99ers HR 589 Supporters – The Banksters Want More

It is being reported that if the United States Congress does not raise our debt limit, Moody’s is going to drop our credit rating.  So just what or who is Moody’s?  Well I will tell you.  Moody’s Corporation is the parent company of Moody’s Investors Service, which provides credit ratings and research covering debt instruments and securities.  Moody’s is also the organization that gave Triple A ratings to the bad derivatives made up of the toxic mortgages that resulted in the economic collapse.

It worked like this.  The banks made loans that they doubted could be paid back; high risk, high interest loans.  They then packaged those bad loans into derivatives, after which they hired Moody’s to evaluate these toxic loans and give them a fraudulent Triple A rating, after which they were purchased by institutions like workers’ pension plans consisting of 401Ks.

Now it gets better.  At this point another batch of gangsters took out insurance policies with AIG on these loans, which they neither made nor owned for the sole purpose of collecting on those policies if the loans were not paid back.  At this point all involved had made billions from these worthless loans.

They then, as a unit, through increasing leverages, caused a financial meltdown, which caused credit to be pulled from the private sector, which caused businesses to shut down, which caused the workers at those businesses to lose their jobs, which caused them to default on their loans, which caused AIG to pay off the policies to those who had bet on the defaults and had in fact caused them.

We the people were then forced to give AIG all the money they had to pay out to the banks, 100 cents on the dollar including interest, through the insurance policies.  Then as the loans were being foreclosed on, we the people had to make up the losses of the banks for the bad loans that we had paid the insurance policies on to the people that caused the collapse.  So we had been effectually screwed twice on the same deal.

No, three times.  As the only people who lost money that were involved in this deal, were the workers who lost their jobs and their 401Ks, which were found to be worthless because they were made up of derivatives made up of subprime high interest bad loans that Moody’s had rated at Triple A.

Now Moody’s is telling the American people that we had better pay back the money we borrowed from the banksters with interest, to give to the banksters, through the payoff on the insurance policies and the bailouts of the banks that made the bad loans, packaged them into worthless derivatives, that they paid Moody’s to rate Triple A, or else.

The crimes and the criminals are identified, so why does our justice system not bring them to justice?  Well because it was federal regulators employed by the US taxpayer that allowed it all to happen.  In fact they participated in the fraud and became quite wealthy through their treachery.

I believe if every American understood what went on and indeed what is still going on, ten million of us would surround Wall Street, then go into AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Goldman Sachs, Bear Sterns, Moody’s, and the rest and drag their executives by their silk neck ties out into the street and curb stomp them.

Remember, the neo-cons are at present calling for further deregulation and tax cuts for these thieving bastards.  It is a fact that deregulation like the ending of the Glass-Steagall Act are what allowed these international thieves to steal $28 trillion from we the people and now they think they are just going to get away with it.  Not only that, but they are arrogantly saying that we the people are going to further deregulate them to allow them to steal more or else they are going to hurt us by lowering our credit rating and further depriving us of jobs.

Understand these people are not Americans.  The largest corporations in this country do 60% of their business overseas where they ship our stolen resources to be manufactured then brought back to the U.S. to be sold to us for further profit, which they do not pay taxes on because the product was manufactured overseas, and there are no tariffs because they are listed as U.S. companies.

Realize at the higher levels there is a small group of ultra elite who have $100 trillion between them derived from fraudulent currency and Ponzi schemes.  They have made themselves the strongest economic force on the planet.  And they hold absolutely no allegiance to any country.

Also realize there is still a thousand trillion fiat dollars’ worth of these toxic derivatives floating around the world and it is mathematically impossible to pay even half of them off.  And now they are beginning to use them to further destroy our country.

We have absolutely said no to everything, no to giving them our Social Security and Medicare, no to ending welfare and Medicaid and giving that money to them, no to funneling money to them through foreign aid.  And now to retaliate, they have started the foreclosures again to try and force us to pay off more insurance policies written by AIG on the bad derivatives consisting of bad loans that were rated Triple A by Moody’s.

And I forgot to mention the icing on the cake.  After all the foreclosures and theft, who ends up with the properties foreclosed on?  The very same banks who made the bad loans in the first place, the very same banks we bailed out, the very same banks who never lost a dime and made obscene profits through this whole thing.

