we’ll lose our businesses” we instruct our so called representatives to tell them that “We’re real sorry but we have to have our money back.”

The reason we are living so poorly is because they have taken everything that was once ours.  We need to get this through our heads.  We did not lose it, they stole it.  It has not been misplaced, we know exactly where it is and by God we want it back.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.





13 thoughts on “99ers – The Fight for HR 589 Intensifies

  1. We all should “Walk Like An Egyptian”! Remember that song from the 80’s, well now it has new meaning. President Obama just stated yesterday that the Egyptian people fought for change (and they won). I wonder what else President Obama was thinking in the back of his head. Could it happen here? In time YES! People might tolerant suffering and injustice for a while before a revolution comes about. Think civil rights, women’s rights, slavery etc. I once read where a French woman called us “pussys” and she is right. We have to have more fire in our bellies, we have to be willing to get dirty and not just sit in front of a computer. When you send a message or plea to any government official it is too easy to hit delete. The computer also hides us from view, back in the twenties and early thirties there were bread lines and lines for employment. The country’s landscape was littered with reminders of poverty. But today it is easy to ignore the problem. I want to do more than just type on this pc, but I have to know who to call and what offices I must visit. By pleading and appearing weak we are allowing ourselves to be swept under the rug. We must demand and show that we mean business. The Republicans forgot one little thing, we pay them, they work for us not the other way around.

  2. Here is the current reported personal net worth of the people on the subcommittee.

    Reference is Opensecrets.org

    Geoff Davis $375,329.00

    Lloyd Doggett $7,400.000.00

    Jim Mcdermott $565,696 to $656,691.00

    John Lewis $9009.00 to $135,000.00

    Joseph Crowley $-9987.00 to $235.999.00

    Adrian smith $20,008.00 to $325,999.00

    Erick Paulson $125,034.00 to 657,000.00

    Rick Berg $21,000,000.00

    Tom Price $788,549.00

    Diane Black $29,000,000.00

    Charles Boustany $296,386.00 to $409,380.00

  3. Please pass HR589. It is the right thing to do. In the 35+ years I have worked, I think about all the deductions that were taken out of my paycheck, to help support our state, city, and government, but I did it because that’s what Americans do to help keep this country going. So, week after week, month after month, year after year, I had NO choice in what the government and state deducted from my paycheck. I’m not sure what the dollar amount of all these deductions would add up to over 35+ years of working, I’m sure it is a large amount, and I’m just one person. How about all the MILLIONS of people, to no fault of their own were laid off and who have had deductions taken out of their paychecks, to help our cities, states and government. And, let’s not forget paying into “ UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE”. Now, we are asking the government to deduct from their paychecks to help us out until jobs are created and we can get back to work. And let’s face it as soon as we get back to work you start getting your money back because all the tax and unemployment insurance deductions start right from day one, no questions asked. So you see, passing HR589 is a WIN, WIN situation for all of us, it will give you 14 more weeks to create jobs. We need a bail out, just like Wall Street and the big businesses that were given Billions and Billions of dollars that came from the deductions of our paychecks. What’s wrong with this picture? You were able to bail out Wall Street with money that was deducted from hard working Americans paychecks. Maybe if you look at all the Millions, and Millions of people on unemployment, and also the 99ers as a Big Corporation, you wouldn’t hesitate to bail us out. Don’t worry, the faster you start creating jobs, the faster you get your money back. The government needs to do the right thing NOW for us and please, please, please, pass HR589.

  4. Henry

    I am glad you are encouraged and we may end up getting our 14 weeks. What happens then? Some 99ers are living in the streets. We need a plan to take care of these people long term. Unemployment should be extended for the entire year of 2011. We need a bailout strong enough to see us through until the jobs come back and we know that is not going to be in the near future. 14 weeks is not enough to take care of these people. Most of the people I use to work with owe more than that to relatives that have been feeding them. We will just have to hope that if we get the 14 weeks they will realize how important this is and do the right thing by extending our lifeline until it is no longer needed. My prayers are with you all.

    1. Barbara, Yes, 14 weeks is not a drop in the bucket in reference to what they have stolen from us. If HR 589 passes it will be because we have become organized enough to force the issue. So the day after it passes we will have to focus our attention on forcing a bill to create living wage jobs like the ones they took from us. We also must put our force behind the creation of a bill to open up lending to 99ers whose credit has been destroyed through no fault of their own so that we can start our own businesses, which in reality would be the ideal situation in that 99ers would be putting 99ers back to work.
      I don’t know how many are with us but we must go forward as if every 99er was at our side. If this doesn’t work out it’s not going to be riots, but rather war.

      1. Barbara & Henry, you’re right. I think we need to push for changes in current hiring practices, as well. ( discrimination against those who are unemployed, age discrimination, credit checks)

  5. http://www.house.gov/ Please email your representatives in the House to ask them to support this legislation. The more of us they hear from, the more seriously they will take this matter. ALSO, email John Boehner (http://www.speaker.gov/Contact/ Phone: (202) 225-0600 Fax: (202) 225-5117) and Eric Cantor. Thanks! http://www.house.gov/

    H.R.589 Latest Title: To amend title IV of the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for additional weeks of first-tier emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. 2/9/2011: Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.
    Committee on Ways and Means – Dave Camp, MI, Chairman

  6. I am a 99er. Realistically with the Republicans controlling the House, I feel this legislation is doomed. Also I see the DOL reports 99er’s as comprising 1.4 million Americans. How could this have gone from 4.5 million down to 1.4 million? The DOL needs to tell the truth in this matter.

  7. I just read that H.R. 589 is up to 60 co-sponsors. You can find a list of their names on OpenCongress. I’m proud that our NYC Rep is one of them. I plan to call him Monday morning to thank him and encourage the importance of having it pass.
    Let’s go folks!

  8. t the big picture HELP 99ers OUY and we will spend & rejuvinate he economy if the unemployed on’t have it they can’t spend it .. put money in our pockets and we all win!!!

  9. Just because our benebits ran out dosen’t mean there are jobs just sitting there waqiting for us. They said so themselves, we need job creation and until that happens we should be allowed to cotinue to collect our benefits. The percentage of unemployment did’t go down, just the percentage allowed to collect did.

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