There is only one way we are going to stop these incredulous slime balls, and that is to destroy the Federal Reserve and thus the catalyst that has made it all possible, the phony fiat debt dollar.  The fact is it is the Federal Reserve, as a part of the international banking cartel, which sits at the top of the pyramid.

Do they think we are so stupid that we cannot see this theft that is occurring right out in the open?  We must jail these deplorable scuz buckets and take back everything they have stolen and see to it that they never gain enough wealth again to allow them to perpetrate their evil.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Thanks again for a very thorough explanation of how America was and is continuing to be robbed!

    I like the way you break it down! We should refer to you as Henry-pedia. What’s astonishing is the fact that not one politician or prosecutor like our current Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., is correcting verbatim everything you pointed out including the prosecution of those responsible as well as reacquiring the funds they stole similar to what is being done to Bernie Madoff.

    Also when I say prosecuting I mean not the company as in a name like AIG but calling those responsible by their names. People are always standing behind the company’s name.
    It really kills me when I hear that a company agrees to pay a fine but admits no responsibility for the charges. We are not dealing with a company we are dealing with the individuals that run that company and the as individuals they should be held responsible for their actions and brought to justice. That’s why they commit these crimes because they can hide behind the company’s name.

    For example when you named the companies like AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Goldman Sachs, Bear Sterns and Moody’s we should name those individuals in charge at the time of the offense. Like the CEO’s, CFO’s, Company Presidents as well as anyone responsible for the decision making process. If we prosecute them as individuals and seize their personal finances they would think twice before committing crimes in the name of the company.
    Currently the news organizations report Fannie Mae did this or Goldman Sachs did that. Instead of reporting who was running the company at the time. I remember after the bail outs one of the company’s gave out bonuses, but didn’t want to name those people receiving the bonuses because of fear for their safety. These people don’t fear for their safety when they are anonymous and standing behind the company’s name!

    I say name the traitors and bring them to justice. It’s still not too late! This might help to prevent future corruption as well!

  2. I’d be interested in hearing your views on Obama’s weak hand with regard to the TAA and Free Trade standoff ( maybe I missed a previous posting ). This DISGRACE can’t even get more unemployment benefits passed for a few hundred thousand workers in return for more trillions for our nation finest criminals.

    1. s.w.,
      It is my opinion that those who would wind up stealing 95 cents out of every dollar through administering the training programs are the very same people who paid to put Barack Obama in office, you see, single corporate thieves or groups thereof by individual politicians. Now the groups that bought the politicians, including Obama, are looking for a return on their investment. Likewise, those who put the neo-cons in office want the same. These monies will be taken from whats left of our middle class and if we are extremely lucky, 5 cents on the dollar will go to help a handful of us. In the end, with even more free trade (like we needed that) those who own the neo-cons are going to make billions more downsizing and shipping our jobs overseas, while the other bunch of thieves will get billions training a few of us for jobs that no longer exist.
      Anyway that is my view based on my study of history.

    As far as I’m concerned, the United States of America as failed as a country. This country is failing day by day and is no better than The Soviet Union when they failed as a communist country! This country has failed because of greed! This country once was great because the economy was all part of the United States. Meaning the companies and corporations didn’t go to other countries to manufacture their goods. These corporations such as our own General Electric as sold out to other countries to manufacture their goods to put more money in their pockets and less in ours. Research and ban these corporations and companies! Do not buy their products and spread the news about any product that is made in China or any other country than our own! We the good hard working Americans (99ers) are being put out to pasture and left us for dead!
    We need to fight these un-American corporations that live in their billion dollar mansions and drive their 200,000 dollar cars! Listen! These scoundrels don’t care about Americans. They care about all the money they could put in their pockets! They are just like any other greedy American in this fallen country. Just take a moment and think….we are paying prices through the roof for every product we buy also because of all the so called pro actors and pro athletes. No one really understands that a baseball player or a so called actor makes more than they could spend in 1,000 life times! These people are all greedy and all products you buy are through the roof because there on commercials! The price goes up because the greedy bastard actors and athletes want more money! Rebel my friends, things have gotten out of hand. Things use to be all would help all.
    Now it’s all greed!! America should never stand for greed, but now it does and now this country will fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ted,

      When ambition turns to greed it’s like the difference between a healthy sex drive and obsessive perversion. Ambition drives a society to prosperity…greed drives a society to ruin. What happened to Rome?

      There are too many people who are not intelligent enough to understand that simple fact and as a consequence the eternal underbelly of humanity has manifested itself….again!

      Our forefathers drafted the constitution as a barrier between a free people and this demonic part of the nature of mankind. That’s why it has been being dismantled….piece by piece while we all slept in false security. The fox is in the hen house because the fence was not maintained. WE are the fence tenders…and WE blew it! Now we are paying the consequences. We’ve played “shoot the messenger” far too long. Whether or not it’s too late remains to be seen.

          1. Thanks Angel,

            Looks like we’re in for a rough ride. This is rampant madness. Stupidity unleashed.

            The article above I believe to be one of Henry’s best works. He articulates clearly and in an uncomplicated manner exactly how utterly absurd this situation really is. I think a definition of evil could be the doing of that which is simply not done and, therefore completely unexpected.

            It is impossible for most to imagine anyone actually doing the things we hear about people doing every day and it is so hard to live in a state of constant distrust. That is what evil counts on. They are ghouls! Nothing more…nothing less.

            Machiavelli said of power: “You have it or it has you”. Seems he was right.

            Sad isn’t it? Hang in there and good luck. ..and thanks again for your comment.

  4. This scam has gone on for long enough. It’s growing bigger with each passing second of time. The Federal Reserve system of monetary policy is and has been driving our livelyhoods into a death spiral. A private for profit bank in control of this monopoly digitalized money that in secret is doing who knows what to the detrement of the taxpayers must end. It is at the heart of our sickened state. The continued devaluation of our purchasing power through their monetary manipulation to further capitalize these banksters simply must stop if we are to ever have a sound economic system and a chance at some sort of prosperity. We have already lost so much. Our productive capacity is shrinking, our natural resources are being taken away, and the programs that have been guaranteed by our lawmakers to the taxpaying citizen over the course of many decades have become the subject of necessary cuts. It just keeps getting better and better…does it not? Politicians are complicit in all of this. With the exception of a few, they only care about themselves and not the duties for which they were elected. They lie to us. I just heard that Weiner, Rep. NY, now admits to lying to the press about this controversial tweet he has been in denial of sending over the net. Now he does admit doing just that and he is all apologies for it. What are we to think? These are the people who decide what’s in our best interest and they do so according to their own values. Ponder that one for awhile.

  5. I am so angry that I am at a loss for words. Henry, thank you for your simple breakdown of our current stat if affairs. But remember words are just words. We need to not just write about these things which plague us, we need to act, organize and influence. I am only one person but I know this is something we can’t just dismiss with words. As a current 99er on the edge of losing everything due to not being able to find gainful employment, I am deeply saddened by our once great nation. I will make my calls, send my emails but if nobody cares about what I have to say then we have all lost.

    If anyone in Congress is reading this, please help. I have not given up yet on the U.S., don’t give up on us. Create jobs, correct the corporate greed, institute laws and policies that help America and Americans! Thank you.

  6. Henry,
    That so true. I just left Big Tijuana ( San Diego ) after twenty years there. A program was instituted in the city to supposedly help the 99ers, all other unemployed and the ” high risk ” ( what the hell is that ) homeless with housing and job assistance. After the non-profit that was hired to administer the disbursement of funds finished placing every ex-con let go on early release and every illegal they amazingly ran out of money. They had received six million and spent three. This money was stimulus money earmarked for the groups I mentioned yet no 99ers or homeless actually benefited. Business as usual. Keep up the good work.

  7. Back in the day, many Mafia or Mob organizations were being protected by some politicians. The big Mafia leaders would pay-off or bribe the politician in order to keep them quiet and continue to operate their illegal business. As you can clearly see, it is still happening today. The Banksters that are too big to fail are the modern day “Untouchables”.

    Do whatever you have to do to stop this Mafia from ruining your lives.
    The Big Banks are Racketeering? Don’t take my word for it. Conduct your own investigations if you have to but here is a starting point, read this: “Bank of America is a Racketeering Enterprise!” http://www.piggybankblog.com/2010/11/16/bofa-racketeering/

    1. Isabel1170-

      Good luck with the lawsuit, your going to have your hands full. Bank of America has been hammered with lawsuits recently.

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